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Fish Picture #3
This 6 lb 13 oz fish was caught at Clear Lake, California on October 1, 2001.  She came early in the morning off a rock pile in about six feet of water.  She was caught on a five inch Senko rigged on 30# Fins Braid, Shimano 1501 Scorpion reel, Competitive Edge flipping stick, and most importantly, Kick'n Bass crawfish flavor.  We had already burned this rock with blades, buzz baits and crankbaits, with no success.  My partner wanted to make one more pass by this rock where he had caught fish in the past, so I oiled up the Senko with Kick'n Bass craw flavor, threw it on the rock and began to work it slowly down.  This bass nailed the Senko when it finally fell off the rock and she did put up quite a scrap.  I was using the fairly heavy rig because of the known large size of Clear Lake's monster bass, but this fish made the rig seem not so heavy after all.  Man, these fish are strong.  She made repeated runs against the drag.  I finally got her to the side of the boat and my partner lipped her while I stood there and shook.  She was well hooked on a Gamakatsu EWG, but while I was re-rigging to cast again after we released her, I noticed that she had opened up that hook so much that I had to bend it back into correct alignment in order to use the hook again.  I believe that fish had multiple opportunities to hit all of the reaction baits we had dragged around and over that rock.  The two things that were different with this cast were the slow speed of the bait and Kick'n Bass on the bait.  I use Kick'n Bass (usually crawfish flavor) on all my plastics, soft jerk baits, and jigs, and I am convinced this product always gives me an edge.  I feel fortunate to be able to tell others about the benefits of this product via the Pro Staff role.  
I am sponsored by Kick'n Bass, Galaxie Marine, Triton Boats, Mercury Outboard Motors, and Innovative Tackle (Team DUH !!).   Tom Coss  

This 5.9# fish was caught on July 6, 2001, and New Melones Reservoir, California.  She came early on a hot summer morning and hit a small topwater bait (Don Ivino Splash-it), thrown on a six foot bait caster and 14# Fireline.  This fish was just under a branch extending out from a brush pile on the end of a rocky point.

This 6.9# bass was caught at Clear Lake, California on April 1, 2001.  She was caught on a five inch Senko, 30# braid, a flipping stick, and Crawfish flavor Kick'n Bass.  She was a late pre-spawn  female.  There were lots of big Clear Lake males on the beds, but not too many females.  Later in the day, we caught lots of those smaller (2-3#) males using Yamamoto spider grubs and Crawfish flavor Kick'n Bass.  I use Kick'n Bass all year around and I feel I get lots more action because of it.  It masks human odors, smells like bait and puts an oily coat on the bait which I feel resembles the natural slimy character of most everything in the water.  This makes the fish hold on longer and also eases the path of the bait when pulled through weeds.