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To send us an e mail with your testimony click on this link and tell your story. Kicknbass@earthlink.net 

These are unedited (I may do spell check and fix some words) testimony that come to me on the Internet.  Just average people wanting to share their experiences with you and Kick'n Bass®. 
I should have done this page before I lost over 2,000 files.

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----- Original Message -----
From: Teresa Fox
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Monday, March 17, 2008 5:47 PM
Subject: Story to go with the picture.

As my husband tells it. I had been fishing all day with a couple of friends at Lake Fork, Texas and had been getting skunked. I decided I wanted to run the trolling motor and fish the area I wanted to fish the way I like to fish. Using a rattle back jig with a wacky crawl trailer I had sprayed heavily with KNB I was flipping to lay downs and standing timber in the little caney creek of Lake Fork, working our way along a feeder creek channel I came upon a large pecan tree that had fallen into the creek. I flipped to one side and then the other when I got slack in the line and set the hook the fight was on. Coming from 20 feet deep the big egg laden female aka Molly came to the surface and did a tail dance. With my friends frantically fighting over the net and screaming at me not to lose the battle, she pulled the 17 foot tracker around as she pleased. After what seemed like half an hour, actually was only a couple of minutes, I finally turned her toward the net and we landed her. Excited beyond belief we made our way back to the ramp to get the biggest fish of my life weighed. To my amazement the Bass weighed a little over 13lbs and at which time Texas Parks and Wildlife was called to add her to the Share-A-Lunker program.
Your product worked for me that day, and has continued to work since. I now have several fish over 9lbs and 1 10.13 in a tournament and the 13lb pictured. I hope to keep adding more fish to my resume and I don't see any problems as long as KNB stays in my boat. Thank you so much for producing such a great product and keep up the good work.
Sincerely, Ted Kelly

----- Original Message -----
From: Rocky+Toni Robison
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Tuesday, March 13, 2007 6:17 PM
Subject: The photo of my wife's 10.2


Ken here is the info and pic of the 10.2. It was caught by my wife Toni Robison on Valentines Day 2006 at Lake Lydia, it was 56 degrees out and she caught her in 8' of water on a 7" floating ringworm, loaded with Kick'n Bass. She will not fish a lure unless she loads it up with the garlic scent. It weighed 10.2.  She caught these 2 other good fish a 9lber and 8.74 on Lake Fork a month later using a chartreuse tube loaded down again with Kick'n Bass. Thanks.

Here is Toni with her big bass.

----- Original Message -----
From: Tommy Hagler
To: Ken Kross
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2007 5:52 AM
Subject: RE: Join in the fun

My partner and I used Kicknbass yesterday in a tournament. We had a pretty good day, but lost 12 fish at the boat before I realized they weren’t holding on to the bait long enough to get a good hook set. One was over 7, one was around 6 and two at 5 pounds. The others were 2 and 3 pounders. We were flipping cattails and stick-ups in real shallow water. The fish were just taking the bait and not moving with it or slapping it and moving on. I suddenly realized that I hadn’t put the scent on the bait. I put it on my bait and immediately went to putting the fish in the boat and was culling in less than 30 minutes!!! I had 6 bass in the boat before my partner had another hit. He put it on and we started catching them like wildfire. It was at that point that a cable on the trolling motor snapped and we were out of business. I feel we could have won that tournament had the cable not snapped with almost 4 hours left in the tournament!

 Take care,

Tommy Hagler

From: Dianne Warner
Sent: Tue 8/21/2007 7:30 AM
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net'
Subject: RE: fish attractant-tournament

Thanks again Ken for the Kick'n Bass attractant.  We had a tournament on Saturday the 18th and I couldn't wait to use it. It was a night tournament from 6pm to 12.  I was out there on Cherry Creek throwing a buzz bait, crank bait, speed trap and a jig.  No takers.  Funny, I forgot to put Kick'n Bass attractant on them before they got wet.  Must of been a senior moment. Remembering what you told me about a couple of drops on the lures before they got wet, I dried them off. I threw that crank bait out there with Kick'n Bass on it and bam my first fish.  Personally I think Kick'n Bass helped us win the tournament and second big fish award.
I noticed that Kick'n bass has a an odor that is appealing. Not like some attractants that really stink up everything it gets on. However, I wish it was a little thicker.  I did put Kick'n bass in a smaller container that I could slip into my pocket, but when I got to the first drops on the lure I guess I squeezed a little to hard and it went everywhere. It was pretty funny. Also, I didn't have much of a problem getting it off my hands.
Thanks so much.
Dianne Warner
California fisher girl.

From: Justin McChristian
To: Kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Wednesday, May 09, 2007 7:16 PM
Subject: testimony
Yesterday I went fishing with KNB Pro Derek Aucoin after work at a local pond.  I had been asking him to bring me some Kick N Bass to put on my lures because I had heard him talk about it and I wanted to try it. He gave me a bottle of KNB crawfish and told me to rub it on my frogs so I did.  We fished for about 10 min catching 1 to 2lbers nothing special.  We went out to a point and it was there I hooked the biggest fish of my life so far, an 8lber.  Now to some that's not that big but it was huge for me, being that it was my personal biggest and it held up to be the biggest one we caught so I won our little tournament happily because I had never beaten him before.  So if you haven't used Kick N Bass its time to try it and catch your trophy fish.  ps I will defiantly keep bottles of KNB in my tackle bag every time I fish, if its in a pond or in a tournament. You can't beat it. I'm glad I found out about KNB especially now when I am trying to get started in tournament fishing. Keep up the good work Mr. Ken.  I will never use spike-it or yum again they are garbage compared to your product. Go catch em.
                           Brady McChristian

----- Original Message -----
From: Ssjeane27@aol.com
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Friday, January 12, 2007 8:57 PM
Subject: Hey
Hey Ken,
 Seems like I never have time to drop anyone a line including you so thought I'd do it right now.
Just wanted to thank you again for all you do for the ladies and more recently myself, Liz Lewis, Sharon, Sarah and Barbie.  We are thrilled you have let us wear your team tournament shirts while we participate in this years BFL Cowboy division.
 I use your scents you send me EVERY TIME I go fishing and I always try to give out the samples to all anglers I come across.  I also make it a habit to furnish a couple of bottles for door prizes along with your cards.  I totally believe in your products.
 Want to tell you a story about a couples circuit my husband Don and I fish.  I know your familiar with Lake Conroe here in Texas.  It is a tough lake most every time you go.  I had donated two bottles of Kick'n Bass as a door prize and a young couple there won it.  When they came into the weigh in they stopped us and made the statement that they could not get a bite and by 11 am were very discouraged.  
Jennifer told John to try the scent products they won and to make a long story short
, they won the tournament with over 17 lbs!!!  Don and I came in second with almost 16 lbs I think and the weights fell very fast after that.  They
are totally sold like we are.
     Team Kick'n Bass Gals will proudly be wearing our shirts and caps and if no-one has thanked you lately to include me, BIG THANKS!  I hope someday you get rich cause you have certainly helped put some spending money in some of us.
     Hey, you need to have a Kick'n Bass tournament in Mexico for your Pro staffers.  Would make for an interesting tournament since we all believe in and use your scents!
     Well, take care and as soon as we receive our shirts we will send you a group picture as well as keeping you informed of our tournament results.  Hope you will call when ya make a trip down here to Texas.  My husband and I have a house on Toledo Bend and we would love to have you come down and stay and fish with us.
     Hope there are wonderful things in store for you in the upcoming year and thanks again!
Sandy Jeane/Team Kick'n Bass

----- Original Message -----
From: Tid929@aol.com
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Monday, February 26, 2007 8:18 PM
Subject: Re: Stuff

caught a 7 pounder on your garlic kicknbass here is a picture, can I have a garlic , anise, and a crawfish, also I need some patches for my shirts please and I will take a visor and another hat you pick it out please, I love kicknbass it kicks asssssssss
Lori masters
Nashville TN 37217  Click here for a picture of Lori with her beautiful bass. 


Rusty Strange



Kick'n Bass Garlic

 I have been a Bass angler for over 20 years, and a pro for the last 10 years. In that time I have tried all kinds of scents to activate and motivate Big Sluggish Bass. The strike, time to hook set, and size of the fish are all enhanced when using Kick'n Bass Garlic and Crawfish scents. I have fished with, and along side other Pro's using the same bait and presentation but the results are substantially greater with Kick' N Bass.

If you're not fishing with Kick' N Bass... you're not catching the Biggest Bass...  

PBF South - BFL Southeast - BFN Southern Division

Keep Kick' N Bass!

----- Original Message -----

From: Marvin Burt

To: kicknbass@earthlink.net

Sent: Saturday, March 03, 2007 9:28 AM

Subject: striper

Caught on Lake Hamilton Hot Springs, Ar.

When I caught this striper there was a guide 200 feet from me with 3 paying customers that wasn't catching anything. They were having a fit watching me haul in this big fish in. ( can I keep him) I heard them telling the guide they been fishing almost 3 hours and haven't had a bite.

I caught this fish about 5 minutes after I started fishing. After getting him in the boat I  through lure back in the same spot caught this one 3 feet 4inches just minutes after it hit the water. I was using the Anise/Shad formula of Kick'n Bass®

They were giving the guide a hard time, still no fish for them. One of the fisherman asked if he could fish with me. I told the I was going home for the day. 

   Thanks,   Marvin Burt  to see this over 3 foot long Striper click here.

Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam
Ontario Canada
Kick'n Bass® (Garlic) (Walleye) Scents
Tuesday, June 07, 2005


Hello from Canada, its the 2005 fishing season here and the walleye have been running since ice out back in the first part of April. We have been out on an average four days a week since, catching walleye on the average three to four pounds. But we have also been boating some trophy's in the eight-nine and ten pound range. These breeders get a picture and back into the river they go. We do a lot of vertical jigging with different plastics in depths to 38 feet. I soak all my plastics with the Kick'n Bass® (Garlic), but have found the walleye likes the Kick'n Bass® (Walleye) scent. I have had guests on the boat who scoffed at using any scents and felt tipping their jig & plastic with a minnow was better and more productive, until my technique and rigging and use of Kick'n Bass® (Walleye) or (Garlic) fills everyone's limit. Then they want to try some. Don't be afraid to put a dab of the scent on live bait it really works. I have used Kick'n Bass® since 1998 and have tested it against other popular scents on the market. Do I believe its a confidence thing "of course" I do, do I use it to mask my scent on the bait and line and covering contaminants in the water " sure I do". Have I proven over and over again throughout the years that Kick'n Bass® works my catch ratio out fishing has proven that time and time again. Kick'n Bass® helped me win the title of Angler of the Year in 2004 and Rookie of the Year again in 2004. If you fish for the walleye get some Kick'n Bass® (Walleye) or (Garlic) scent and find out for yourself. Thanks Ken and Kick'n Bass® for making my time on the water more productive! Respectfully Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam Independent Field Tester

Sherry-Lynne "BASSETTE" Lee
Kick'n Bass® (Garlic)
Tuesday, June 07, 2005


21MAY05 my partner Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam and I was registered for a Northern Pike Tournament, held by the JackFish Lure Company here in Canada. Both Willis and I have been long time users of all the Kick'n Bass® products and we find the Garlic scent and the Anise/Shad works the best for us. We both will switch to the CrawFish scent when the bite changes. Walleye Scent well that's held especially for the walleye and its really good. Back to the tourney, we motor into Crystal Bay a well known hangout for Northern Pike, we started throwing bucktails and spoons coated with Kick'n Bass® (Garlic) it wasn't long before we had five small pike in the boat, but no signs of any big boys. Willis kept throwing the bucktails and I switched over to a buzzbait and I really soaked it good with the Kick'n Bass® (Garlic). Willis was up in the front of the boat watching a storm front moving in and was just saying we better get ready to make the run to the marina, when the water erupted like a volcano and a big pike was tearing my buzzbait to pieces. Ten minutes later in a steady downpour of rain we netted the pike and it was thirty-four inches long and weighed eleven and one half pounds. We revived the tired fish by the boat and once it realized it was free with a big splash it swam off into the weeds. We hurried securing everything down the rain was coming down harder and Willis seen lightening off in the distance. We made it safely back to the marina and trailered the boat just as the lightening and thunder passed over with winds gusting over 60mph. Well the end result was I won the tournament and I strongly believe that it was the buzzbait and the trail of Kick'n Bass® (Garlic) that called that big pike in. Willis & I are well known in this part of Ontario as Independent Field Testers for the Angling Industry and everyone knows our secret weapon is the Kick'n Bass® products. Even if we get lures pre-scented we always soak them in Kick'n Bass®. This is from a woman's perspective and a woman angler who knows Kick'n Bass® works.

