Mike Howell

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Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 2:24 PM
Subject: Lake Fork Whopper

We headed out early on that rainy Saturday in September. It was the weekend before the McDonald's Splash. We thought we'd get in  some prefishing time. Robbie Bracey (my teammate) and I (Mike Howell) started fishing the banks, no luck there. We went on to the humps and points. Around noon we went into a cove and fished the treetops. I was using a 7ft Allstar with 12lb. P-Line. I decided on a Lake Fork Red Orange Ambush Lure and added some Kick 'n Bass Garlic scent. I cast several times to see what kind of presentation was needed. I did a slow roll retrieve, She popped it, and the fight was on.  We weighed her at 10.1.I released her at the same spot hoping I could catch her again for the Splash. As hard as I tried I didn't  see her. Maybe next time.

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