Mark Shores Irving Texas


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Jan 10, 1999.  I would like to personally thank you and your staff for all the hard work you have done in developing and making available to the public the best fish attractant I have ever used.  I fish in excess of 25 tournaments a year and Kick'n BassŪ had consistently contributed to my success because of it's obvious effect on bass.  It simply causes them to bite when they might otherwise just look at a bait and swim off.  This time of year, early spring, before the pre-spawn even, bass are particularly hard to catch as a rule.  By using Kick'n BassŪ I am able to get those bites that I may normally not get.  It simply gets me more bites which in turn gets me more fish in the boat, thus increasing my odds of beating the field.  For those of you who wish to get the edge on you competitors or if you simply just want to catch more fish, you must try Kick'n BassŪ  Once you have, I'm sure it will become a permanent part of your fishing arsenal as it has mine

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