----- Original Message -----
From: <Jeffrey.Roberts@ge.com>
To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net>
Sent: Saturday, November 12, 2005 7:54 AM
Subject: RE: KNB

I have found that I can soak a jig overnight in KNB garlic scent (I use a plastic bag so my whole garage won't smell like garlic) and for the first few hours of fishing it has an incredible strong odor, even leaves sheen on the water. I feel like this gives me an advantage as I have pulled into areas where there are other boats, with all the guys fishing jigs and catch twice as many as they do. I re-apply often throughout the day.  That garlic scented KNB gives me an advantage, especially in the spring....
Thanks for making the best scents in the world!!!

> Jeff

John Malzahn
Thursday, May 26, 2005


I just recently fished my fist B.A.S.S. tourney in Maryland on the Potomac River it was a tough day of fishing right up to the moment I added your product. The fish were biting so softly you didn't know they were there. That all changed with Kick'n Bass, the fish not only bit harder they did not want to let go. Thanks to Kick'n Bass I had a ninth place finish and a great start in the Bassmasters Series Northeast Division.  Hi John... got to start using KNB the night before the big tournaments... soak your tubes or worms in Tupperware bowls and hook them on while they are dripping wet with KNB... Some won't even hit the bottom before you get hit. We always soak our worms. If you mix colors they will bleed into each other so only one color to a container or baggie.  Good luck in your next T>   cosmic>

Larry McNeil
Crawfish & Shad
Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Hi Ken, I don't know if you remember me, but I was the guy who called you 5 years ago when I was living in Chicago. I ordered my first bottle of Kick'n Bass directly from you. Let me tell you, I have been a Kick'n bass nut since then. I never go fishing without it. You talked to me for 30 minutes or so on how to use the product. You also ask me to call you back to see how I had done. I am sorry that it has taken so long for me to get back with you(5 years) but I have been to busy catching fish with your product. This stuff really works. Everyone who fish with me leaves my boat saying "I gotta get some of that stuff. Thanks for making a find product!! Hi Larry.... weren't you the guy we sent out for coffee while we were in our duck blind?  Seems to me the other duck hunters froze to death waiting for that warm Starbucks cappuccino.... Oh well... better late then never.  Glad you are still Kick'n Bass after all this time. Thanks for the post.

Bob West
Kick'n Bass Garlic
Tuesday, March 08, 2005


I decided to try your product last weekend even though I am loyal to Jacks Juice Fish Attractants. After using your products for a few hours and not getting any action I had to go back to my trusty Jacks Juice. I caught 4 fish in 30 minutes weighing 12 pounds. I just wanted to give you an honest assessment of your product compared to the best.  Thanks for the post Bob. Glad the water warmed up in the afternoon so the fish bite started. :-}

Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam
Ontario Canada
Kick'n Bass® (Garlic) & (Anise/Shad)& (Walleye)
Tuesday, November 25, 2003


Hello Ken, Well the 2003 Bass Season is over. the boat is wrapped and winterized and I wait anxiously for Spring 2004 to arrive. Since 1998 when Paul Duclos introduced me to Kick'n Bass®, I have been faithful to your scents. I have read and been involved in many of the controversies over the scent/attractant issues. But I will say this from my own personal experiences and usage Kick'n Bass® will work if a person uses it. Yes it can smell.. Yes if some precautions are not taken it can be messy. But so can't catching a 20 pound musky. They smell and are very messy if it comes in contact with the boat carpet. Anyway I digress. I ended the season of 2003 field testing some new lures etc and on one specific tube I caught my biggest smallmouth bass to date @ 6.90lbs. The tube was soaked in Kick'n Bass® (Garlic) and the bite that day was pretty tuff for Lake St Clair. But I found that smallie laying in the weeds as I brought the tube along the out side edge. Also my fiancé' Sherry Lynne she took Rookie of the Year honors with a lure company here in Canada and set some new records for their field test team and she too added Kick'n Bass® to her arsenal of fishing equipment. All in All she ended up with eight smallies weighing in over 5lbs and has pictures of a 20 plus pound musky where she coated the big monster lure with Kick'n Bass® (Anise/Shad). During the fall feed I switched over to walleye fishing to fill the freezer for the coming winter months and using Kick'n Bass® (Walleye) I out fished two of my three fishing buddies using artificial baits while the one tipped everything with live minnows. I also went to tipping live bait but added a little KNB (Garlic) and caught the biggest walleye of my life so far. So my confidence in Kick'n Bass® is as strong as the (Garlic) smell itself. So I look forward to 2004 and the hunt for the big fish here in Ontario! Thanks to you and to Kick'n Bass® Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam

Monday, September 01, 2003



Gerard M
KNB Garlic
Thursday, August 14, 2003


Hello Ken and all you fishing people!

I found KNB by searching for a "bass scent" on Google's search engine. In short I found this site.

I emailed your company with the typical questions like "what scent do I need if I know for sure shad are all over the lake I frequent?" and " why can't I just buy it straight from you instead of a dealer?" etc. All my questions were answered readily and in fact one day after I SENT this in an email --- "I just won't be sure which scent to use. There are shad in this lake I fish but not sure if I ever saw any licorice in it. Garlic? Not sure. Crayfish? Possible, but still not sure." --- I got this REPLY --- "There is no garlic or licorice in ANY lake... there is no ice cream growing from trees either,,, but we like it.... fish like the flavors we make... why is another question that could be debated for 100 years." --- The next day I actually got a call from Ken himself! He told me to go with GARLIC!

So I went with GARLIC. I placed my order through Bass Pro Shop's online catalog. It was a bit expensive paying $8.95 to ship a 4 oz. bottle of "testimonials" and the snail mail Bass Pro Shop uses is a bit too much for my patience but eventually I got the KNB in my hands.

The package arrived about an hour before I had to go into work but impatient me had to run a quick trial of it at my favorite hole beforehand.

It was a hot, 90% humidity day. Nearly 2 in the afternoon and I'm rushing to this lake with the scent already spilled into my favorite bag of plastics. Keeping a sharp eye on my watch I count down the time I need to leave so I could still ready for work and be on time to bore the girls there with my fishing success. All this time I keep singing, "C'mon Kick n Bass" ", "Catch us some fishes" while sporadically working my worm with it's dab of new scent.

Oh my goodness, I need to be at work for 3 and it's after 2:30! I didn't get a nibble yet!

By 3 p.m. I'm leaving the lake late for work and I have no stories for the girls. I smell from sweat and GARLIC and need a shave and shower, so by the time I get to work I'm a hour late and bummed I threw my cash away. I was even perceiving the KNB was a deterrent to the prey I was after and instead it really only attracted the attention of panfish (they came near but wouldn't nibble) and all the buzzing, flying buggers that seemed to fly right into my face. They never did that before. I blamed this stinky Italian restaurant scent I bought!

The next day I was determined to not be skunked on both ends so I opened up that KNB and OOZED a whole lot more into my worm bag, being sure I really got this stuff covering my plastics. I headed back down to my lake with a day HOTTER than yesterday and almost as HUMID. It was nearing 11:30 a.m. MIDDAY! IN AUGUST! This time when I took my worm from the bag to rig it I see there's KNB literally "dripping" from this thing and my fingers were having a difficult time pushing a hook through this slippery sucker.

My first through fourth casts were all done within a 5 minute period and I had to remind myself to slow it down, it's hot. I remembered yesterday I was more worried about work and I'm sure my finesse fishing suffered greatly from this not to mention me being stingy in applying the KNB. This time I wanted to cover all the bases and come out winning.

The fifth cast felt a telltale nibble. I paused. Felt a nibble again and with a snap of my wrists I pull a wormless hook and sinker back. Something surely swallowed that worm and it felt good!

Okay, I rig up another wet, drippy worm and try again. I even went slower this time. Working each cast about 5-8 minutes. All of a sudden...tick, tick BAM! I hooked an 8 incher! WhooHoo No more skunking me!

I weighed all the environmental differences and concluded it was a tiny bass that would bite no matter what I threw. This scent was still inconclusive.


Next cast, same worm, still STINKING of KNB. WHAM! Another bass! This time maybe 10 inches. He lost my worm due to a stomach set. Had to cut the line to let him live and rigged another sloppy KNB soaked plastic.

Only a couple casts later another bass about a hair bigger than the second. I start counting fish now and it's not even noon on this HOT lake. I remember reading testimonial of people letting the bass take the bait with an open bail...I did this to this 3rd bass...it's true! Unfortunately it stomach hooks them so I stopped playing that game. As an aside, remember don't try to save a cheap hook when a fish swallows it...the fish is priceless...cut your line.

A fellow fisherman was cruising by in his kayak, asking how I was making out and I screamed from the SHORE, "I got three so far!" I asked how he was doing...He mumbled he was "doing' ok"

Back to my fishing soon found me at 5 bass. Now you need to know that 5 decent bass at my lake is a several hours long day of "work" I was in one spot near the shore and hooked 5 in less than an hour and a half!

I'm not done. Bass # 6 was the biggest! Easily 15 or more inches and over 2 pounds! Remember it was near 92 degrees and nearly as humid and one o'clock in the afternoon! Not even 10 minutes after this 2 pounder, BAM again! FISH NUMBER 7!!!

Seven fish in under two hours and all done from walking back and forth between 100 feet of shoreline using the same plastic worms I always use here but only this time I added my "secret" ... KICK N BASS!

When I phoned my fish partner my success he said catching 7 bass at our lake at this time of day in this heat is completely unusual...even weird.

I didn't tell him about using the KNB and I won't tell him...at least not yet. I want to see how riled he gets on those days we fish that he gets skunked and I "mysteriously" find the exact "holes" where the big ones are laying. Only after I torture him with my fishing prowess will I share the real truth to my success story...KICK N BASS!

Thanks for the phone call Ken!

Gerard M

p.s. I just ordered another bottle from Bass Pro Shop right before I sat to type my testimonial...


From: Andy Wiles

Date: 11/25/04 15:50:05

To: kicknbass@earthlink.net

Cc: minecreek53@hotmail.com

Subject: Hello and Thank You!


