Bobbie Gayle

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Bobbie Gayle  
Ken Revell  
Thursday, October 03, 2002 12:04 PM 

We have been busy because we had a big hail storm and had to take care of business. This all happened the day I caught the fish. That was the only good thing that happened that day.   Ever since August the 16th the fishing on Lake O.H. Ivie has been tough. The temperatures everyday were HOT! We even quit fishing for a while because no one was catching fish. On Oct. the 1st we decided to give it a try since a cold front was coming. We looked at some new places and Butch caught a 5.30 lb. and a 6.80 lb. fish. I hadn't even gotten bit. I put on a fresh bait and of course I rubbed KNB (garlic) on it and let it down in 27' of water. I felt a little tug and decided it might be a fish (it had been so long that I wasn't real sure what one felt like) that I set the hook. A big tug came from the end of my line so I start reeling her in. She made one big jump with that big mouth of hers wide open and I told Butch to lip her for me and he had better not miss. She was beautiful and healthy. Not one mark on her. We put her on the scales and she weighed 10.80 lbs. I held her in the water while Butch got the camera out, took a few pictures and released her and of course she had to make a big splash to get me wet. I love it.
Bobbie Gayle