Steve Patterson

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Approximately six months ago I had the opportunity to work with Ben Parker.  While working with him I was introduced to Kick'n BassŪ in the garlic flavor.  I was very impressed with it so at the end of the day I asked Ben where I could buy some and he was nice enough to give a bottle of it to me.  In my pursuit of trophy Bass ( which is why Ben and I fish together) I am always looking for new products to aid in catching my trophy fish.  Two weeks after fishing with Ben I was on one of my best lakes fishing for big bass. The wind was blowing about 15-20 mph that day and stacked the crappie on the wind blown banks of the lake.   I knew that the bass would be close by. So I broke out one of my 16 inch worms, sprayed it with some garlic flavor Kick'n Bass and started to work the bank.  About 50 yards down the bank there was a large tree in about 5 or 6 feet of water.  I made a cast to the tip of it and instantly got a hit.  I set the hook and after several heart stopping jumps I landed a 14# 2 oz bass.  After weighting it on my digital scale I realized that she was only two pounds under the state record.  Not wanting to kill the fish I quickly looked for someone to take a picture of her for me but there was nobody to be found.  Finally I located a man mowing his grass and he was nice enough to that a picture.  it was dark and quality was not great but at least I did get a picture before releasing the fish back on the three where she was originally hooked.   I closing I just want to thank you for making such a quality product, which I wouldn't be on the water without. Steve Patterson, Gray Court, SC. 864-876-9803

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