Dear Ken,

A few months ago I ordered a bottle of Kick-n-Bass.  You were kind enough to send me 2 bottles—Bass Craw and Bass Garlic. In August 2004, I took the Bass Garlic to fish at a lake in my hometown, Pleasanton Kansas. This is a small community, about 70 miles south of Kansas City.  I grew up fishing this small lake, which is also the town water supply.  I know every inch of this lake!  This year has proven to be one of the toughest for catching Bass, as I’m sure you are well aware. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse… I found the bottle of Kick-n-Bass in the bottom of my tackle bag. Well, to say the least…the rest is history! I caught over 75 Bass that day. I was astonished that the product worked as well as it did on my first use. This took my confidence to another level and I decided to enter my first tournament in years. On September 11th, 2004, I fished a Wal-Mart Bass Fishing League Super Tournament (BFL) at Table Rock Lake in Branson, Missouri.  Although I have fished here in the past, with little success, I had a new level of assurance since I was armed with my Kick-n-Bass!!

I entered as a co-angler, fishing only out of the back of the boat. I did not have any say in where we were fishing—I was just excited to be there. The odds were stacked against me as the pro-angler had complete control. This was a two-day super tournament and I needed to place in the top 20% in order to come back and fish the second day. Thanks to Kick-n-Bass, I out fished BOTH of the pro-anglers! On the first day, I took 6th place and on the second day, 4th. I was able to cash my first winnings and I was ecstatic.   Although I would love to chalk this up to my outstanding abilities, I know that my winning is partly due to your product. Simply put, it works and it works well.  

I would like to personally thank you and rest assured, I will continue to use Kick-n-Bass in all my future endeavors. Like I mentioned, this was the< first tournament I had fished in years, and it’s definitely not going to be my last!  

With many sincere thanks   Andy Wiles, Gardner, KS  66030

From: Greg Giglio
Date: 09/02/04 13:46:37
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Subject: Testimonial
Dear Ken and staff,
    I started using Kick'n Bass about 2 months ago as a result of a Web search, and after visiting your page and reading about it. Since then, I haven't located a lot of fish around where I live...but that's not your guys' fault, LOL... But I have to say that not only does Kick'n Bass work, the scent STAYS and STAYS!  In fact, I accidentally left one bottle of the Anise/Shad scent open in my tackle bag, and now CANNOT get the odor out! Again, not your fault...
   In fact, I've been so pleased with it that I also ordered the Crawfish and Garlic scents, and can't wait to try them. Meantime, your staff included some free samples of the Anise/Shad and Garlic scents...but I've been telling my buddies about this stuff, and so will pass the samples on to them.
   Thanks again for making a great product!
Greg Giglio
Gainesville, GA

From: VSPS.com Inc.

Date: 02/13/04 20:54:39

To: Ken Kross

Subject: 2003 State Champ on KNB

Hi Ken
This is what Chuck wrote about his AZ 2003 record bass.

Bill Warman and I were fishing Canyon Lake early on the morning of 05-13-03. We were using "KICK'N BASS-GARLIC SCENT". THE BEST FISH ATTRACTANT IN THE WORLD! "Kick'n Bass®" made it possible for me to win Arizona's "Big Fish of the year contest" with an 11 lb.11.84 oz. largemouth bass. If YOU use "Kick'n BASS" products who knows what might happen to you! Chuck Blakesslee

Test of KNB Vs Mega-Strike by one of the web site guys. C>


-------Original Message-------

From: SNAGMAN@fishhoo.com

Date: Thursday, August 28, 2003 3:19:30 PM

To: Ken Kross

Subject: Re: Hello Ken

Ken......This is how I did it....three straight days 8 hours on the water...water clarity was clear to 13 feet. depth fished 14-15 feet...Air temps was 84 degrees...Water temps was 74-77 degrees. One day was blue bird skies next two was partial cloudy. Winds where variable but was prominent from the West. Northwest. Waves stayed within a calm to 1 foot range. Bottom Structure was sand-glacier rocks-weeds.
          Equipment used...Two 6.6 foot med/hvy Bass Pro Shop Tourney Special Rods (IM6)...two Abu Garcia (EONS) 3500e...Berkley Trilene XT 10lb test...Hand Poured 3/8oz Tube Jigs on Heavy 60 degree Eagle Claw hook. Bass Pro Shop 3 1/2 inch salted Tube in Smoke w/Black Fleck.

          Results after 3 days fishing KNB vs. Mega Strike....Kick'n Bass (Garlic) = 47 Smallmouth Bass (Largest 3.90 lbs)...2 under 30 inch Musky...1 10lb Fresh Water Drum.. three 15 inch perch... 5 Rock bass.

          Mega Strike...15 Smallmouth Bass (Largest 2.75lbs)...1 19 inch walleye...3 under 2lb silver bass...3 Rock bass.
  This covers it pretty good Ken...I will send you photos soon as I get my scanner working again. I will also put together the hard copy if you would like and mail it to you or I can do it more extensive by an email.

You don't know how much fun I am having nor had doing this test. I love field testing...I don't know if it is scientific by how I do it but its the best way I know how. I even got a chance to talk up Kick'n Bass® to a local Bassmasters Pro and provided him with a bottle of (Garlic) KNB. And ran across a fella who fishes local tourneys here and gave him a bottle as well. I hope this is alright because it is the bottles you sent me in the spring. OH Yea I also grudgingly gave up my one KNB hat to a fella who is a local guide and he got all the little sample tubes you sent me! I do know for a fact at least four guys are now going into Michigan and buying KNB both for fun fishing and tourneys!

                             Yr Pal


-------Original Message-------
From: Don_M
Date: Wednesday, July 02, 2003 12:42:01
To: Ken Kross
Subject: Re: AZGF
 "Shake, Rattle and Troll" Radio, has been reporting the success rates of Kick'n Bass products for two years for both fresh and salt water venues.  Anglers as a rule usually leave out the various details of baits and scents and tout their angling skills instead of being precise about the more meaningful details.
Here's the facts about Kick'n Bass products, I've spent days upon days fishing saltwater venues with soft plastic swim bodied baits. The more usual trick is to tip the hook with a small piece of fresh cut squid, however, that is time consuming.  What I found is Kick'n Bass "Crawfish" on the bait will go one to one with the fresh cut squid.  Tipped bait or Kick'n Bass scented baits will out fish non-scented or untipped baits more than 4 to 1.  The issue is after using Kick'n Bass for such a lengthy time, it's becomes part of the ritual and usually is forgotten by the time you get to back to the dock.
The same scenario has be applied to freshwater bass lakes, most recently Lake Huites in Mexico.  After having my fill of catching solid bass, I had the time and forethought to be able to experiment with scented and non-scented baits and other techniques.  I found the same to be true as it is in the saltwater venues.  Kick'n Bass out fishes non-scented more than 4:1.  Do the math on that one. 
And if some if anybody asks what bait I used, I reply, "swim baits".  I'll continue to make Kick'n Bass a standard part of my answer, unless I'm talking to a tournament angler, why give a competitor a bullet to shoot you with?  
Don McDowell
"Shake, Rattle and Troll" Radio
ESPN Radio 860 AM
KFNX 1100 AM

From: Joe
Date: Sunday, April 27, 2003 21:09:36
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Subject: Hey
Just caught the biggest bass of my life last week using KNB.  Don't have scales but fish was 22" long, 14" girth and a mouth that was 4" by 4".  A tube covered with KNB, Stonewall Jackson State Park in West Virginia and this Ohio State Buckeye fan had to use my net as a shovel cause the fish would not fit.  What a RUSH.
Joe D. Lorimor

From: Jason Rollins  
Date: Tuesday, April 22, 2003 06:36:14 
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net  
Subject: KNB and my first win Dear Cos and KNB staff,   
Thad Raines thought you guys would love to here my latest fishing experience, so here it is. I fished a small tourney at Hartwell in SC on April 12. Conditions were lots of cool rain and cool temps all week leading up to the tourney. I usually C-rig and T-rig with watermelon seed worms with chartreuse spike it died tails. I fished these lizards off and on all day with only 2 short fish and one small keeper. With 45 minutes left before weigh in my boater stopped at a shoal close to deep water to fish his spinner bait in the flooded grass. I had squirted some Kick'n Bass Garlic into a new bag of lizards the night before because I did not have time to dip the tails. After a number of casts with the spiked lizards and no takers, I changed to one of the KNB covered lizards and caught a 3 pound spot on the first cast. 

In the last twenty minutes of the tourney I boated 8 fish, all keepers. I actually lost the biggest (about 5-6 pounds) when my boater knocked the fish off with the net. When I started catching fish my boater switched over to a Carolina rigged lizard just like mine, without KNB. My fish were biting so lightly you could rarely detect the strikes and the fish I caught just sat in place with the lizard in their mouth, or slowly swam away with it. My boater only caught one, I offered him some of my lizards but he was too proud. What a laugh! note: I weighed in the only spotted bass of the 20 boat tourney. My 5 fish weighed 11 pounds, and that was enough to take home my first place! The Savannah BFL was on the lake the same day and I think their weights were just a couple more pounds than mine! Thanks alot KNB! I am trying to post this on the BFHP fishing tactics board, and again  thanks for the great experience!!! 
Jason Rollins 167 Holston valley circle Inman SC, 29349 

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From: "Arthur Chamberlin" tightliner@webtv.net
To: "Ken (Cosmic) Kross" kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Tuesday, September 24, 2002 3:59 PM
Subject: Re: KNB

      I gave KNB a good test last night, and it came through with flying colors.  I put it in a container with a larger mouth, so I could put the whole bait in it. I let it dry a few seconds, and put it to work.  I tried your test, and let a couple of bass just run with it, and you are right, they didn't drop the bait.  It was a tough bite, but we boated 48 bass, fishing until midnight, and 33 of those came on a 3 inch grub on a 1/8th jig head, dipped in KNB.  I mentioned KNB in my upcoming article for the Nov/Dec issue of Arizona Outdoorsman magazine, and I have it linked on my sponsors list on my website.  Thanks again, Art.    C & C Guide Services of Roosevelt Lake Arizona. tightliner@webtv.net 

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From: YorkPaFisherman@aol.com  
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net  

Sent: Friday, November 15, 2002 1:30 AM 
Subject: Received your product
I received a free sample of your Kick n' bass scent attractant from my club, Mason Dixon Bass Anglers the other week. I finally had an opportunity to try it out this morning. I just have to say that it really improved my catch ratio in cold water. I was river fishing for smallies on The Susquehanna River, using tubes and your product. The fish really grab hold of this. Usually, in cold water. I am luck to even feel a strike. But today, the fish where hitting and taking off. Thanks for inventing such a premier product. I will be in touch for some more after the holidays.
Thanks and tight lines, Pete  

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From: Jim uggla teri fournier   
To: Ken (Cosmic) Kross
Cc: Jim uggla teri fournier
Sent: Thursday, January 30, 2003 8:56 AM
Subject: Thanks for the products.
  Thanks again for the products and the hat. The last time we talked on the phone I mentioned that my "honey hole" was still producing. Until last Tuesday when the water temp. dropped to 44.0 degrees, it had "burped up" 443 Lbs. of Stripers. All but eight were released. They all were caught with the aid of Kick'n Bass. I never leave the dock without it.    Also, I will take the samples to the boat and tackle show that we talked about, (I have a booth at same). I will make sure that all anglers that are breathing will know about Kick'n Bass.   Stay well my friend and remember that we always will have room on board for you.    Bass wishes,   Jim & Heide , Broken Barriers Guide Services Jim Uggla,
 17 Judio Ln. Hot Springs Village AR  71909, 1-501-915-0581, Cell, 1-922-8648

