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Testimonies from Pro users:  Page 4
The following are actual testimonials sent in to Scientific Bass. They are what professional guides and professional fishermen have to say about out products.

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1-1-2000 The new Milloonium!

#150 Sent: Monday, October 22, 2001 1:20 PM
Ted Ellenbecker,  Hails from the state Of South Dakota
Expertise in several species with world records held in both the National Fresh Water Hall Of Fame and the IGFA. In the 2001 Year book for the IGFA was listed as the no #1 fresh water angler with 19 records set since the end of 1999. Most recent record. In the 2 lb line class With the Hall Of Fame a 21lb 08oz Channel cat (accepted) crushing the previous record of 12lb 08 oz!
Also in the catch and release division set the new record of 36 inches eclipsing the past record of 28 inches in the 2lb class. The 21lb 08 oz cat is also filed with the IGFA and should be listed shortly! At this time between the IGFA and the Hall Of Fame Ted holds or has broken over 30 line class records covering 11 species and may well be one of the most versatile fishermen on the water today.
I have found that all predator species can be triggered into a strike with the proper presentation and stimulants which do include taste and ( smell ) if you will. Kick'n Bass has developed a product line of scents that I have found to be exceptional in their ability to stimulate those neutral fish into making the strike. I look forward to setting records in the future with the help of these attractants, I know it makes a difference for me, I know it will make a difference for you!
Sponsors: Kick'n Bass,  Uncle Josh,  The Fishbuster software program,  The Outdoor Page, Daiichi hooks,  Tru turn hooks, X-point The sharpest hook on the market,

#149. I want to start out by saying THANKS! Thank you and Mr. Kross for given me the chance and means to do what I love, Tournament Bass Fishing. Without Kick-N-Bass and my other sponsors it would be impossible for me to be living my dream. My sponsors provide me with product thus freeing up money that I would be spending on their product for such things as Entry Fee's, Hotel Rooms & Gas. Without the Sponsors Many a Tournament Angler would not be able to live their dream, Kick-N-Bass is helping me to live my dream. About 2 Years ago I was talking with Mr. Kendall Banks of Silver Buddy Lure INC. out of Greenup Kentucky, He asked if I used scent on my lures? I informed him No, I was not a big believer in scents. He proceeded to tell me about a product called Kick-N-Bass out of Arizona. I put the information in the back of my mind, figuring one day I might give it a try. Forward 1 year- I was competing on the MBAA Tournament Trail here in Washington State and meet a fellow by the name of Gary Herron from Jerry's Tournament Tackle of Spokane, WA. Gary asked me had I ever tried Kick-N-Bass, I proceeded to tell him no I have not, He proceeded to give me a couple of the trial size tubes of Garlic - In my mind I got to thinking, You know now 2 fellow fisherman from totally different parts of the US have asked me about the same product - Maybe I should try it. Forward to July 2000 - I was fishing a local 2-day Tournament on Long Lake in Spokane Washington. The first day was tough as all get out,   Me and my partner combined for only 3 fish and 5 lbs, was not looking good at all. I had decided that I was going to try this stuff they called Kick-N-Bass on the next day, I had nothing to loose. The following day conditions were the same, Blue Bird sky's and hot. We had decided we would use the same technique (Carolina Rigging 6" Jerry's # 156 Lizards) we had used on  Saturday, & felt sure there was good fish in that area. That day was outstanding, Within 10 minutes of dropping the trolling motor I had 2 Smallmouths weighing 4 Lbs a piece, My partner nothing (Using the same exact setup I was). I told him to try some of the Kick-N-Bass, he did not want to. Well, needless to say by 10:00 am I was culling fish and he had only caught 1  dink. At weigh-in that evening we had 5 fish for 19 lbs - 1 was my partners,  all the others were KICK-N-BASSes. I was a believer, not only does scent work, But no scent I have found since then works as well as Kick-N-Bass. It stays on the Lure, Not to be washed off the first, second or third time it hits the water & it is strong. I joke none when I say, I AM NOT allowed in the house with the scent on my hands!! Once again thanks Mr. Revell, Mr. Kross and the entire Kick-N-Bass team for making a true product that really does help us catch more fish, and live our dream.  Charles Thornton, Kick-N-Bass Pro Staff.  My other Sponsors include -  Jerry's Tournament Tackle, McCoys "Mean Green" Fishing line, Solar Bats Eye Protection, Kistler Custom Rods, AC-Delco Batteries,  Truckland of Spokane, Vann's Proline Baits, & Gamakatsu hooks.      

