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Somebody is holding that fish out pretty far ! Looks like you guys in Italy know the same tricks Cosmic and Stinky use in Arizona. 
Some things like fishing and fooling the camera are universal.

Good one Massimo !



January, 26 1998 Went yesterday to a channel near my home for a fishing trip with my friend and his jonboat. The wind was blowing really hard and really cold. We have the rod guidelines literally covered by ice. I took my bottle of KNB and, after dousing the small 4" worm, I sprayed it on the rod guides: no ice for the whole day! OK, come back to the bass... I literally slayed them. The first half-hour I got five bass on the boat while my buddy was blanking: he felt the fish on the lure but the fish won't keep on biting. While I follow to boat several other bass, my buddy was pretty nervous. He was using the same worm, the same hook, weight, line size but wasn't able to catch a single fish. After about another hour he asked me "Hey what's wrong? Am I missing something?" "Yes" I told him giving him the bottle of KNB. "Keep away from me those smell" he promptly said. "OK, if you want to blank, keep on fishing without KNB". After missing another two bites he told me "Please, give me the scent". He applied a drop of KNB on his worm and caught four bass in a row! Every lure he changed during the day was religiously sprayed with KNB. At the end of the day, after several bass, he asked me to give him the bottle. My answer was predictable: "I'll see what I can do for you next time I'll hear from Cosmic". In the meantime I sprayed KNB on his favorite worm's bag. Well, it works so fine that I can't go out without it.

Massimo Zanetti - Italian Tournament Bass Angler

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