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From: Tracy Nix
To: Ken (Cosmic) Kross
Sent: Thursday, February 06, 2003 11:52 PM
Subject: Re: link request
Hey, I got 17 bites Monday using kicknbass (shad) at Lake Fork!  They held on so long I could actually play with em without setting the hook, and now I can take Customers there to (set the hook) and catch them!  Let me know when you have time to get it going.  The link will be http://www.lakeforkinfo.com

Insert KK old

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From: ThomasPaulLusk@aol.com   
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net  
Sent: Saturday, August 31, 2002 8:33 AM  
Subject: Update Hi Ken:
Back in early summer you sent me a supply of KNB to try out on some of our Canadian fish.
    My first experience was with crappie and Berkley power tubes. What do power tubes have to do with KNB? Here's the story:
    I was fishing a local lake known for its good crappie population. Although I was in an area I had previously caught many quality fish from, I was unable to draw any bites on my Berkley 1" micro tube (my go-to crappie bait). Other boats in the area were having the same problem- some fishing live bait, others using various artificial.
    After 15 minutes I dug out the bottle of KNB garlic I had in the boat and gave the tube a squirt. WITHIN 10 SECONDS of the bait hitting the water it was FISH ON! I had cast back to the exact area the bait had gone untouched in for so long. Over the next 20 minutes it was one fish after the other while all the boats in the are gradually closed in on me. But they still couldn't draw a bite. We're talking about roughly a dozen guys all fishing within a few boat lengths of me. Every time I gave the tube a squirt they strained their eyes trying to see what I was doing different from them. I just pointed at my KNB hat. Ha!
    I decided to try an experiment and tied on a new tube without applying KNB. Guess what? No action whatsoever. I was sure the school had moved on.
    Add a few drops of KNB and the action picked up right where it had left off. I would not have believed it.
    I've attached a photo of a couple of the better fish I caught that day. (Click Link)
I've had similar experiences with the garlic and craw scents on bass baits- drastically out fishing guys in my boat who were using the same lures and presentations, but without KNB.  I'll try and get some photos off to you when I get them- going to a big bass lake in the area next week.
    I've also attached a copy of an article in a regional newspaper featuring yours truly in my trusty KNB hat. By the way, it's taken quite a beating from being worn so much. Do you have any more kicking around you could part with? I wouldn't mind a fresh one for the sports shows coming this winter. 
Thank you. Tom Lusk.

From: Terry Arnold 
To: Ken (Cosmic) Kross  
Sent: Sunday, May 19, 2002 1:15 PM 
Subject: Hi Ken & Kick'n Bass staff  
    My name is Terry Arnold , I own Mountain Top Bait & Tackle shop's here in Nova Scotia , Canada. I have been a retailer and user of your product for 4 yrs now. But the reason I am writing you this note is to let you know that On Sat. May 18th my bass partner  and I won our opening bass tournament of the year with a weight of 12lbs and 13 oz's for 5 fish including a 20 inch 3 lb 9 oz lunker. We both use Kick'n Bass that day and our closest  team was only at 8 lbs even.  Just to say thanks for a great product  guy's   Terry  Arnold 

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From: Charles Sim simc@em.agr.ca

To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net>

Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 9:26 AM

Subject: Walleye Picture

I thought I'd send you a picture of a Kick'n Walleye caught Walleye. The three pics attached are all of the same fish, a 7.7 lber that ate a spoon covered in Kick'n Walleye. I lost the other fish that ate the bait that day, it was about the same size.
    Both of these fish hit within 5-15 minutes of applying a fresh coating of scent. It's really interesting to notice the difference in the way these fish hit with scent applied. It was almost like they were sucking, or tasting the bait rather than smacking it out of aggression or reflex.
    Thanks for the great scent, Kick'n products are the best!!!
Charles Sim    www.ottawafishing.com 

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From: Louis Buonincontri

To: kicknbass@earthlink.net

Sent: Tuesday, April 30, 2002 9:00 AM

Subject: Use of Kick'n trout

    I just used the product under tough conditions. I was at the Ausable River in Upstate New York with 30 to 42 degree air temp with 32 degree water temp snowing and sleet. I sprayed the potion on my worms and boy I was surprised. When my pals where were not getting any strikes fishing next to me I caught my limit. The next day I out fished them Three to one.  I can not wait to use the bass scent. This stuff works.

Thanks, Lou Buonincontri,   Valley Cottage NY   

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 From: RON HENDERSON <shirahn@webtv.net
To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Tuesday, April 16, 2002 6:57 PM 
Subject: It Works  
My wife and I fish a local weekly tournament on a small lake [15HP max]. We got our first two bottles of Kick'n Bass yesterday. One crawfish & one  garlic. We never got to use the garlic, because the fish loved the crawfish. We won the tournament & also big fish. I find your product to be much superior to the cheap water based scents on the market. We also fish the Guys & Dolls Couples Tournaments & are looking forward to using your scent in our next tournament on Lake Murray [S.C.] If you have any patches, etc. we'd like to put them on our shirts.

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From: castaway

Sent: Thursday, March 21, 2002 5:25 PM

Subject: Kick N Bass does it again

  Hello Ken, how are you bud.

 I fished BFL this weekend and came in 6th place my over all standings puts me in 28th place. The next tournament I think that I will do really well. It is on Lake Livingston may the 6th. I drew Ted Pate as my pro and out fished him that day by 4 pounds. I was throwing a Senko than I had marinated in Garlic Kick'n Bass. It was so effective that at the end of the day Ted Pate was asking me for one of my Senko's. I gave him some but I told him the Key was to marinate the Senko's in garlic Kick'n Bass. So I gave him a bottle of the Kick'n Bass that you gave me and that is what he is fishing the Bass Tournament on Toledo Bend with right now.

 Thanks for every thing Ken 

Matt Van Bergen

Castaway Fishing Products

General Manager

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From: us db a1dennis@yahoo.com
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Friday, April 05, 2002 5:45 PM 
Recently, I was out with one of the pros that you sponsor (Gary Watts).  I  have only used attractant (another company's) a couple of times with no success. During this outing with Gary, I was throwing a jig with no attractant on it. Needless to say, I was having no luck. Then Gary pulls out a bottle Kick'n Bass Garlic, and put some on my jig. It was just a matter of a couple of flips of the jig and I had a nice two and a half pound largemouth in the boat.  During the rest of the morning, we proceeded to catch around ten fish. Most of them with the help of your product. After that day, I am sold on your product. I would like to thank you and Mr. Gary Watts for turning me on to a product that lives up to its name. When ever I put my boat in the  water, You can rest assured that a bottle or three of Kick'n Bass will be in it with me.
Thanks again, Dennis Hamer

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From: "john spence" <johnnywoodrow@yahoo.com>

To: <kicknbass@earthlink.com>

Sent: Tuesday, July 03, 2001 1:58 PM

Subject: your product

Cosmo,  I have followed the KNB posts for sometime on the Bass fishing home page, but until last Sunday had never used it. Last Sunday, I used the Crawfish KNB fishing for smallies on a VA river, and noticed a HUGE increase in bites and hook ups.  My girlfriend, who is a new comer to bass fishing, led the pack and I can't help but to think KNB played a role in letting the fish hang on longer until she set the hook.  The smallies are active in this stretch of the river, but they were tearing into our baits like no tomorrow! (The catch/bite action was most noticeable especially after a fresh soaking.)  I've used several other scents (not worth mentioning), but had virtually little to no success.  I think that was part of the reason it took me so long to try your product.  Stupid me. I just wanted to reinforce the fact that, in my humble opinion, you have an excellent product.  I can't wait to try the others.  I'll be fishing more highly pressured, challenging waters soon, and I'm very optimistic.  I don't usually write such testimonials, but I've seen some of the posts that criticize your product and in my second humble opinion, it is their loss.   Thanks again,  John Spence , Arlington, VA   

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From: "Windham, MTCM Kevin" <SPK500B@SWFLANT.NAVY.MIL>

To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net>

Sent: Thursday, July 12, 2001 5:23 AM

Subject: Another success story (with a check)

This tournament was very different from other bass tournaments, a BANK FISHING tourney at a golf coarse lake.  55 anglers in it and I could see around 30 of them for this 2 hour tournament.  On the start almost everyone got a hookup on a bass and a couple of 5 pounders were caught, my first was only 3 lbs.  After that 2 minute frenzy it got real slow for everyone except me.  Since the bass had a case of the shyness, Texas rigged worms was now the lure of choice for most everybody and all I heard from then on was complaints about bream knocks.  Only I was not having bream knocks, I was still setting hook on bass for the rest of the time we could fish.  The bass were pecking at the worms and this was being mistaken as a bream knock.  The KNB garlic scent I was using was being inhaled so I caught fish the entire time and was able to make a third place finish.  I was told by the gents weighing fish that I had caught the most weighable fish but could not overcome the 2 minute frenzy at the start.  Can't feel to bad about it though since the gent who won only got me by 1 LB 2 oz's.   Even though I was a believer in KNB to start with, in this tourney with all the other anglers next to me tossing the same kind of lure not using KNB and not hooking up with bass has reaffirmed it's bass catching qualities to me. 
Kevin (Subman) Windham

From: "emf01" <emf01@attglobal.net>

To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net>

Sent: Tuesday, June 19, 2001 9:25 AM

Subject: Kick n Bass Success

Ken, I started using Kick n Bass last year and I am catching more larger bass. I usually fish my 25 acre subdivision lake which is overcrowded with small bass. This morning I caught 10 bass on Trick worms with KnB Garlic. The best was 4.8# and the next 4 weighed a total of 5.7#. Most of these only bite once and then swim off with the worm. It seems they will not turn loose of a worm with KnB. I have removed the barb on my hooks to make it easier to release them. In the past year, I have caught bass of 6.0#, 5.2# and 4.5# from this same small lake using KnB Garlic on Trick worms. Thanks for a great scent. Ed Fritch

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From: "castle_clan" <castle_clan@msn.com>

To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net>

Sent: Tuesday, June 26, 2001 8:45 PM

Subject: bathe in it

You spelled out the word confidence. That means a whole lot to a whole lot of people. If something makes you work a little harder and it makes you believe in what you're doing, chances are what you're doing will work out for you. That sounds a little simple, but, confidence is the mindset that you and no one else is guiding your fate. I still chunk old Bagley's crankbaits because I don't believe any other lure holds the magic that they do. I like Garland's designed tube jigs, the Gitzit. It was the first and still is the best. I use MC Coy fishing line because it is smooth, strong, easy casting, and long lasting. Am I not willing to move up to the next century? I try new things with an open mind, I think scents on lures, if nothing else, wipe out the stink of the human being. I like Kick N Bass because it works on the lures that I have faith in.  So Kick N Bass is part of the confidence for me. I can't help but catch fish if all of the pieces of the puzzle fit together. Half the battle is finding fish, the tough part is getting them to bite. If I get an extra second, maybe the flavor helps the bass hold on. I know that Kick N Bass is a CONFIDENCE booster, not snake oil.  I have been spanked by a pro staffer, I have NOT set the hook, I have tried to pull lures away from active fish while using Kick N Bass, and every time it worked. When the bite is tough, I know that confidence is the key to keeping your head in the game. With the positive results I've gotten, I know that the tough bite will be a little easier........Thanks Kick N Bass.......  Bass Wishes,  Roger Castle  Austin, Texas 

