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Testimonies from Pro users:

The following are actual testimonials sent in to Scientific Bass. They  represent what professional guides and professional fishermen have to say about out products.

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#19 My name is Thomas O. O'Bryant. I am a Commander in the US Navy and stationed in Dallas, Texas. I am an avid tournament fisherman and have fished for bass in most of the 50 states. I regularly fish Fork, Ray Roberts, Richland Chambers, Tawakoni,  Ray Hubbard, Granbury, Whitney etc.. In 1997 I qualified for the Classic tournament with my partner in Angler's Choice and individually in Media and Military Base. I have used many different scents and this is the best product I have ever used. Two things make it unique, it is oil based and stays where you spray it much longer than any other scent and the garlic causes fish to bite. I have fished 8 T's while using Kick'n Bass® and have caught at least one kicker bass in each T. In individual T's I have finished 2nd place 11.95#, 1st place 13.25 # and big fish 6.3 #, team wins of 1st place, 1st place, 2nd place, 2nd place ....2 fourths with 21#, 19#, 22#, 21#,18# and 19#. I use Kick'n Bass® on hard baits, spinnerbaits, crankbaits, topwater, worms, jigs,and sulggo type baits. Thank you for an excellent product.
#20 I have been fishing Professionally for 16 years and through the years I have used a variety of scent and attractants provided to me by my sponsors. They worked fine but I never had the feeling of having an advantage like I did when I had my first try of Kick’n Walleye. To say the least, this product is the best scent I have ever used. I have noticed that my fishing success has increased by using Kick’n Walleye. Personally I can say it has put 3 times as many fish in my boat during side by side tests using soft plastics. This is a product I highly recommend no matter what species of fish.
Greg Horoky.
Professional Walleye Tour to view Greg's picture click here.
#21 January31, 1998, From: Alon White (A.W.) I started using Kick'n Bass® last spring, and have been very impressed with your product! I have been fishing for twenty plus years and I have yet to find a scent that performs as well as Kick'n Bass®. I have fished tournaments in middle Tennessee and northern Alabama for several years, with some success. Last year after using your products the tournament wins started coming more frequently. I fished a total of 15 tournaments last year with the following finishing positions: Wins Total of 4 --2 in club tournaments, 1 in a local open tournament, and a win at the Rally @ Guntersville October 5, 1997. Third place --I had 3 third place finishes during the 1997 season. I can't say enough about your products but, I will assure you I will continue to use it for years to come. Thank you for your time and your excellent product, keep up the good work!
#22 JACK FITZGERALD 28803 Richard Kaye Lane, Pinehurst, Texas 77362-2926, (02-01-98) I’ve been fishing professional tournaments for a good while now, and fishing in general for an even longer time. I would like to tell you about a product that has really been a real asset in my fishing. I started using Kick’n BASS® fish attractant and have seen positive results catching fish. I was fishing a draw tournament on Lake Limestone late October of 1997, and was using "Kickn BASS®" and managed to win the tournament with a total weight of 17.98 pounds. I really am convinced that "Kick’n BASS®" was a real attractant that day. It helped me put fish in the boat. You can use it one day and two weeks later your bait still has the aroma of Kick’n BASS®. Now that's phenomenal. When I practice for a tournament I always use it. When you get a bite you will have to make a big effort to get the fish to let go, that's how well it works. This gives you plenty of time to set the hook also. Fish love it and so do I. Sincerely, Jack Fitzgerald
#23 My name is Scott Miliman. I am 30 yr. old, and have been tournament fishing for 11 years. As a tournament angler, I am always looking for an edge over other anglers, to get that extra weight needed to earn a paycheck at each tournament, and on Thursday March 5, at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach Ca., 1 believe I found it in Kick'n Bass®! I spoke with one of your representatives at your booth, and purchased a bottle to try out that weekend. My team partner was with me so I bought a bottle of the Garlic scent and he bought the Crawdad, little did I know what a great purchase this would be. I have always been a believer in using attractants, and have tried just about everything on the market today, but the results I encountered by using your product were invaluable. On March 7, I fished the ABA Lake Castaic team tournament and with the fish being a little hesitant I needed something that would give me a split second extra time to keep the fish interested in my bait, and that is where your product came into play. Once the fish had the bait, they would not let it go. We only finished 8 in the tournament, but I knew the fish I was on, should stay on for the Pro tournament the next day. To make a long story short those fish cooperated on Sunday March 8, and I ended up winning the tournament and taking the Big Fish award as well. Most anglers I spoke to were complaining of missed fish and short bites, but every fish I caught those two days would not let the bait go!! I am looking forward to my next event, because I do believe I have found a product that will give me that extra edge I need to stay competitive on the tournament circuits. Your product will continue to be a mainstay in my fishing arsenal. Thank you for making such a quality product, I wish I could keep this scent a secret, but I know when the word gets out your sales will skyrocket! ...... Scott Millman
#24 LONE STAR BASS GUIDE SERVICES, GLENDALE DRIVE~..BOCA RATON, FLORIDA 33433 Telephone: (561) 279-7519 Fax:( 561- 347-1448) Donald Marks, Full and half day trips. To see Don's picture click here.  For Guide service click here.