#147.  As a guide and pro bass fisherman, scents are real important to me. I had found a scent that I thought was perfect The only problem was that I kept using more than I could keep in stock. Every time out of the water I had to re-coat my baits and an 8 oz. can was almost gone by the end of a days fishing.
I was given a 4 oz bottle of Kick'n Bass crawfish by a friend that said "You'll never use anything else after trying this". I thought it was just another gimmick to get someone's money boy was I wrong. The first time I tried this I wasn't having no luck. I was using 10" Berkley Power worms Texas rigged and had caught only one fish after 2 hours. I thought about the new scent I had in my boat; I figured it couldn't hurt I wasn't catching anything else. So I put some on my worm. My bait wasn't in the water more than a couple of minutes before my line just took off. I haven't ever had a fish hit a worm like that before. My first fish in the boat was a nice 5 pounder The friend that was in the boat with me started using Kick'n Bass and within 45 minutes we had caught 5 fish over 5 pounds each and had caught about 15 fish all together.
To make a long story short Kick'n Bass works it stays on the baits and it catches fish! There is no equal. Mark Athans Pro Fisherman/Guide Director Texas I 00 West Region Rt..l Bx.528 Brownwood, Texas 76801 915-784-6921 e-mail: eathans@gte.net     1/29/00

#146. Ken Revell has recently contacted me about being on the SBP. Pro Staff here in Texas. After discussing this with him at length, I have decided that I would be honored to be a part of the team. I am a seasoned angler and have been tournament fishing seriously for about eight years now. On the average, I fish in excess of twenty-five tournaments a year. As a result, I am in constant contact with many people involved in the fishing industry. I have had the pleasure of fishing in three B.A.S.S. megabucks Tournaments in the past. I am currently fishing the Angler's Choice Team Tournament Trail here in the D.F.W. Metroplex Region, also the Texas 100 Team Tournament Trail, as well as all of the local open tournaments that I have time for. My partners and I are currently in the top five in both of the team trails.
One of the main reasons I decided to join the team is because of the great success I have had using Kick-n-Bass. I can assure you that I would not represent a product that I did not use or that I did not have full confidence in. I have tried just about every fish attractant on the market, and Kick-n-Bass is by far the best product of it's type that I have ever used. It is, without a doubt, a major factor in our current success this season.
I am certain that by using Kick-n-Bass, I have been able to get strikes that I normally would not have gotten. It simply increases my chances of getting a bite, especially in those "high-pressure situations. And, as I'm sure you well know, one good bite can be the difference between winning and losing a tournament. I am also very impressed with the Lip Grip'r. This product simply speaks for itself. What can I say? I thank you, and my thumb thanks you!
Sincerely, Mark S. Shores

#145.  My name is Scott Miliman. I am 30 yr. old, and have been tournament fishing for 11 years. As a tournament angler, I am always looking for an edge over other anglers, to get that extra weight needed to earn a paycheck at each tournament, and on Thursday March 5, at the Fred Hall Show in Long Beach Ca., 1 believe I found it in Kick'n Bass!  I spoke with one of your representatives at your booth, and purchased a bottle to try out that weekend. My team partner was with me so I bought a bottle of the Garlic scent and he bought the Crawdad, little did I know what a great purchase this would be. I have always been a believer in using attractants, and have tried just about everything on the market today, but the results I encountered by using your product were invaluable.
On March 7, I fished the ABA Lake Castaic team tournament and with the fish being a little hesitant I needed something that would give me a split second extra time to keep the fish interested in my bait, and that is where your product came into play.
Once the fish had the bait, they would not let it go. We only finished 8 in the tournament, but I knew the fish I was on, should stay on for the Pro tournament the next day. To make a long story short those fish cooperated on Sunday March 8, and I ended up winning the tournament and taking the Big Fish award as well. Most anglers I spoke to were complaining of missed fish and short bites, but every fish I caught those two days would not let the bait go!! I am looking forward to my next event, because I do believe I have found a product that will give me that extra edge I need to stay competitive on the tournament circuits. Your product will continue to be a mainstay in my fishing arsenal. Thank you for making such a quality product, I wish I could keep this scent a secret, but I know when the word gets out your sales will skyrocket! Scott Millman

