Steve Hacker

Now you can see what a couple of BIG brown's look like. 
This is the closest a lot of us will every get to seeing Smallmouths this big!
 Way to go Steve.

  We're using the KNB Craw, and I have been for the past month, getting off to the fastest start I've ever had on big fish.  I've had seven smallmouths of 7 pounds or over the past 4 weeks, with two more of 6-14 (most folks would call those seven pounders, to).  That's the biological equivalent of one boat landing 9 largemouths over 15 pounds in a month­­unheard of anywhere. I've been letting the clients use either from my bottle, or give them a sample tube when I've got them.  Most will now be continual customers of your product. Thanks again!
                                                                God bless,                                       

Steve Hacker
Pickwick Lake Smallmouth Services, Inc.
1901 County Road 10
Florence, AL 35633
(256) 760-8090

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