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Imagination Bassin Guide Services offers guided trips on: Stick Marsh/Farm 13 and Ansin/Garcia Reservoir. Our market is primarily the experienced fisherman that is seeking to learn the layout and techniques that work best on these waters and is restricted to artificial bait. Although live bait guides are the predominant here in Florida we do get our share of large bass, which is of course great, but the primary objective is the logistics of the water and instructional fishing. Fishing platform is a current model Nitro 896 Savage fully equipped. Clients supply their own tackle (up to four rods) and lures and we advise on what to purchase if they don't have local lures. We supply all beverage (no alcohol allowed of any kind).

A typical day starts at first light with fishing and continues till the bite drops back. We then will spend time with a chart, (we supply), to learn logistics of the area to ensure a future trip that is safe to body and equipment as well as successful line tightening. During all of this we attempt to seek out any weak points the clients may have in lure presentation etc. The balance of time is spent with instruction and practice if needed and of course hopeful catching of our evasive prey. We cover in our instruction as much as possible in reading of water, cover, structure etc.

Both myself and my son Scott guide depending on who is available based on other commitments.

During the times that we do not fish we run Advanced Computer Solutions in Jensen Beach, Florida

We can be contacted at our web site:561 225-6755 Day, or 561 337-1147 Evenings: our fax is: 561 225-8804 and e-mail is:   
George Welcome , 738 NE Jensen Beach Blvd, Jensen Beach, Florida 34957 : Business address

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