#144.  This letter is in regards to Scientific Products "Kick'n Bass Fish attractant! A month or so ago. I sent a request for Scientific Products to help me out in my career by sponsoring me with some of their products. You in turn sent me a couple bottles for testing and I have to say that this is the very best product that I have ever seen anywhere. .BAR-NONE! I want you to take this letter and pass it on to any interested parties you may have, and also to publish it as you see fit if you decide to do so! I will stand behind your product 100%, so if there is anything you would like to ask me, please feel free to do so!  My name is Jesse McKee, and most of you don't know me. I am an Amateur Tournament fisherman from SW Oklahoma, and I have a few things to say about "Kick'n Bass" Fish Attractant! First of all, this product will only do one thing for you CATCH FISH ! I have used almost every fish attractant on the market, just to give me an edge over an opponent, or to make the fish hold on to my bait for just a second or two longer, and Nothing has worked to my standards at least not until I discovered "Kick'n-Bass!" This stuff is beyond belief, I found that fish were not only holding on to it for a few more seconds, but at times, they almost pulled the rod from my hands before I had time to get a hook-set! I was no longer getting the usual "tap-tap-tap" when I was fishing with plastic baits using other fish attractants instead I was getting more of the "wham-wham-wham-RUN" effect with "Kick'n-Bass!" This stuff is just simply put AMAZING! It drives the fish into a frenzy! The other benefits make it far superior to anything else on the market today! For one, it is highly concentrated, so you won't have all those extremely large bottles all over the place. "Kick'n Bass" is very compact to carry. All it takes to make even the simplest of lures become "Bass-Busting Phenomenon" is just one or two squirt with the bottle, and you're ready to do battle with the best of them! And you also won't find yourself re-applying "Kick'n-Bass" with every other cast. This stuff just won't wear off I have jig fished with just one application for over 3 hours, catching several fish, and found that it still had the "Kick'n-Bass" Attractant scent! I use it on my spinner baits, jerk-baits, crank baits, all my plastic baits, and anything else I can get it on! THIS STUFF WORKS ON ANYTHING ! !
After I. obtained my first bottle of "Kick'n-Bass", I took a top fisherman from our B.A.S.S. Affiliated club and we went fishing! Now this wasn't one of your people who had just picked up a rod and reel for the first time in his life! He's a very good fisherman! We took my boat and went to a lake where the bass had been a little tough to catch. We were using the same lures fishing in the exact same spots. I was using "Kick'n-Bass" from the front of the boat, and he was using another name brand fish attractant at the rear! Well, after the day was over, my average to say the least, was 5 fish to his every 1 fish! I never told him what was going on, and the next weekend, I repeated the test at another lake, taking another known angler from our organization! The results were even better. I caught 6 fish to his every 1 ! It was at our next Chapter meeting that my secret was revealed! Everyone was astounded! I thought they were actually going to taste the stuff to see if what I had said was true! After getting out the other name brand attractants and making a comparison, they all found that "Kick'n-Bass" was far superior to anything they had ever used!
In conclusion, if you want to catch more fish and gain the "ever so competitive edge" over your fellow angler, I advise you to pick up a few bottles of "Kick'n-Bass" to add to your arsenal! You will not regret it.
I simply will not ever go fishing without it from now on! It's a very valuable asset, and it's one that I will not be without! The only problem I have found that "Kick'n-Bass" causes my arms get "SO TIRED FROM REELING IN ALL THOSE HUGE LUNKER BASS (but I'm hoping I will get over that)! Thank you Scientific Products and "Kick'n-Bass" Sincerely Jesse L. McKee "President" S.W. Oklahoma Hawg-Hunters 1001 Stewan St. Altus, Oklahoma 73521 (580) 477-2327 evenings (580)482-1076 day time

