Ken Nance

Hello, my name is Ken Nance and I have been tournament fishing competitively since I was 14 years old. I began tournament fishing on the club level with my Father in a club from his workplace. We began to fish the Kentucky State Bass Federation and I made the state tournament my sophomore thru senior year of high school. I now fish the Wal-Mart tournament trail as well as most local and regional events I can get into. My goal is to fish as a full time touring professional on the Wal-Mart FLW tour.

I began using scents several years ago when Fish Formula came out with they’re products. I instantly became a firm believer in scent products as I could tell a difference in my catch ratios in using scent and not. I kept a close eye on this market and always tried the latest thing that became available. I’ve tried it all, from aerosol cans to jelly to stuff that smelled so bad it made the garage smell up from just being in the boat. I wont forget the first time I was introduced to Kick-n-Bass® by one of my sponsors. He had a bottle of it sitting on one of his workshop benches that he had picked up at a show. I opened it up and decided I was going to have to steal the bottle from him. After a lot of convincing he decided to let me try it. When I tried it out I could tell a difference between the stuff I was using and the Kick-n-Bass®. The Kick-n-Bass® stayed on the lure longer and the fish seemed to key onto it and hold onto it longer.

I was fishing a small club tournament on the Ohio River soon after that and this is the day I realized how important scent was. The river was murky as it was just clearing up from a large flood. The fish I was catching were in the backs of creeks and were holding really tight to cover. I was having to make repetitive casts to the same target actually having to put it in front of they’re face. I remembered the bottle of Kick-n-Bass®, pulled it out and doused my flipping tube with it. A few smaller fish later I noticed something odd happen. I made a pitch in under a willow tree to the base of the tree and began shaking the tube. A few feet downstream of the bait I noticed a water disturbance and saw a mud swirl. A couple of seconds later I felt one pick up the bait and BAM another keeper. I added that fish to my other and began pitching up the bank. A few hours later I pitched into a bush, noticed something move on the downstream side again and BAM another keeper. I am convinced these fish were holding in the cover, saw the lure as I presented it and when they smelled it that was enough to make them move to bite. My father was fishing with me that day and he was always skeptical of scent. Needless to say he carries a bottle of Kick-n-Bass® with him in all the tournaments we fish in now.

I want to thank Ken Kross and Ken Revell for affording me the opportunity to be a part of the Kick-n-Bass® Pro-staff. They didn’t have to as I would have kept right on purchasing Kick-n-Bass® and self promoting it to friends and family as I have been for years. I look forward to a long and fruitful relationship. My other sponsors include, Triton Boats, Mercury Outboards, Mason Dixon Marine Polaris, Bonzai Bait Company, Eat-em-uP Bait Company, J.R.s Custom Rods, Silverbuddy Lure Company, and Cabin Creek Bait Company. Again, I want to thank Kick-n-Bass® and I look forward to seeing you guys out on the water. Tight lines, Ken Nance.

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