Rick Loomis

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10.10# Bass caught on Kick'n Crawfish

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Rick and a 9.3 # Lake Fork Bass

Lake Fork bass see more baits in one year than most lakes see in 5 years.  When Guiding on this lake your are always looking for new baits to maybe get that edge.  The edge that I have now on my new and old baits is Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant.  When fishing with clients they are trying to catch fish.  But they are also trying to learn.  One thing I try to teach them is to increase your odds.  Your odds go way up when fishing with Kick'n Bass. It stays on the bait longer and I think it makes them hold the bait longer.  It also makes those inactive bass bite.  This helps my clients catch a lot more Bass. 
Rick Loomis. Professional Guide Lake Fork. 
P.O. Box 546 Yantis TX.  75497,

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Rick Loomis
P.O. Box 546
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