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From: BASSNX882@aol.com
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Thursday, April 26, 2001 8:27 AM  
Subject: Your Product
Just wanted to drop you a line that I had ordered your product in March from Bass Pro.  They made a mistake and sent Garlic instead of Craw, but I figured since I fish a lot of grubs early here in the spring I would keep it and try it.  All I can say is the results have been awesome.  I have taking a second third and fourth place finish as well as a lunker in tournaments using your product.  Now I'm hook and going to order some more and different scents.  Guys keep up the great work.  If I can help with you to promote your product here in the New England area let me know.  I love to see a local shop carry your stuff. Take Care.  Bob Lariviere 

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From: BMoore314@aol.com 
To: kicknbass@earthlink.net  
Sent: Monday, April 16, 2001 5:08 PM 
Subject: I Give!
Cos, The three bottles you sent me a month ago have been in the boat due to weather and work. Last week I went on a business trip to East Tennessee and had the occasion to put the tackle bag and a couple of rods in the Jeep. Went out on Tellico with an old friend of mine for an afternoon of "resting". Threw a few plastic worms and didn't have any success. No problem, the company was good and the refreshments cold. That was until he made the statement about these fancy rods and tackle bag! Long story short, the Anise Shad was the choice. Cos, don't EVER back away from your claims. I went from no ticks, to mid May Gulps. Lots of fun for about an hour , just to prove a point. If your products help me as much as this one did, I'll be singing at the front of the choir!     Bruce Moore ,    St. Peters, Mo. 

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From: Fishmudbug@aol.com 
To: kicknbass@dancris.com 
Sent: Wednesday, March 28, 2001 9:19 AM  
Subject: Curious on lookers
I just returned to the marina to weigh in my fish.  The girls were just having a tournament, having fun!!!!!  I was putting my catch in the bag, I heard someone asking a question.  I turned to see a curious man staring at my cap.  He wanted to know if that stuff really worked.  Before I could say anything my partner spoke up.  She started to tell the man how many fish I had landed.  She continued to say that she started watching me closer, she caught me putting my secret weapon on my baits. Anyway that's what my partner called the kicknbass formula. She told the man and others who had gathered around to hear more; that she didn't catch a bass until she added the kicknbass to her baits. She told them that she saw the power that KICKNBASS has over the bass, it was unbelievable. Therefore; I started handing out samples of KICKNBASS.   Needless to say that was all the man needed to hear!  The next evening at the marina the man showed me his stringer of fish.... He believes in the KICKNBASS..  Try it  IT WILL PROVE IT'S SELF.   Happy fishing !!!!! 

From: Gary  
To: dafuzz@myhome.net  
Cc: Ken Kross  
Sent: Friday, February 09, 2001 10:15 AM  
Subject: Kick n' Bass Steve, Just wanted to touch bases with you on Kick n' Bass. I was a smelly jelly man for years until I was introduced to KNB at a bass-o-rama in Pleasanton CA. I have had very good success with the product, not only on bass but I am having good luck using it on steelhead.  I know for a fact that the company uses only the best ingredients, but the bottom line for me is the results when nothing seems to be working. You don't know me, but you really have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Be sure to try the different types. I love the crawfish, but there's times when they want the garlic. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. Good luck in 2001. Gary Herron Pro Staff Kick n' Bass

From: "Steve Hacker" <info@smallmouth.com
To: "Mike Whitten" <mwhitten@midsouth.rr.com
Sent: Saturday, March 24, 2001 4:47 AM 
Subject: Re: thanks!     
This is the FIRST scent that I really feel helps me catch more fish than using no scent at all. The fish are EATING these baits.  Two weeks ago, Jim Bruce broke off a nice fish (I had given both him and Tom one of the little sample tubes of craw to put on their baits). We came back to that spot a couple of ours later and I caught the same fish on another tube loaded with the craw scent. It had 20' of Jim's line hanging out of its mouth and Jim's tube out of sight down its throat.  Pulled the line enough to show that it was Jim's tube, and actually got it out without too much trouble. When a fish in 50 degree water will eat two of the same baits a couple hours apart with one of them stuck in his throat and 20' of line hanging out of his mouth there's something about it he likes! I think it's the texture of the bait and taste of the scent.  Have a fun trip to Nashville. Hope you have a picture of a nine pounder waiting for you when you get back. God bless, Steve

From: "Windham, MTCS Kevin" SPK500B@SWFLANT.NAVY.MIL
To: <kicknbass@earthlink.net
Sent: Friday, February 02, 2001 10:01 AM
Subject: From the Subman (BFHP)

Your scent came through again and put a check in my pocket.  I fished a small cut off the Altamaha river along with another boat.  We were both tossing Texas rigged worms (Zoom and same color) within sight of each other. The only difference was his scent verses mine.  He was using the garlic Bang  scent while I was using your garlic scent.  I had fish and he didn't.  He did not give up since he could see me hooking fish....had to be the Kick'n-Bass making the difference.   I keep this up and maybe I'll make pro-staff one day. 
Thanks again,  Kevin (Subman) Windham

From: craig.sahms@bba-nonwovens.com
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Wednesday, December 13, 2000 9:24 AM
Subject: BASS Alabama Invitational

Hello, My name is Craig Sahms and I'd like to commend you on a fine product.  I purchased some through Cabela's recently mostly based on the information and comments I've read on the Bass Fishing Home Page. I've always had my doubts about scents in the past, tried a few, but couldn't see much difference with or without, but decided to give yours a shot. I've been  fishing   the BASS Eastern Invitational for the last several seasons and had a tournament coming up on Lake Martin in Alabama which is a deep, clear water impoundment loaded with spotted bass. The weather had been colder than normal several weeks prior to the tournament, so I expected fishing to be slow. This would be a good test for your scents.   On the 1st day of official practice, the air temp was mid 20's, with water temp around 50. Carolina rigging a finesse worm, I quickly boated 2 fish well over 2 lbs each, quality fish for spots. That day the next two practice days, I managed to catch stringers estimated near 10 lbs each day, as well as shaking off several other fish each day. I have a couple people that I work with and compare notes with during practice, and I was catching more and better fish than they were. The only difference  was I was using your product (Garlic) I was very optimistic going into the tournament. After the 1st day, I was in 7th place, with only 4 fish. The second day was a little slower for me, only catching 2 small fish,  I dropped to 51st, but fishing behind me, with borrowed worms and scent, my partner caught 3 fish for over 8 pounds, monsters for this tournament. Big fish the 1st day was only 3 lbs, 6 oz) On the 3rd day, I caught them good, weighing in a limit and the biggest stringer of the tournament(11-12), moving me all the way up to 6th place and my best BASS finish yet. I only weighed in 11 fish in the tournament, but managed 6th place, only 2 lbs, 6 oz from winning. Fishing was slow, but I believe that KicknBass made the difference in the number of bites, the quality of the fish, and the time that the fish held the bait, allowing for better hook ups. Spotted bass are notorious for tail-biting and light bites at times.  Thanks again for a great product. I'll never be on the water without it again, especially when fishing soft plastics. Feel free to use this letter on your website, and if there's anything else I can do to help promote your products, please don't hesitate to ask.  Craig Sahms

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From: Hcavjr@aol.com
To: Bassman.Ken@worldnet.att.net
Sent: Sunday, December 10, 2000 8:22 AM
Subject: Testimonial

KicknBass is simply the best fishing attractant out on the market. I was introduced to KicknBass by a very good fishing buddy, Bud Fields. He is a Pro Staff member. Fishing with Bud during a practice day for a tournament he was literally kicknbass and mine too. He finally tossed be the bottle he was using and started to use the garlic kicknbass. I finally started to catch up with him. I have been hooked with it ever since that fishing day in July. It has helped me tremendously. I was near the bottom of the standings fishing the Indiana Bass Federation, with three tournaments left I ended up in 62nd place out of 350 anglers and just missed the Federation Classic. The Classic takes the top 40. In our club I finished 11th and missed the top 10 that go to the Classic, but I did win the consolation tournament to allow me to go to the classic. The club takes the top two finishers of the consolation. At the classic on the Detroit River I had big fish a smallmouth that weighed 4 lbs. 11 0zs.I can hardly wait till the 2001 season to start . I wonder what can happen using KicknBass the whole season. Simply The Best!              Good Fish'n      Henry Cavazos, Jr.   Kokomo, Indiana.  Sponsors Bullsyeye Guns & Boats, Nitro,  Indiana State Team,

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> From: <Snaggyaggie@aol.com>
> To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
> Sent: Sunday, August 13, 2000 4:09 PM
> Subject: KNB
>A good story:  A friend of mine and her husband were rooming with me and my husband.  He always gives me a rough time about my unwavering faith in KNB. It is just good natured teasing about me just being a "salesman", but he never would use any scent of any kind,  The fishing was really tough at KY Lake and they were not catching anything.  On the last day of practice my friend and her husband came in at the end of the day and had had a real good day - caught several fish and she felt like she had a good start for the first day of the tournament.   Over dinner my friend said to me, " Make him tell you how he caught his fish today."  Her husband got real red-faced and laughed.  He had finally used KNB (some that I had given them to use) and on the first cast he caught a nice keeper!  He proceeded to catch fish pretty much all day.  He won't be ribbing me about being a "salesman" anymore!!!!!  Jean Russell, Kick'n Bass® Women's Pro-Staff.

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From: "Kevin Windham" <khwindham@excite.com>
To: "Ken (Cosmic) Kross" <kicknbass@bazillion.com>
Sent: Monday, November 27, 2000 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: KNB

I purchased the Garlic flavor for use on my plastic worms.   What has occurred now is I have moved into first place in the club standings with a 3 pound lead over the gent in second.  I am a floating worm nut (yellow Zoom taper worm) and what I have noticed is the length of time the bass will now maintain a hold on the worm has significantly increased.  In some instances I have had to do immediate hook sets to prevent gut hooking. I fish tannic water here in South GA and I feel the garlic flavor made a huge difference, I tell the gents who makes comments about the strong Garlic smell that "I'm fishing for the Mafia bass".   Anyway thanks for helping me make first place in the club.  I have approx. a ¼ bottle left so a order will be forthcoming soon. PS: Squirted some Garlic KNB in a bag of grubs I use for sea-trout, 71 trout on Saturday liked it.

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From: Daniel Brovarney
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Thursday, November 23, 2000 10:05 AM

Stopped by to see you in Chicago and you took my testimonial about the best stinky stuff on the market and how I had taken first place in my Bass club three years running using Rite Bite tubes socked in KNB.  WELLLLLLLL Make it Four.  In spite of being in fourth place the morning of the last tournament with Ice on the Boat after the temps dropped 25 degrees in two days.   Hopefully next year Five??????