October 13, 1997.I want to share with you an experience I had with your Kick’n Bass and how it saved my day. Please feel free to use any part or the entire contents of this letter with my permission I am truly sorry the enclosed articles did not include the statements I gave them about your formula and what an important part it played in my being able to add some Bass to my weight at this tournament. You will see on my patch vest your Kick’n Bass® patch in the photo of myself and Donna receiving our check for first place in the couples division. At the Ranger Owners Fall Festival Tournament October 3-4, 1997, my wife and I had only 2 Bass in our well. Some people would say this is due to tough fishing while others would say that's why it is called fishing, not catching. Well, the truth is very simple. When we packed to go up to Lake ToHo in the middle part of Florida, we thought we packed everything. We did pack everything, except the samples of Kick’n Bass®. It may have been psychological, BUT when we fished from 7AM until 1:30 PM and had only two keepers, I truly believe it was more than bad luck. I have become dependent on the Kick’n Bass® formula and without it I truly felt we were at a disadvantage against 119 other boats, with a lot more experience than we had. What happened next is truly something to write home about, I was looking in my storage compartment for something different to throw, and to my great delight, I stumbled upon a bottle of Kick’n Bass®. This bottle only had a small amount left in it, as this is the one I purchased from Ken at this year’s Bass Master Classic®. We went out again and I now had my secret ammo and felt we had a fighting chance to a least recoup our entry fee. My second Cast brought me a 5.45 pound Bass, followed by Donna hitting a 3-pound Bass followed by me hitting another 3 pound Bass. Who says Kick’n Bass® doesn't make a difference? When asked how we did it, I gave recognition where it belonged, we had Kick’n’ Bass® and the other participants didn't.
#25 This Kick’n Bass® is absolutely the best fish attractant I have ever used. I fish tournaments every week, sometimes two each weekend. This product last for at least two days, you don’t use but one squirt. It just last and last kinder like that Bunny "it just last and last and last"  Scientific Bass is the way to go for fish attractants for me. C Wayne Nolan.   To view picture click here.
#26 I went to the Fred hall show looking for something new. Your Representative opened a bottle of Kick’n Craw scent and I knew I had to give your product a chance. The very next day, March 8, 1998 My wife and I fished Bonell Regional park. I sprayed Kick’n Bass® on a purple 6 inch worm. I cast out from the shore and started to work the worm in. I felt a strike and was so excited because after setting the hook I could feel a big fish. I couldn’t believe the size when I landed the fish. 10 pound 2 ounces from shore in a park! I am convinced that Kick’n Bass® is the best fish scent I have ever used, I released the fish too. Thanks,
Alfred Rocha. Temple City CA. To view picture click here
#27 I have a fish story......Late last year, I was given a sample of the Kick'n Bass®. I was not sure if in fact that I would really catch fish any better with it, so I put it in the old box and went about my business. About two weeks later while on Castaic Lake in Southern California, I opened my box to load up a green weenie. I have always had great luck with the weeneie. When I opened the box I was almost knocked off my feet with the smell!! I went on to fish. I spent the next two hours watching all the boats around me sit idle as I was. Nothing was biting. I thought for a moment what my friend said to me about the Kick'n Bass® and decided what the heck......I pulled the smelly product out and sprayed it on a new green weenie. I cast out long from the boat and into the low rocks in the south arm of the lake by the dam. Wiggle, Wiggle........all of a sudden I saw my rod bend with such force, I thought it was going to snap. I had latched onto something. It was so funny because I was telling other fishermen around me about it and they were laughing about the smell. All I could see was open mouths. I hauled in a 13.6 lb. bass. It was and still is the largest fish I have ever caught. Upon my release of the fish back into the lake.........I noticed I had a few new friends, or maybe I just had an item they wanted.......??? Since then I soak all of my worms in the product. It is an edge I will never be without again. See you at the lake!!!!