#143. JACK FITZGERALD, Pinehurst, Texas 
02-01-98 I’ve been fishing professional tournaments for a good while now, and fishing in general for an even longer time. I would like to tell you about a product that has really been a real asset in my fishing. I started using Kick’n BASS fish attractant and have seen positive results catching fish. I was fishing a draw tournament on Lake Limestone late October of 1997, and was using "Kickn BASS" and managed to
win the tournament with a total weight of 17.98 pounds. I really am convinced that "Kick’n BASS" was a real attractant that day. It helped me put fish in the boat. You can use it one day and two weeks later your bait still has the aroma of Kick’n BASS. Now that's phenomenal. When I practice for a tournament I always use it. When you get a bite you will have to make a big effort to get the fish to let go, that's how well it works. This gives you plenty of time to set the hook also. Fish love it and so do I. Sincerely, Jack Fitzgerald

#142. HELLO BASS FISHERMAN  My name is Raymond Elmore, I am professional guide and tournament fishermen on Squaw Creek Res. and own Brazos Country Outfitters.  Squaw Creek Res. Is a nuclear power plant lake about 50 miles southwest of Ft. Worth, TX. With an avg. temperature of about 75 degrees year around, except in the summer, then it gets hot. It has a very good population of largemouth and smallmouth bass with the avg. bass being in the 2 to 4 lb. range, with the largest being in the 10 to 12 LB class. 'The best fishing times are from October until March. I have been fishing seriously for about 15 yr. and have used a lot of products, but the product I want talk to you about today is Kick’n Bass I get a wide variety of fishing clients from the beginner to the tournament fishermen. Since I have added this product to my fishing arsenal it has made my job a whole lot easier. This product allows the beginning person or the tournament pro a better feel for the bass bite because it makes the fish hold on. With the beginning fisher person that does not have the experience and hook setting ability yet, it allows them to catch more fish.   Reaction time on the hook set is probably one of the most important factor in getting the fish on. By spraying Kick’n Bass scent On your bait, whether it is a worn, jig, spinnerbait. or crankbait it makes bass hold on longer allowing your hook set or reaction time to be a little longer.
There have been several days that I would have questioned my clients ability to feel the bite if it hadn’t been for Kick’n Bass.
While using this scent I have personally had bass hold on to the bait until I got them on the surface without setting the hook. Also I have had other bass run up and try to take the bait away from the hooked bass, but all stories aside it is one the best products in my arsenal that I use consistently with clients that produces more fish. It doesn’t matter what lure I am using just I just SPRAY IT ! RAYMOND ELMORE, BRAZOS COUNTRY OUTFITTERS, P.O. BOX 28, TOLAR, TX 76476,

#141.   3/3/00 Dear Ken: I would like to share my first experience with Kick'n Bass. In November I was fishing the Louisiana W.B.F.A. Invitational on the Red River. My husband, Wendell and I had practiced Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday with very little success. As I am a big believer in scents I was using on of the name brand aerosols. Going into the evening prior to the first day on competition, my confidence level was at an all-time low. All I had was a "pattern" of scattered fish - one here - one there, and most of them non- keepers. Tuesday evening while getting everything ready for tournament day, I realized I only had a spray of two left of my scent. My husband went out to get more, returning with a bottle of Kick'n Bass Garlic scent, unable to find what I usually use. I figured some scent is better than none so I threw it in the boat. The first day of the tournament dawned with a heavy fog - causing a three-hour delay. I figured the tournament was over for me - it had taken all day just to get the one or two bites I had in practice. When we finally arrived at our spot I added the Kick'n Bass to my lizard. On the second cast I had a good keeper. Shortly after another. At the end of our fog-shortened day I had four nice fish, loosing a really nice one on a stick-up. Needless to say I was pretty darn happy. That evening in the room before going over the days events and getting ready for the next day Wendell picked the Kick'n Bass up and said: "I think this is what saved you today!" I had caught multiple fish in one spot using Kick'n Bass that during practice had not produced or had only produced a dink. Without a doubt my opinion of Kick'n Bass as the superior scent was proven during that tournament.  In a team tournament on the Ohio River as weigh-in time rolled around everyone was moaning and groaning about how bad the fishing was. When weigh-in time came there were few fish and all just 12" keepers. They were surprised to see my big bass 3#12oz (a really good Ohio River fish). Wendell and I took second place and big bass that day, again thanks to Kick'n Bass. This scenario has happened over and over since we started using KNB. I truly do believe our catch ratio increase and good tournament finishes are thanks to KNB!! Sincerely, Jean Russell

