Greg Horoky
Professional Walleye Pro/Canada

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I have fished professionally, both chartering and competitively for over 16
years. During that time I have used all of the fish attractants on the
market, most have been provided to me by sponsors. Kick'n Walleye
is the the only
product that I have ever reached into my pocket to BUY! I know that
Kick'n Walleye
is the best product that money can buy. Why? Because I bought
it! No other attractant has produced me more fish that Kick'n Walleye
. That's
why I bought it and use it when ever I'm on the water. Take my word for it.
Kick'n Walleye
works in in my opinion, works better for me than any other
product I have tried.

Greg Horoky
P.W.T. Touring Professional