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On April 21, 2001 I won the TVA Bass Series event on Lake Shafer by a pretty decent margin. I had 10.16 pounds and 2nd was 4.63 (or so). Anyway, Kick-N-Bass made the difference, the fishing was tough, and so was the wind. Kick-N-Bass enabled me to not just win the event, but I culled 6 fish. (had 11 keepers total that day) I used a lot of Kick-N-Bass on ALL my baits, and would let the jigs sit in the strike zone as long as I could. Kick-N-Bass also helped me catch one of my "kicker fish" pardon the pun. The fish had bit earlier, and I just swung on air on the hook set. But, I came back later, applied even more Kick-N-Bass and let my jig sit right where the fish bit earlier. This time when I swung, I connected. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!! 

On May 12, 2001 I had to endure another "tough" TVA Series event. This one was on Lake Freeman. If the guys that fish this series aren't tough enough, add post spawn, mile high skies, with a cold front passage. There's not a lot of "glory" to write about in this event. JUST TOUGH FISHING. I have to give Kick-N-Bass the credit it's due. I ended up in 3rd, and had big bass with a 2.33 smallmouth. My total weight was 3 bass = 5.25. Second place was 5.27 and it only took 6.05 to win. Nothing like
shooting yourself in the foot, I had the fish on to win 3 times. But, lost them much to my disappointment. I believe Kick-N-Bass provided me with the opportunity to win, but the fish just "came unbuttoned". I'm currently leading the 2001 Angler-of-the-Year race with two-2nd's, one-3rd, one-VICTORY. With 5 events left in the series. BUT THERE'S A LOT OF TIME LEFT.    

June 7-01 This past weekend I placed 2nd and had big bass in another TVA Series event. My fish came on worms, soaked in Kick-N-Bass. (pre-soaked the night before) I figured it would be tough and it was,
the tournament set new record "lows" due to a low pressure system that had been in the area for some time. KICK-N-BASS got the bites I needed. When it's tough, ALWAYS APPLY MORE AND MORE KICK-N-BASS !! I'm currently leading the points race for Angler-of-the-Year. I hope I can hold on, the guys in this series are T-O-U-G-H anglers, most have had a pro career in B.A.S.S. OR are currently working on one. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how things are progressing. The Next TVA Series event is Father's Day Weekend...

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