Michael J. Brandes Lakewood, California
#28 Lake Fork bass see more baits in one year than most lakes see in 5 years.  When Guiding on this lake your are always looking for new baits to maybe get that edge.  The edge that I have now on my new and old baits is Kick'n Bass® Fish Attractant.  When fishing with clients they are trying to catch fish.  But they are also trying to learn.  One thing I try to teach them is to increase your odds.  Your odds go way up when fishing with Kick'n Bass®. It stays on the bait longer and I think it makes them hold the bait longer.  It also makes those inactive bass bite.  This helps my clients catch a lot more Bass. 
Rick Loomis. Professional Guide Lake Fork.  P.O. Box 546 Yantis TX.  75497, (903)383-3050.
Click here for pictures.
#29 Praise God !!! Someone finally made a fish attractant that I can put on my crankbaits, spinnerbaits and buzzbaits without making a big mess or having to reapply every 3 or 4 casts.  This is the Best stuff I have ever used and I have used them all..It gives me the extra edge to catch fish that others are missing.  I can't wait to see how well this is going to help me this fall in tournaments.  Thanks so much for making such a fantastic product. 
Mark "Worm" Milward.  Central Texas Pro-Staffer.
#30 I am a Canadian Pro Staffer for Kick'n Bass®.  This week I received a supply of the new crawfish scent just released.   Let me tell you, the smallmouth just ate up the Crawfish Scent! With in  an hour we boated five smallmouths. weighing in excess of four pounds.  My wife and I also caught several other fish that were tournament quality fish. If only you Texans could imaging how effective this product is.  You would try it the next time you wet a lure.  The Kick'n Bass® scents have certainly given me that extra edge when conditions were tough.  Thanks to Kick'n Bass® for giving me another weapon in my arsenal.  I also thank my wife and best fishing buddy for taking the photos.  Good Fishing. 
Gerry Pigeon.  To see a picture of Gerry Click here.
#31. 10-7-98  I guide full time on Lake  Fork, and during March of this year I had 2 clients out with me. We pulled into an area that had been holding some good fish, and I had them pitch a jig-n-pig into a small log jam. After several well placed cast they had nothing, I told them let me try. I very liberally sprayed crawfish Kick'n Bass® on  my jig which was identical to the ones they were using,  and on the very first attempt in the exact location they had just cast I landed a 12.67They couldn't believe it, needless to say  it cost me the 2 bottles that I had in my boat. I bet to this day they don't even think of pitching a jig without it. Keep up the good work !!! Doug Moore
#32 Just a short letter to let you know I've recently used your new product Kick'n Bass® at our first club tournament in early may on a clear tough lake.   I'm a jig and pig angler and often use the other brand of scent but always had an average catch.  I'm pleased to let you know that upon applying your scent that I managed a limit of fish plus the largest fish of the day.  If there's one thing to be said about your product is that the garlic scent truly stays on the lure. I had my partner in the back of the boat comment on how he could smell the garlic in the air.  You've got an excellent product there and I could sure use some more as I plan on releasing this secret to all the 23 other club members. Great product=great catches=$$=HAPPY_FACE2B4.gif (243 bytes)  Raymond Baies President of "Bronzeback Mainiacs"
 #33.  Dear Sirs, I would like to take this opportunity to tell you that I was given one of your bottles of Kick-N-Bass® formula by Roger Jones,here in Richmond Va.This is one of many formulas that I have tried over the years and I really think this may be the best I have ever used.I fish the Red Man Tournament Trail and guide for Roger in his guide service.I have been fishing and competing in bass tournaments for many years(since 1978) and I can honestly say this may be the best bottled formula I have ever used.I let my partners in the Red Man tournaments use some and got the same reaction from them.In fact I have been bugging Roger for some more,or at least tell me where I can get some for myself.Roger tells me you will be at Bass-A-Rama and I will be there working in Rogers booth,I really look forward to meeting you folks in person so I can tell you about this Formula in person.  Just wanted to drop you a line and say thanks for turning Roger on to Kick'n Bass® and let you know how much I liked it!! 
Thank You, Mike Ives 


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