Lloyd Parker

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B.A.S.S. Pro competitor Lloyd Parker of Ovilla, TX used Kick'n Bass to
help him win $1,800 at a recent Bassmaster® tournament. Lloyd has been
using Kick'n Bass for a couple of years now and told us, "I always have
both Kick'n Bass Garlic and Crawfish scents with me with the boat when I
go fishing for fun or for big money at a tournament. The Kick'n Bass
garlic is a great attractant for plastic worms and soft finesse baits.
The Kick'n Bass Crawfish works wonders on a jig and pig or soft plastic
trailer. I found that by alternating the two attractants, I can catch a
lot of fish. Do some experimenting on your own too and see what works
for you."
(Photo courtesy Lloyd Parker)

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