#140 Ken, I am having a great tournament season, and I know that Kick'n Bass has made the difference.  While sight fishing at Lake Champlain I could see a Bass swim up to my  plastic worm. The Bass stayed behind my worm for a moment, it almost seemed to peck at it, and then inhale it.  I set the hook and boated a 4 pound fish that I culled to finish in the top five. That was the "Last cast" before heading to the weigh in, and I was glad that I soaked those plastic worms the night before in Kick-N-Bass Garlic.   Keep up the good work...Kick'n Bass makes scents!!!  T. Chad Montgomery hookset99@hotmail.comfor a picture of Chad Click here

#139 From: Mike Whitten mwhitten@midsouth.rr.com
Sent: Sunday, October 08, 2000 8:45 AM
    My testimonials for Kick N Bass Products could fill a chapter, but the   main reason I use the products exclusively now, and bought them at retail for several years, is that they are the only scent products on the market that I believe
actually make a difference. Scent is an important element of fish feeding behavior.  KNB scents trigger that response, pure and simple.  The largest smallmouth of my life, a 7 pounder came on a Bill Dee  Gambler "Whitten Special" spinnerbait that I had just soaked in KNB crawfish.  What makes this so impressive to me is that I had just made about a dozen casts to the EXACT spot on this hump without a strike, and then had the rod almost taken out of my hands ON THE VERY FIRST CAST AFTER APPLYING KNB CRAWFISH!  Random occurence?  Not to me.  Big fish  live on key spots and feed selectively.   Without doubt, the crawfish scent triggered a strike response in that fish.   The other event that sold me on KNB's effectiveness was during prefishing for a tournament where the hot pattern was Texas-rigged tubes pitched into laydowns.  I was using KNB garlic, squirting it inside the tube.  My first two fish were over 5 pounds, and my partner and I agreed not to "stick" any more fish.  Well, with KNB on that tube, shaking a fish off was IMPOSSIBLE! My partner made me cut the KNB-soaked tube off, re-rig with a clean hook and tube for the rest of the day.   And,  when I did, strikes became less frequent, less agressive, and fish could be shaken off with no problem.  I'm convinced the difference had to be the KNB scent.   By the way, with KNB soaked tubes the next day, we caught 18+ pounds of bass in less than an hour off those laydowns. You should also know that, in checking notes and thinking back over the past two tournament seasons, I've not had a single strike dropped or spit before I could set the hook when using your KNB products.  I am almost lazy about setting hooks now, because I just don't worry about fish dropping lures scented with KNB.  I would tell any angler out there, for a $6.00 investment, you more than  double the chance that a fish will hold on to the lure you just put in front of him--with that in mind, can you afford NOT to use it?  Thanks for a great product!  Mike Whitten/Memphis

#138  Hi Ken!  I love Kick-n-Bass because of the multiple properties that it has. I've been guiding with Armstrong Outfitters for over two years now.  One of the first plusses for 'KNB' is that it masks all human scent,  soap, or whatever else you might have on your person.   Second, the fish hold on about ten times longer with 'KNB' and it works  on all baits - soft plastic, cranks, spinners, jigs, and jigging spoons.  I used it this past winter on jigging spoons, catching bass to 9 lbs. With soft plastic, I mix it in and the soft baits absorb it. I've used about every scent and product that has ever been made, and 'KNB' outshines all that I have tried.    Third, it is not hard to get off boats or other items that it might contact (glass cleaner does the trick).   Fourth, the new bottles are easy to use. I tell all of my clients to have a bottle when they come to meet me for a trip. It just amazes me how long a bass will hold on with 'KNB', which in turn gives guides, clients, and anyone the added time to get a great hook set! It is the best of all scents on the market, in my opinion. Fifth, 'KNB' stays on all baits after applied. You can fish a bait all day without worrying about reapplying. This is the only product that has  such endurance. This saves the tournament angler time and gives you more time to fish. Ken, I enjoyed the show at BPS June 17th and 18th. Hope to see you in the near future. Armstrong Outfitters is looking forward to helping  'KNB' by doing shows, telling people, doing tank demos, and promoting 'KNB' every way possible. I've had a lot of people give me positive feedback on 'KNB' after I've recommended it, both friends and clients. Hope to see you soon and do another show at BPS soon. Kirk and I are partners in Armstrong Outfitters. We will promote 'KNB' to everyone. God bless,    Greg Reedy  Armstrong Outfitters  940-387-6755 ,  940-367-3262

