Bobbie Gayle

Bobbie has caught more big bass then most entire bass clubs have on their total record books. She is a proud user of Kick'n BassŪ and is just one heck of a lady.  Very few people, male or female can even begin to come close to her record of fish over 10 pounds. Here are some photo's ..... Be sure to check back and see this page grow!   Here is a sample of fish over 12 pounds!  
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These are the 4 fish over 12lbs. that I caught last year. 
I caught 28 fish in a 5 day period in June last year between 6 and 12lbs.
Kick'n BassŪ rules. I can't wait to get my shirts and cap and catch a big fish now. Wish I had, had them last year. Now I can only say I used KNB garlic.

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Bobbie and her husband Butch were put on our prostaff in June of 2002. Bobbie and Butch have been firm believers in Kick'n BassŪ for about 4 years now.  Bobbie likes the garlic and so do these big fish.  Way to go gal.  I don't know if I want to fish against you on any given day!

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One heck of a set of photo's...
Thanks for sharing Bobbie.

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