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From: mark milward <markmilwardfishingenterprises@yahoo.com>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Saturday, August 05, 2000 10:57 AM
Subject: Pro Staff Testimonial
    This stuff is simply put the finest scent attractant on the market ! If your not using Kick'n Bass products on your lures and live bait you either don't like catching any fish or you don't have your head screwed on right ! This stuff is BAD TO THE BONE. I really wished one of the Pros at the classic this year ( at Lake Michigan ) one of the toughest in history, used Kick'n Bass exclusively only to show the whole fishing world how good this product really is when the bite is off and tough. I've been Blessed to have been a Pro-Staff member for over 2 years now ( I have been using Kick'n Bass for almost 3 years now ) and my fishing success has increased unbelievably, especially when the bite is real tough in the heat of the summer and in the winter when no one is catching any fish to speak of. Thanks to this truly outstanding product, I have had another fantastic Tournament season on both the Red Man and Anglers Choice circuits ! 2-Top 10 finishes out of 4 Red Man Tournaments plus 1-Big Bass,and Kick'n Bass has also helped me to 1-2nd place and 1-6th place finish in Anglers Choice Tournaments this year. I have Qualified for the Anglers Choice Championship this fall and have stayed in the Top 20 of Red Man all year thanks to Kick'n Bass ! I just found out that Scientific Bass is coming out with a Shad scent this Fall  and I'm really looking forward to getting ahold of that new Attractant knowing how much the bass chase shad in the Fall !   Thanks for making the finest product on the market and giving me the  opportunity to promote the finest fish attractant ever made.  God Bless, Mark " worm " Milward

From: Wayne McLean <rrdonnel@onramp.net>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Friday, September 08, 2000 2:56 PM
Subject: KicknBass
     Hi Ken- -it was good talking to you.  Here is the True story of my experience with the new anise shad flavor of KNB.  This happened a week ago Sunday on Joe Pool (air temp 112 degrees, water in high 80's) I started on a point on the mountain creek arm.  Got no takers on my yellow magic topwater, but I saw bait flicking every now and then.  I soaked a zoom fluke in the new anise shad Kick'n Bass and dead sticked the bait.  I saw my line start to move and I started to tighten up. The fish kept moving, and I kept reeling. The fish must have moved 40ft when I tried to set the hook- -it was then that I realized my drag was loose and that the fish was pulling drag all the time!  She just didn't want to let go!  It was a good fish and I didn't get a good set in her and lost her then.  I went on, though, to catch 6 more bass using the same technique but with a tight drag.  All held on and ran with the bait. As a follow-up, I was out this weekend to clean out my boat. I use a plastic baggie to apply kicknbass, and I discovered The new anise shad doesn't dry out like the garlic did.  (Another plus is my wife doesn't hate the smell!)- -all in all- -I'm really going to like this new flavor of KNB- and I'll let all my readers know about it in the next issue of Outdoor Times. Regards.   Wayne McLean

From: Gary Herron
To: Ken Kross
Sent: Tuesday, October 17, 2000 5:40 PM
Subject: Kick'n Sucess
My friend Dan Willcockson, his son Brett , and I left Spokane around 4:30 heading for Clarkston, WA. about 110 miles away to go Steelhead fishing. We were in the water and trolling around 7:30 p.m. along with about 40 other boats.  The fishing was worse than slow, nobody was getting anything.  So I figured it was time for my secret weapon. I applied our new scent Anise/Shad to my crankbait.  I was rewarded at 9:30 p.m. with a very nice 10 pound hatchery fish.  My two partners had caught nothing.  I attribute my success to the new scent.  the next morning we had moved upriver to the current section of the Snake River. I was using the same scent and got my partners to try the Crawfish scent. Well I caught a small mouth bass and a 5 pound Northern Pike Minnow (squawfish) The young man Brett missed two Steelhead that pulled his maribou and shrimp 3 feet under the water.  We were asked what we were using as a scent and we happily told them and recommended if their local dealer didn't have to ask for it by name. What a great product. Thanks!!  Gary Herron  Pro Staff

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From: Dana frauzel <sumone@hmnet.net>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Wednesday, August 30, 2000 4:45 PM
Subject: Kick'n bass update

Hello Ken, As you may remember I'm from Canada and it takes a while before the seasons open,then it takes awhile before I have enough tournaments under my belt to comment. I'm in two clubs,renegade bass and bass anglers of Ottawa up till the last tournament we were #1 for the team of the year race . we had our worst tournament in 5 years and blew that one however we were 2nd,4th,and 5th in the other renegade tournaments we won the bass anglers of Ottawa team of the year for the second year in a row placing ,4th,5th,1st,3rd and 10th in the next two weeks we have the classics for both the clubs and we'll see..... We think that kick n bass bass formula is the finest scent we have used. not only is the garlic quality as good as bang garlic oil, the added fishy oil makes it a superior product. By the way you must know by now I will not endorse anything unless I believe in it. Also the walleye scent has a charm of its own and is also a great bass scent. I am still not a total believer in the use of scents but we use the product 80% of the time. However my boat smells like a fish and garlic factory..due to the cap breaking off and me still keeping it as a fixture on the boat.. and we may use the residue to replace our aged gelcoat..hahaha.....I think in some situations it has helped our productivity and in the others it surely has not hurt. Thank for your product, I  have enclosed a fish picture for you. This is a response to you for kindly sending us some of your product. good luck with your high quality futuristic product and if I may be of assistance in the future please feel free to email or phone me. thanks  Dana Frauzel, Ontario

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From: "Travis Myers" flippinking@hotmail.com
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Thursday, August 03, 2000 12:06 PM

Subject: Hello

I wanted to expound a bit on the BFHP question that you posed. I soak all of  my jig skirts in the craw formula and my Yamamoto's in the garlic. Your product is a winner, unfortunately not all that easy to fine up here in NY where I live. When I find some I buy about 10 bottles of it, it is not hard for me to go through a bottle in about 1 1/2 weeks of steady on the water time....I wish you continued success in making a truly great product.  PS: for any naysayers out there I have actually conducted a test of my own in our clear waters up here with my jigs...using a pre-soaked skirt as compared to a straight out of the package Bass Stalker jig....I have seen fish that were swimming in the opposite direction...turn in the clear water and take my doctored ones...when I purposely threw behind the fish.....I use therefore I believe best regards ,  Travis Myers,   prostate
> www.insideline.net
> www.yamamoto.baits.com
> www.lamiglas.com

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From: lura gorman
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Thursday, July 20, 2000 2:31 AM
Subject: u were right!

On a recent fishing trip to Black river (which has been pounded) I was anticipating the outcome of the adventure. I went with two other anglers who are avid fishermen on this stretch of water.  I didn't let them know I had your product in my fanny pack.  Well' each went his own way trying to find "honey holes" for the better part of the day starting out as soon as the sun rose. As soon as the plastic bait found the rocky bottom, it was smooth sailing!  That was in deeper water, about 4.5' to 6.0' of water!  Due to the lack of rain and last winter's snow the current wasn't very fast nor was the water very deep. I was landing smallies anywhere from 4 inch babies to 2# fighters!  The biggest weighing about 3 1/2#'s!   I decided to fish extremely shallow water, trying to cast just upstream in front of  big rocks.  I'd get the bait to fall right behind the rock and WHAM!, the fight was on! I caught so many fish, including a few nice bluegill, that I lost count after about 60! By the time my partners and I got back to camp, I was beat!  Of course I only kept my limit but the ones I had on my stringer surprised my buddies!  After B,,,S, ing I finally spilled the beans.  Sure, they also caught alot of fish but the size difference was undeniable! Kicknbass worked so well even the bears had to check it out! Cosmic, I'm so glad I purchased your product!  Once my bottle runs low I'll surely be running to the nearest dealer for more of your kicknass Kicknbass fish attractant. We ate tasty fillets the next day. Keep up the fantastic work!

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From: randi <parky1@mindspring.com>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 9:09 AM
Subject: Angler of the year
The last Tournament of the year for the Metroplex Division of the Two Of  Us,   was held on Lake Granbury, July 16th, 2000.  With the temperatures soaring into the 100+ the early morning bite was crucial. Guy and I went up the river, toward Tin Top Bridge. I threw a Broken Back Jitterbug, with a little Garlic Kick 'N Bass, and within an hour, I had a 2.69 lbs. Bass in the boat. The lake level had dropped between 8" to 12" the day before, and since we had located fish in 18" of water, our fish had moved. We caught 15 to 20 fish that day, which is typical of Granbury, and just as Typical, only that one was over the 16" slot. Fortunately for us there was only a total of 6 fish weighed in, and the first place team, was able to weigh in 3 of them. So our 2.69 Bass, won second place for this tournament, and Angler of the year. I have used Kick 'N  Bass, for over a year now, and when the fishing gets tough, which it has been this year, with the lakes being low, and then rising fast, just to drop again, I believe Kick 'N Bass made a difference for me. In May at the Cedar Creek Tournament, We won Carolina Rigging, French Frys, and of course mine were doused in Garlic Kick 'N Bass, giving me that extra second to set the hook in deeper water. Until that day I had always assumed "Rip Their Lips Off" was just an expression. The deep fish hit the bait so hard that I actually Rip some lips that day. At The Lake Tawakoni Tournament, in June, Texas rigged worms, won us the day. And again I believe the Garlic Kick 'N Bass gave me an edge. The Bass hit the worm and hung on.  To be Angler of the Year, means consistency threw out the year, no One tournament can win it for you. Kick 'N Bass, has been part of my tackle, and helps me catch more fish.  Sincerely, Randi Parkinson

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From: The Fluker <the_fluker@hotmail.com>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Monday, July 17, 2000 8:16 AM
Subject: Why I like KNB testimonial

"Why I like KNB"
After hearing all the roar about KNB from Cosmic on the BFHP, I decided to try the stuff.   I cracked open the bottle of KNB Garlic and took a whiff. Now I have a pretty strong stomach but man that stuff was stout.  Still  being somewhat of a disbeliever of attractants, I had to try the stuff  before I could believe all the hype. I soaked the plastics I planned to use the next day in KNB that night. (Got in trouble for doing it in the house :o) )  The first thing I noticed the next day is how the stuff stays on so good.  All the other scents and scented baits I ever used produced an "Oil Spill" in the water when I drop the bait in.  Not KNB.   You can even smell the stuff still on it after 100 + casts later.  I once heard a pro say, "If it helps me catch 1 more fish, I'll use it". This makes sense.  Many times 1 fish is the difference in a lot of money or a lot of fun.   KNB will give you the chance to catch MANY more fish. Studies have shown that many fish bite so light that you never feel them. You may fish all day feeling only 3 or 4 bites when you actually had 10 or 15.  With KNB those bites become much more detectable. Now KNB might not bring fish from 20 yds away, no attractant will, but KNB offers you an excellent advantage by turning fish on to your lure. Instead of nibbling, they will be ATTACKING!  Chuck "Fluker" Campbell  KNB Pro-Staff.

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From: ray miller
To: Ken Revell
Sent: Saturday, July 29, 2000 8:38 PM
Subject: Hello from Pro Staff

Hello Ken how are you, Well I just wanted to say thank you again for a fantastic product!! As you know I have been a little busy this year coaching a rookie league ball team, kind of cuts into the old fishing time. But I enjoyed the time with the kids and my son, now the season has ended and I am getting at it. The first tournament I fished was a night tournament on Lake Tippy. I fished from the back of my drawn partners boat and just said "fish your locations as you want I will be happy to fish anywhere." Well he said he had some places in mind he had fished before, lets go I said. I tell you he could not believe the way I was hooking up on fish behind him!!! He said what the heck are you doing, I cant buy a fish up front?!!! And I showed him I was using a Jerry's worm soaked in KICK N BASS  GARLIC.. And guess what before the night was over he was using my extras!!!!! Oh and I came in 4th place on my first tournament back, thanks to KICK N BASS !!! I sent a picture attachment of me and my fish at weigh in site, THANKS AGAIN   & I will keep you updated. RAY MILLER PRO STAFF...

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From: Ronnie Currin
To: Ken Revell
Sent: Tuesday, July 25, 2000 8:22 AM
Subject: Tournament on James River on 7-8-00

Just wanted to let you know that I fished the Redman Tournament on the James River on 7-8-00 and had a Second place finish.  I feel like Kick'n Bass made the difference.   My boat was the only boat that came in with 2 limits of fish on it and I let me partner use the Kick'n Bass as well.  I would like to say thanks to you for believing in me.  I have some pictures from the tournament coming to you as soon as I can get them on the computer.  Again thanks for believing in me and the future looks much brighter using Kick'n Bass.
Ronnie Currin

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From: Joel B. Harris
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Monday, May 01, 2000 6:55 PM
Subject: E mail Testimonies

I was reading on BFHP about your product. I looked up where it was sold and on my next trip to the tackle shop I bought a bottle of shad KNB. I was still wondering if I got taken for the price when I got to the lake. When I opened the bottle and took a whiff I knew that the bass would either eat it up or die from the smell. I started out with a zoom trick worm with Bang on it and fished one of my favorite areas. I got about 3 or 4 light hits and caught 1 bass. I went back over the same area, Like fishing used water, with the same style and color of worm but this time with KNB on it. I got the same amount of strikes but the bass held on for what seamed forever. I caught 4 bass on the second pass. I have tried this out now on several trips and at different lakes with the same results. Now I have 2 cans of Bang for sale cheap. Joel Harris Director American Bassfishing Club of North Carolina Central District.

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From: coletotackle <coletotackle@selectrec.net>
To: JACKIE REVELL <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Tuesday, June 27, 2000 9:03 AM
Subject: Re: 6" Tube color and pricing
Hey Ken how's life treating you? We need some more product for our use about 3 bottles of each will work great. We got 3rd place ($910.00) in Best A Bassin tourney out of 83 teams and Would of took top honors in Anglers Choice if we would of paid our entry fee in it on the same day :( Lost $700.00 more dollars for not entering ). But out of 83 teams we were 1 of the 3 limits brought in that day and 60+ teams didn`t even catch a keeper fish!!!!! We know we owe all of it to kick `n bass because it made a difference that day for sure :) Thanks  Johnny

From: TeamScience <sirjamil@excite.com
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Monday, May 08, 2000 12:31 PM
Subject: The Best in the World!!!!!!


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From: jllmsh
Sent: Friday, May 05, 2000 9:04 PM
Subject: KNB testimonial
I was first introduced to Kick'n Bass at the 2000 Lake Eufala  Women's Bass Fishing Association tournament. The water was muddied up and the fishing was slow until I put on some KNB.  I quickly  nailed a good size fish.  My bites dramatically increased thereafter.  On my home lake, Percy Priest in Nashville, most tournaments rarely produce a five bass limit.  When I brought a bottle of KNB back with me, My partner and I had brought in a limit within an hour.   Kick'n Bass is like a magnet,  the fish seem to hold on a little longer.  KNB seems to stay on your bait a lot longer than any other attractant I've ever used, which means a few more casts during the day not having to re apply so much.  I also like the squeeze bottle, because the spray doesn't get all over your boat.  I am proud to be sponsored by KNB and
promote it everywhere I go.  Thanks Julie Lehman, amateur, WBFA

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From: Tommy Harrison
To: Johnny D Harrison
Sent: Saturday, May 06, 2000 6:54 PM
Subject: Kick-N-Bass

Tommy Harrison     Kick-N-Bass  Pro Staff
Well all I can say is this Kick-N- Bass is some super fish attractant!!!!! Not long after I started using it I won a B.A.S.S. Federation Tournament on Coleto Creek Reservoir and also had big bass of the tournament. It was one of those days that if you caught a limit you were extremely lucky, but by 8:00 AM I had a five fish limit and decided to go to the north end of the lake to try for a kicker fish. At about 10:00 AM I pulled out my super fluke and gave it a good spraying of Kick-N-Bass and hauled in a 5.75 LB kicker fish which gave me a respectable 13.34 LBS for a tough day that is all it took. But here is the best part I went back to the main lake to see if I could catch some more fish where I had started that mourning. There was a couple of guys fishing there when I got there I asked them how they were doing, they said that they had 2 keepers between them. I hauled in a couple of keepers working behind them and they asked what I was using I said a weightless superfluke and Kick-N-Bass fish attractant. I asked them if they had the color flukes I was using and they said yes and changed immediately to the fluke. I said do you want some of this Kick-N-Bass and they said no we have some other scent product I said OK and Hauled in 2 limits behind them and the only thing different was the Kick-N-Bass. At the weigh in they asked where they could get some. Thanks Ken and the Mad scientist behind this fine product I will be a lifetime user of this product and everybody that fishes with us is a believer also. I also added an 8th place finish in a Best-A-Bassin Tournament and got a nice check, plus numerous jackpot tournaments won with this miracle attractant.. Thanks again to Kick-N-Bass. Tommy Harrison   Kick-N-Bass  Pro Staff

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From: DEBRA HENGST <fishnn59@hotmail.com>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Tuesday, May 09, 2000 5:23 AM
Subject: Re: hello again!
Morning Ken:  Got email last evening - didn't answer you back yet because shoot couldn't remember the guys names at monograms!  was going to call them today but got email this morning that you found address - GOOD!  I will call them later this afternoon to see if they received it yet...also on the fish  picture - I know I don't have any logo on that I used Kick'n Bass - this is why I want logo on my shirts anyway this fish was caught in a tourney was the "hawg" of the day!  She weighed in at 8.14 lbs - caught on Falcon Lake March 5,2000  using GARLIC,GARLIC,GARLIC!   - Debra

"My partner and I were fishing a one day team tourney on this wonderful South Texas reservoir on the Texas/Mexico border that we call Falcon Lake. We felt confident after our practice day that we could put a limit together rather quickly in our area that we were fishing and then go searching for our kicker!  The next day tourney day arrives, the first weekend of March with strong winds, but we are keeping with our game plan to run our water  like we discussed.  Upon arriving at our first spot we put together quickly a limit, knowing the weekend before a seven plus came from this area was not enough to convince us to stay any longer even though we were still putting limit fish in the boat.  So we left the area like we planned to go looking for our kicker, we fished several areas before coming back to our honey hole we had fished the previous day and caught decent fish on practice and left the area.  We had a thirty minute drive to the weigh-in site by vehicle and before we had to put the boat on the trailer, I got the bite!  She was a beautiful fish and fought hard to the finish.  We were fishing on the Mexico side and I believe you could hear me scream all the way back to Texas.  I got down on my knees and thanked "God" and then the "Fish Gods" and most definitely "KICK'N BASS".  I have been using this product religiously for over two years now.  I was first contacted by a rep in West Texas to try the product and to get on their pro-staff...I get sent products to try regularly but will not take them on unless I believe in them - well to say the least it did not take me long to contact Ken Revell about this wonderful product...I do not wet a bait unless it it smothered in "Kick'n Bass".  I have so much faith in this scent that it enables me to fish my baits with the confidence knowing the fish are going to bite....Fish absolutely attack and swallow the bait at most times versus baits that do not have the Kick'n Bass scent on...At the time of this writing I am heading to the B.A.S.S. Central Division tournament held on the Red River and you can be assured I will be packing plenty of Kick'n Bass scent....Debra Hengst - Pro-Staff

From: JACKIE REVELL <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net
To: Ken Kross <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Cc: Greg Stinky VanSteenkiste <kicknbassgreg@uswest.netmsn.com
Sent: Monday, May 22, 2000 11:30 PM
Subject: Tournment win from one of our pro/staffs

Charlie Credicott Pro Staff for Kick'n Bass ,Team Skeeter & Fun & Sun Boating Center Cleburne & Hurst.  May 20,00  Eagle Mountain Lake 5th tournament of the Texas 100's, His partner dropped out so he fished it by himself. He came in 7th to win $400.00 - weight -10.20 lbs. May 21,00-same lake, fished Ft. Worth Anglers Open Tournament, finished- 1st  place+ 3rd big bass for $550.00- Weight-11.97 lbs. Baits used: On Saturday in the Texas 100's- 4"- Pumpkin Tubes soaked with Kick'n Bass GARLIC On Sunday in the Ft. Worth Anglers Tournament- 4"- Watermelon Tubes soaked in Kick'n Bass GARLIC. Charlie told me he had been using crawfish all year but the crawfish bite was not that good so he decided to use garlic and they would just eat it up. He was culling by 9:00 AM, could not keep the sand bass off of the tubes. Not a bad day of fishing $950.00 for 2 days. Congratulations on fishing,  Ken Revell  National Sales Mgr.  Kick'n Bass

From: <DoeKiller9@aol.com
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Friday, June 02, 2000 9:00 PM
Subject: I need more KNB!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dear Sirs,  I recently purchased your product at the Powder Keg in Norton, VA while I  was on a Smallmouth trip.  I usually use Berkley, but I was out and picked up some KNB crawfish scent.  Well lets just say that I will not be purchasing any more Berkley scent in the future.  I was amazed at the response the fish had towards your product.  We boated over 50 Smallies on the first day and another 25 or so on the next.  The boat that was floating the river just in front of us used the exact same grub tail and jig head and didn't even boat half as many as we did.   I couldn't let out my secret until the trip down the river was complete.  My boss is interested in carrying your product line at the shop.  Please give us some info on how to do so. Thanks again, Troy Hamilton, Tallmadge, Ohio,
Mogadore Bait and Tackle
980 Randolph Road
Mogadore, Ohio 44260
Owner: Jeff Morgan
Phone: 330-628-9872

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From: james bonner
To: bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net
Sent: Tuesday, June 06, 2000 5:14 AM
Subject: product up date


From: Chuck Billhimer <billhimc@wishard.edu
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Thursday, June 08, 2000 3:05 PM
Subject: Sundays Tournament results

Cosmic, Just a note to tell you about a little experiment that my fishing buddy and i did during yesterdays tournament. we were both pitching jigs and i was the only one using KNB. My catch for the day was a 7.5 channel which was a blast to land and another two cats not as big. I also caught 3 bass all keepers. My partner caught two bass also keepers but not nary a cat. Maybe you ought to market your crawfish as a cat bait too. I'll keep using KNB forever thanks for a great product. Chuck Billhimer , aka-XChamp

From: <Rodger.G.Stegall@Healthnet.com
To: <kicknbass@bazillion.com
Sent: Friday, June 09, 2000 1:14 PM
Subject: Testimonial

