Steve Hacker



This is Steve Hacker, Pro Staffer.  I had out David Tidrick and his Dad, Jim, from Nashville, TN, today on Pickwick, fishing for big smallies. Pulled up on a gravel bar, throwing grubs and tubes. After probably 30 to 40 casts to the SAME PLACE, David decides to apply some KnB craw formula to his smoke tube. FIRST CAST, he nails this gorgeous 6-2 smallmouth.

Second pic is of father and son, Billy and Blake Brindle from Calhoun, GA. Billy was on a trip with me this spring when we loaded up on big smallmouths on tubes with KnB craw. After our trip Tuesday, Billy and Blake met me at Gray's tackle shop in Sheffield to pick up some stuff. Part of Billy's purchase was 4 bottles of KnB. The picture is of some of the 16 fish they caught using the Knb on grubs and tubes. Thanks for making my job as a guide both a little easier and a lot more fulfilling!
Merry Christmas to all.  God bless,  Steve Hacker

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