#137. Sent: Thursday, April 06, 2000 10:21 AM
Subject: testimonial
Ken, I have received my pro/staff agreement and have mailed it out to you and thanks again for the opportunity to represent such a great product. I have tried several different fish attractants in the past and have found Kick'n Bass products to be the best I have used. This was proven to me last year while fishing on the California Delta with a longtime friend who is a local pro angler. I was in the front of my Ranger flipping a jig which I had just applied scent that I have used for the past 5 years. My friend said "that's not the right stuff to use, this is" and what he was referring to Kick'n Bass. I was skeptical and said we'll see as we both worked jigs and pitched plastic jerk baits.
After an hour he out fished me 5:1 from the back seat of my own boat and I asked for some of the Kick'n Bass scent. After that I caught more fish than he did for the rest of the day. By the end of the day I estimate I had 24-24  pounds for my five best fish and my partner had about the same. Our best seven fish would have went around 35 pounds. I have been a extremely confident in the Kick'n Bass products ever since and it is the only scent I will use. Last weekend I fished a Angler's Choice team tournament and finished in 8th place, I used Kick'n Bass on my Jigs all day.
Thanks for making such great products!  Jeff Bradshaw

#136. Hello Ken  Here's my story about two years ago a friend of mine who owned a prop shop introduced  Kick'n Bass® to me and my partner. Since then our fishing has changed.  We went from just being an average team to a #1 contender in our bass club.  Last year we won two tournaments at different times of the year on the same lake that neither one of us has ever had much luck on in the past.  Kick'n Bass® seems to act like a fish magnet and it doesn't matter if  your fishin soft plastics or hard baits the scent and fish seem to hold on to whatever you are fishing with at that time.  I just wanted to let the secret  out that Kick'n Bass® is what has been the true difference in my performance. Thanks again for allowing  me and my partner to represent Kick'n Bass® as  Pro Staff members and we will be sending you some pictures soon ........John Brooks JDSMBROOKS@aol.com

#135. Ken:  I want to start off by saying THANKS!  Your product, Kick'n Bass is by far the best fish attractant that I have ever used. Let me give you an example:  Last year, March 1999, my partner and I were fishing a tournament on Lake Hudson in Oklahoma. I have never had very good luck on this lake, but this particular  morning was to be outstanding! I coated my jig-n-pig in the garlic scented attractant and on my second cast my jig was hit so hard  it almost yanked the rod from my hands. It was the biggest bass I have ever caught 6.98 lbs.   It was also the biggest bass in our fishing club for the year.  I have noticed since using your product all of my hits are harder and the lures taken more deeply than my past catches with other products on the market.  My partner and I always have Kick'n Bass® with us and it  has made us top contenders in our tournaments.  We will be sending pics of all our catches. Thanks again for allowing us to represent your excellent product and company.   Thanks-Eric Eads   Tulsa, OK BOWHUNTERSUPREM@webtv.net

134. Ken: Just returned from Eufaula - finished 28th.  Not the finished I wanted but keeps me 23rd overall for the year.  The KNB really made a difference!  One of the other ladies we share rooms with was having a terrible practice.  They were catching maybe on or two short fish here and there - using the same bait and fishing the same areas.  We were catching bigger, keepers.  I gave her some KNB and she started catching fish!  I swicthed off between the crawfish and garlic.  In some areas the fish seemed to prefer one over the other.  When the fish hit this baits with KNB they hit extremely hard - and   not just a little nibble. On the first few bites fish were actually swallowing the bait - boy did they want it!  Once they taste it they won't let go. On the third cast the first morning of the tournament I hooked one over 5 pounds.  She swam at the boat and I couldn't get a good hook set on her, but she held onto the bait.  I got her back to the boat - got lots of good looks at her.  She jumped at the net and I, unfortunately, lost her, but I do not believe I would have kept her on that long if not for the KNB.  Loosing fish is my fault, but I certainly get more than my fare share of bites using KNB.  Thanks  Jean Russell

