Kick'n Bass Not Just For Bass? 


Jeff Cheatham/ Kick'n Bass Pro Staff
Last Saturday (9/22/01) I went to Barber Boats to pick up my boat that was having some motor work done. I left there and went straight to Marine Creek to blow out the motor and make sure everything was in working order for my trip in two weeks to Sam Rayburn for the Media Bass Championship. After about thirty minutes of checking things out I decided to get a line wet while I was there.

I reached in the rod locker and pulled out my 6' 6" Falcon Rod (med/hvy) with my Abu Garcia reel spooled with 15lb gray Ande line. I started flipping hydrilla patches with a 4" Bass Pro Shop Tube with a little bit of Anise Shad Kick'n Bass. I worked my way down the bank and caught one black about 1 lbs. I threw him back and kept on flippin'. I went in the back of one pocket full of lily pads with no takers, so I started the big motor and idled out to a big long point with a creek channel running right beside it.

I started pitching the patchy hydrilla on top of the point, made one pass and moved out a little deeper, about 9 ft. out, I pitched in the middle of a patch, got a bite and set the hook. After only moving the fish about an inch and I knew I had a big fish but wasn't quit sure just how big. I cranked my reel about three times and pulled when it came to the top with about 3 lbs. of hydrilla on its head. I still couldn't see what it was. Then the fish made a big lunge to the bottom. When it turned, I saw it's tail and knew I had a big "cat". 

With two big lunges under my boat, I finally got it turned and brought it up to the top. I realized I didn't have my net so I threw my rod in the bottom of the boat, grabbed my line, grabbed the fish by the gill plate and pulled the 25 lb. 36" monster in the boat. Being one of the biggest fish I have caught, I had to take a few pictures and send them to my friends at . I knew they would get a big kick out of it! After the pictures, I did release the fish to be caught another day. I guess Kick'n Bass isn't just for bass after all.



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