Willis Beam

Sherry-Lynne with her own fat smallmouth.. I think she has you beat Willis. 

 Caught these walleye on Oct 30th at the mouth of the Detroit River coming in from Lake St Clair..Nice Ontario Walleyes eh? Was using a 1/2 oz ball jig with a minnow imitator tipped with a live minnow and was vertical jigging! Drenched the bait in Kick'n Bass Walleye Scent as well!
  Not to many days left to get out fishing like this was a great day caught seven total but these two was the biggest. Also had my Kick'n' Bass hat on but for some unknown reason I had it turned around backwards for the photo!
  Hope all is going well with you and hope to talk with ya soon!
                           Yer Pal
                        Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam