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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2002 9:26 AM Subject: Walleye Picture

    I thought I'd send you a picture of a Kick'n Walleye caught Walleye. The pics attached are all of the same fish, a 7.7 lber that ate a spoon covered in Kick'n Walleye. I lost the other fish that ate the bait that day, it was about the same size.
    Both of these fish hit within 5-15 minutes of applying a fresh coating of scent. It's really interesting to notice the difference in the way these fish hit with scent applied. It was almost like they were sucking, or tasting the bait rather than smacking it out of aggression or reflex.
    Thanks for the great scent, Kick'n products are the best!!!
                               Charles Sim