Raymond Smith

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I've always been the type of person who has to see something in black and white before I believe it. So I took upon myself to conduct a little experiment with Kick'n BassŪ fish attractant.  The night before I was scheduled to take a customer out, I took the bait we would be using and put them in two separate bags. In one bag I  put about a quarter bottle of Kick'n BassŪ and  nothing in the other bag.  The next morning we started fishing, I was using the bait with Kick'n BassŪ on it, my customer was using the bait with no Kick'n BassŪ.   I'm here to tell you the results were unbelievable.  I would catch five fish to his one.  By the end of  the day we had boated over thirty fish ranging from two pounds up to six pounds.  I can tell you one thing from that day on I will never leave the house without  a couple of bottles of Kick'n BassŪ in the boat. This stuff really works. God bless you and good luck fishing.  Raymond Smith Professional Angler Burleson, Texas. 

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