OK I have a new one for you here. I have had a tournament on my home lake (Folsom) for the past 3 weekends. The first tournament had 70 boats and at 11:00 am I only had one fish. I grabbed my bottle of Kick-N-Bass (Crawfish) and put it on a Zoom 4 inch pumpkin lizard (same bait I had been throwing all day and immediately save face with a 4 pounder and a 3 pounder. We filled in our limit of 5 fish for 13 pounds and received a plaque and check for 10th place. The following weekend in another team tournament I told my partner to throw topwater and I started with the KNB drenched Lizard and I put a limit and culled 1 fish before my partner finally caught a fish. We ended up with a 6 fish limit weighing 16 pounds 2 ounces which was good enough for 4th place. On the final weekend was a Pro-Am (B.A.S.S. Federation). I again had my non boater throw reaction baits while I chose to fish the same Lizard with you guessed it Crawdad KNB. I won the tournament with a 6 bass limit weighing 16.5 pounds. My non boater caught fish on topwater but none of them were any help the fish caught on the 4 inch lizard with KNB were much bigger. My non boater joined me in fishing the lizard and is now a big fan of KNB. Thank You for such a great product I am proud to be a Pro Staff member.  Rodger Stegall     ps I am out of the crawfish

From: kbudurka@benco.com  
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com  
Date: Wednesday, April 05, 2000 8:44 PM
Subject: Scent
Hello...Recently my friends and I had the opportunity to fish three days on Lake Fork in Texas with Guide Larry Barnes. Before fishing with Larry, none of us had ever heard of "Kick'n Bass", but Larry introduced it to us... We fished during a very tough week - the fish just weren't biting. The people staying next to us had 4 boats between them and in their first 2 days of fishing caught three fish TOTAL between all four boats... We, on the other hand, had much better luck. During a tough bite, we managed to boat fish every day. We were getting over 15 bites a day. I believe the difference between what were doing and what the others were doing was "Kick'n Bass". I tell you, almost everyone one of my bites came in the first few casts after I applied a fresh scent. Besides the bites after the recent applications of fresh scent, most everyone was throwing Watermelon colored rubber lures, us included - yet were getting much more then most... I am very glad that Larry introduced us to your product, and I know myself and my friends that used it will all become loyal customers for years to come.
Thank You very much, Keith Budurka, Wilkes-Barre, PA

From: Mike Lonchar <profsr@sisna.com>
To: <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
Sent: Sunday, April 02, 2000 3:22 PM
Subject: Kick'n Bass/RickLaPoint

My son and I fished last week with Rick LaPoint on Table Rock Lake in Missouri. Rick hooked us onto Kick'n Bass while guiding us and on the days  we didn't fish with Rick, we wish we had some of that garlic smelling' Kick'n Bass. I know that next time we fish we will have some in the boat with us.
Mike Lonchar, Gurnee, IL 60031

From: Hooked69@aol.com  
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com <kicknbass@bazillion.com>
Date: Thursday, February 10, 2000 4:54 PM
Subject: Re: Hey Cosmic
Hey Cos,,,,sorry,,,,, I asked him about it today and he said he had not placed an order yet,,,but that he did plan to,,,,so maybe 1 of these days I'll get a hat,,,,I used your product about all of last year and was very pleased with it,,,,he asked me if I thought it would sell here and how good it was,,,told him it should sell as good as anything he has and that there were a few times when I thought it did make a difference in the fish we caught,,,,,told him the 1 night that it did make the difference was when my T partner and I weighed in the heaviest stringer of the year in our local T and he knows all to well what we done that night,,,,,,total weight 22.05,,,,,big fish 6.09,,,,,big Smallie 4.02,,,,,,2nd place was 9lbs and something ,,,,,, partner  was using smelly jelly and all he did was net :),,,,,,,so maybe he will go ahead and place the order,,,,,,,Take Care,,,,,Hooker

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From: JACKIE REVELL <bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net>
To: Ken Kross <kicknbass@bazillion.com>
Cc: Greg Stinky VanSteenkiste <kicknbassgreg@uswest.netmsn.com>
Date: Thursday, March 30, 2000 10:22 PM
Subject: tournament

Ed Blackburn & myself fished the Texas 100's team tournament on March 19 at Possum Kingdom Lake. It was our 2nd tournament of the trail. Going into to this tournament I had not fished the lake in 12 yrs. & Ed had not been on it in 20 yrs. We had a front that blew in a couple of days before, that Saturday night the wind was still blowing 20 miles an hour. By morning it had picked up to 20 to 25 mph still out  of the North plus we had a blue bird day. Condition's was not very good, about the 3rd cast with a crank bait I put a 3lb bass in the boat and as soon as Ed netted it it came off of my bait. I realized at that  moment that I had not put any Kick'n Bass on. So I put the bait I was using over the side and poured some crawfish on it. The next fish I caught it didn't fall out of the net, I had to get my pliers out to get it out of it's throat. Every fish I caught was the same way, they seemed to try to swallow it. Ed caught the biggest fish which was 4.55 lbs. Out of 130 teams that day we came in 5th place with 14.10 lbs to win $750.00.  I owe it to my partner Ed who ran the trolling motor fighting 20 to 30 mile an hour wind & Kick'n Bass Crawfish. Ken Revell, National Sales Mgr.

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From: james bonner
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Sent: Thursday, March 30, 2000 11:39 AM


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From: Debbie Doyal <mysticbh@bellsouth.net>
To: Ken (Cosmic) Kross <kicknbass@bazillion.com>
Date: Monday, March 27, 2000 11:46 AM
Subject: Lake Eufaula
Just got home for the Spring Fling at Lake Eufaula\Alabama.  I bought home first place on the Amateur side.  31 contestants competed on the Am side.  I couldn't have done it without the Kick n'bass formulas.  I use both formulas all 3 days.  I had a final weight of 14.63 lbs.  I sure am glad that I had Kick n'bass formulas prior to this tournament and had done my own taste test to the bass and I sure had the confidence in using the Kick n'bass.  The water was so stained that the visibility was 0.  I had to depend upon the KICK N'BASS to be my winning secret.  Thanks KICKN'BASS.

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From: twinjean@dellmail.com  
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com  
Date: Thursday, March 16, 2000 5:19 PM
Subject: your attractant

                            ALFRED. W. TAYLOR 

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From: Linda Rowe <Bradrowesmom@aol.com>
To: kicknbass@bazillion.com  
Date: Sunday, February 27, 2000 7:55 AM
Subject: Bass fishing at Rough Creek Lodge

My spouse and I live in the small town of Glen Rose, Texas, about an hour south of the Dallas, Fort Worth Metroplex.  Not far from Glen Rose is an executive retreat and resort called Rough Creek Lodge.  Some of the attractions there are bird hunting, a five-star restaurant, outdoor activities, and fishing.   Mallard Lake sits just below the Lodge, you can sit out on the deck and watch the sunset over the water. We went out mid-afternoon last Thursday, February 24.  It was our first try with your product. Results?  I'll say!!  We caught at least 24 bass, some up to 7 pounds.  Our main bait was a chartreuse spinner bait.  They loved it, especially with the kicknbass!  We also tried a jig&pig with the kicknbass, they loved it too.  The fish hit so hard!!  They are in pre-spawn right now, so they are moving into the creek channels, and they are biting!  Thanks, Linda & Greg Ludtke

From: ray miller
To: bassman.ken@worldnet.att.net
Sent: Tuesday, February 22, 2000 6:21 PM
Subject: hello ken
HELLO KEN  just wanted to drop you a line and let you know that I have been introduced to your products, and a great day of fishing was born!! while fishing a tournament with my uncle bud fields, who happens to be a pro staffer for kick n bass I was having one of those tuff bite days while fishing from the back of buds stratos. now that would not be hard to understand except for the fact that just to the front of the boat my uncle was not, I had to inquire what was being done by him and he gave me some kick n bass , a little instructions and grab the net boys. it was fish on and we both began to load up. now I am absolutely hooked on using your product as this has improved my fishing like nothing else I have used before. thank you for making a product that works. KICK N BASS will always be in my tackle.     RAYMOND  MILLER

From: randoc@strudel.aum.edu
Date:Tuesday, February 22, 2000 7:34 AM
Subject: Re: We Need KNBAround Here
Hey Cosmic, Ken, Greg and all the rest of you Kick N Bassers, Good morning from Alabama ! The weather is getting right and the bass are about ready to spawn ... fishing is going to be picking up soon, so I invite you all to the sunny south to take advantage of our southern bass and hospitality. Cosmic, I just received my Kick N Bass cap and it looks awesome. I bet if those bass could read, and saw me wearing it out on the lake, they would probably just jump in the boat. I will wear it proudly on the water as "my hat". It looks great and I very much appreciate you sending it to me, and also I am thrilled we now have a local source for buying you products. Thanks again and keep up the good work. Oh yea, I went fishing this past weekend, and by applying Kick N Bass to my baits, I outfished my partner 4 fish to one, even AFTER that cold front came through on us. Great product and I am sold on it. Later man ...

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From: Sandra Pulley
To: Ken Revell
Sent: Thursday, February 03, 2000 4:52 PM
Subject: C:\My Documents\7 lb. 1 oz bass using KNB.rtf
Ken, you asked me for a testimonial.  Here is a picture of a 7lb. 1oz. bass that I caught the first time I ever used KNB.  A friend had given me a small amount of Kick'n Bass crawfish that he had left in a bottle and asked me to try it.  I was fishing a tournament on John H. Kerr (Buggs' Island) reservoir and was having a pretty bad day.  I had caught about 20 bass that were under the 14 inch limit that day.  It was about 1 hour until my weigh-in, and I decided to make a change.  I went to a spot of mine that was lined with rip rap and a wooden wall.  The first cast I made using KNB I caught a 2 1/2 pounder.  The very  next cast I made I caught this 7lb. 1oz. fish.  I caught 4 bass on this spot in 20 minutes using KNB and placed 17th. in a field of 400 anglers.  I guess I don't have to tell you that I found out that this was a product that I wanted to be affiliated with. Ronnie Currin

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Hohobass writes:
To:   hohobass@aol.com
I tried your formula this past weekend on Newton Lake and though fishing was slow, I had a memoriable moment. As I placed my jig sprayed with your formula on it in a brush pile in 45 degree water, 16 feet deep, I hooked one of the biggest bass I ever had on. My biggest largemouth bass ever is a  7 lb. 13 oz. and I swear it was much larger than that. As it ended, the  huge fish muscled its way off my lure and my dream ended as quick as it started. Bottom line, I don't think it would have hit or hung on without this formula on my jig. I can't wait to see how it works in warmer water and when the fish become aggressive. I've tried several scents in my past fishing history and I think you have a winner here! I'm excited about trying this product at the All American in May!  I promised you I would tell you what I thought of your product and believe me, if I didn't like it I would be honest enough to tell you that a
lso. I liked it! Any questions or comments, call or write me.  Thanks,   Michael E. Black,    Toledo, IL

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Date: Sunday, January 02, 2000 3:18 PM
Subject: KNB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


From: Big Bass  
To: Ken Revell  
Sent: Friday, January 01, 1999 10:39 PM 
Subject: Kick'n Bass® Does It Again!
Mr. Revell,                  
    Just wanted to update you on my use of KNB Scents, Lot a folks here in Ontario doubt the use of scents, but I am a believer & user. I went to a fish camp this past week and stayed true to using the new Anis/Shad scent you and Chuck mailed to me.. Oooh how I wanted to switch over to (Garlic) but I stayed with the Anise/Shad... and though at first things were slow tweaking and changing a few things man it started working... in two hours I had caught 25 smallmouth bass and a 46 inch musky on 10lb test and a BPS tube and a dab or two of KNB. Well just wanted ya to know from a faithful KNB user what's happening up here in Ontario Canada!         Respectfully, Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam



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