Systematic Bass Fishing

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Systematic Bass Fishing

I am a firm believer that the more we fish, the more in tune with the fish we become. Many anglers will talk about their rhythm or their timing. To me, rhythm or timing is simply one thing: Intuition.

There have been numerous articles and even books written about intuition and fishing. For the purpose on this book, I would like to give you my explanation of intuitions as it applies to bass fishing.
You are screaming down the lake towards your next spot when suddenly you make a sharp turn and head directly to a rocky bank, drop the trolling motor in, make a cast and wham! You stick a fish and put it in the boat. Your partner just stares because you seemed to will that fish. This is intuition. During the course of the day, hundreds of thoughts will pass through your mind about what to do to catch fish. Your ability to pay attention to these thoughts can pay off big time. These thoughts that come to you are a product of your intuition. For the purpose of this book, your intuition is the sum of all of your fishing experiences. When the idea came to stop the boat and fish that bank, it was because at some point in your fishing life, you have had success doing the very thing you did. This is why we must pay attention to those little subtle ideas that cross our mind during the course of a day on the water.
It is with this definition of intuition in mind, that has led me to devise a systematic approach to my bass fishing. In other words, because of my experience, I know what should work under a variety of conditions. I must listen to my thoughts and make adjustments within the particular system of lures and presentations that I know to be the correct choice.

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