From: Big Bass  
Ken Revell  
Friday, January 01, 1999 10:39 PM 
Kick'n BassŪ Does It Again!
Mr. Revell,                  
    Just wanted to update you on my use of KNB Scents, Lot a folks here in Ontario doubt the use of scents, but I am a believer & user. I went to a fish camp this past week and stayed true to using the new Anis/Shad scent you and Chuck mailed to me..Oooh how I wanted to switch over to (Garlic) but I stayed with the Anise/Shad... and though at first things were slow tweaking and changing a few things man it started working... in two hours I had caught 25 smallmouth bass and a 46 inch musky on 10lb test and a BPS tube and a dab or two of KNB. Well just wanted ya to know from a faithful KNB user what's happening up here in Ontario Canada!                                Respectfully,                       Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam