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Fort Worth Texas   Dec 16, 1998.  Hi My name is Thomas O'Bryant and I am an avid Bass fishermen from Fort Worth Texas.  I have been tournament fishing for sixteen years in more than 15 states.  I would like to tell you about a product that will increase your catch. That is a bold statement, but after 16 successful years I know certain products do help catch more bass.  I'm talking about an oil based scent called Kick'n BassŪ.  I can tell you that I have used many different scents and none of them stay on your bait after more than a few dips in the water.  They wash off almost immediately.  Kick'n BassŪ is oil based so it stays on your bait longer.  There are two flavors for bass Garlic and Crawfish.  I have been using Kick'n BassŪ for over a year and can say it is the best lure attractant I have ever used.  Kick'n BassŪ is a crucial part of my arsenal and significantly contributed to my selection as "Angler's Choice" Co-Angler of the Year for the Dallas, Fort Worth Region in 1998 and Navy Angler of the Year for the Military Bass Angler's Association for 1998.  I use Kick'n BassŪ on every lure I use, but particularly like to use it when I am flipping of pitching worms or jigs.  Kick'n BassŪ increases your hits, especially when the fish are not very active.  The fish hold on to your bait longer, which will allow the fisherman more time to react and set the hook.   Kick'n BassŪ also makes the lure, and line more slippery which helps when you are flipping grass or very thick cover.  It allows your bait to slide into those hiding places for lunkers. I know Kick'n BassŪ help's me catch more bass and I know it will help you too, try  it on your next fishing trip and it will increase your catch.

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