Ben Parker


Ben Parker: "Bass have a highly developed olfactory organs.  Ken Kross President of  Kick'n BassŪ has confirmed that bass are indeed able to distinguish among subtle odors.  I personally feel that bass use this ability along with their senses of sight, sound and feel to select their food.   Many times Bass strike out of reflex or anger.  It's when the Bass are really picky and lethargic that I pick up my jig and pig and give it a good dose of Kick'n BassŪ.  It's the trick to persuading the big ones to bite.  Kick'n BassŪ is a magic ingredient.
"It works for me and I promise it will work for you."  
Ben Parker.  ( Hank Parker Outdoors) NC.

Ben has joined our Kick'n BassŪ Pro Staff and we have a hard time keeping him in product, he really uses the Crawfish.

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