The Brag'n Board

This is where the best of the best strut their stuff.  
We give you a place to show the entire world your fish.  
Sunfish to Sailfish, we have it all.   The young the old and the intergalactic.
Check out the pictures of our friends around the world.

"I wouldn't fish without Kick'n BassŪ on whatever I was throwing."

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Kick'n BassŪ Pro Staff Fishermen

Kick'n BassŪ 
Pro Staff Fisher-women

Future Kick'n Bassers
Rug-rat size and ankle biter's

Fishermen from 
around the world

Fisher- Women

Fisher Kids
Below 16 age bracket.


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" Fisherkids, our next Kick'n Basser's "
Below 16 age bracket.


Fisherwomen from around the world

Fishermen from around the world.

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picture section with friends
we met along the fishing trail:

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