Lake Huites

A crew will pick you up at the airport and drive us the three hours to the air conditioned, spotlessly clean lodge. (Some outfitters charge $250 per person for this 6 hour round trip ride. You will have a quick supper and then off to our air-conditioned rooms for a quick nights rest. A little before sunrise there will be a knock on the door and everyone gets up and comes in for a wonderful breakfast. You are then taken down to the waters edge and leave with your guide just as the sun is starting to come up. The guides know what they are doing and they take you right to the fish. You have a full ice chest with your choice of beverages to last you until lunch. You come in for a full lunch and to compare notes with the other guests. Then it is off again to do battle with bass ranging from 2#'s to 14#'s. This lake has a growth rate of over 2 pounds per fish/per year.... so all those 4-6 pound fish we caught last year should be 6-8 pounds this year. (They were) And we caught a lot of them, 200 plus per day.
This fishing goes on for three non-stop days, food, drinks etc, all free. Then you fly back home on fifth day. We do ask to tip the hard working staff from the bus driver to the cook and the guides. This should not be more than an average of $100 for the trip. One guy tipped his guide $250 for a good day he had last week. I think this was about $230 too much, but I'm sure the guide is not complaining. This trip has to be experience to believe it. I have gone the last four years and I plan on going every year from now on if possible.