James Barlow

Central Invitational B.A.S.S. Pro Jason Pitman introduced me to Kick N Bass. He told me to try it. So I did. The first thing that I noticed was how long it lasted. I have used scents for some time now and would go through a bottle or can about every four or five trips. With Kick N Bass, you only have to apply a little and it stays on the bait. When I mean stay on, you can still tell itís on the bait after an hour of pitching and flipping. Following corresponding with Ken Revell I was prefishing for a tournament in the Louisiana Delta. My favorite method is pitching jigs and tubes. I applied Kick N Bass to my Cyclone Rattle Jig and Culprit Chunk Claw. One grabbed it on the fall beside a boat dock. I followed the line all the way to the boat because I didnít want to set the hook and not have her for tournament day. I watched the line almost wrap around my trolling motor then started reeling slowly. The bass would not let go! I reeled the fish up to the top without the hook set. What a product!!!!

Iím currently an active duty Chief in the U.S. Navy stationed at VR-54 in New Orleans, LA. I fish all of the local Association of Louisiana Bass Clubs tournaments, qualifiers, and the Louisiana B.A.S.S. Federation. My current sponsors are: Kick'n Bassģ, Culprit plastics, Cyclone Baits, Castaway Rods, and Staples Boat Sales.

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