133. When I was approached to become a Pro-Staff member for Kick'n Bass I decided that I could not stand in front of thousands during my seminars tours and talk about a product without having a true understanding and belief in the item itself. My plan was to fish locally at a known "honey-hole". I would fish with and without the attractant to compare strikes and reactions, then document it and analyze it for my own benefit. Upon arrival at my upstate New York location, I set-up a 3 and a half inch tube-bait (also known as a Gitzit) in pumpkinseed, rigged finesse style with 6lb-test line. This is a dynamite rig regardless of the time of year or situation. After the second cast I set the hook on a small 12inch bass and immediately after it, caught another of around the same size. I continued to catch 12 and  13-inch bass for about an hour (13 fish in total) then the bite stopped. Under normal conditions I would move to another location, as I felt certain that all the fish at that location had been caught. I was determined however, to give Kick'n Bass a real "workout" fishing it in a location that was, in my opinion, devoid of fish ! I poured a small amount of the attractant onto a new Gitzit and cast into the same spot that had stopped producing. I let the Gitzit sit still on the bottom and waited. Nothing happened and I suddenly felt guilty about testing a product in a fish-less area, when suddenly the line moved, slowly at first but then picked up speed and headed for the open water. I decided not to set the hook but to hold the rod tip high and see if I could coax the fish to turn back towards the boat. As the tension in the line increased I felt the weight of the fish... This was a big bass!  I slowly began my retrieve and the weight stayed! I could not believe that the bass would not let go as I had still not set the hook and was barely moving the rod. I continued to reel in more line and raised the rod as I could see a dark shape lurking under the shade of the boat. The fish had its mouth firmly closed and I could not see the hook or the lure. As I reached forward to gently lift the fish it was startled and made a surge for cover. I resisted the temptation to set the hook and did not increase the pressure.  To my surprise, the bass returned to me after gentle coaxing and did indeed open its mouth only to reveal the hook barely touching the thin membrane of skin inside the left cheek. Having seen this, I had no choice but to set the hook and saw the fish turn again for the cover. I locked the reel and held the fish up, sliding the net under it to avoid another surge. At six pounds nine ounces, this was without doubt the largest bass I had taken from the area. I had also seen with my own eyes that the bass was not aware of the hook or the line and just did not want to release the bait, despite the fact that I walked it around like a dog on a leash!  While I was satisfied with the fish, I wondered! Could it possibly happen again? I made an identical cast and allowed the bait to fall and lay motionless on the bottom. Once again the line moved and began moving towards the open water, This time I set the hook immediately and my 6foot 6 inch spinning outfit, bent double! I fought this fish for over three minutes, steering it around stumps, weedbeds and a small rockpile. Another six pound bass! OK. So now I am casting my lure back into the area WITHOUT the Kick'n Bass attractant. I had to prove to myself that it was the attractant alone that had turned on these otherwise dormant fish. I made several casts in the same area and around the location without so much as a "twitch" on the line. After only ten minutes I added some attractant and "WHAM" a fish took the lure on the fall. This time the fish weighed in at five pounds eleven ounces. In three casts with Kick'n Bass I had caught eighteen pounds of fish. Without it I had caught thirteen bass for around the same weight.  My conclusion? PASS THE KICK'N BASS PLEASE!  Many thanks Ken it's great to be working with a winner! Regards,   Charles Stuart

#132. Sent: Sunday, February 20, 2000,  I just wanted to thank you for the product support and the opportunity to help promote such a good fish attractant.  I have faithfully used Kick'n Bass for some time know and would not pitch a bait without it. When I first started using the product my wife told me how bad she thought it smelled. She also can't stand the smell of fish slime and I told her to get ready to smell a lot more of both because with Kick'n bass on your bait, you are going to catch a lot more fish!!!  All competitive fisherman know how hard it can be to find an edge on there competition.  It is what we do day in and day out whether it is in practice or what we practice for.  For me the answer is to enhance the performance of the bait I am using and this attractant do the job for me. I have improved my tournament winnings a great deal since I started using Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant.  I am looking forward to a great season with much anticipation for success.  To everyone behind these products, I must give a big "hats off" for a job well done and keep up the good work. Let me know if there is anything else I can do in return. Sincerely, Steven White   (Swhite2900@aol.com) A proud Pro Staff member.. PS:  She Doesn't think is smells so bad anymore.

#131.  I just wanted to let you know that Kick'n Bass is one of the most impressive scent attractant that I have ever used.  The most impressive characteristic is its longevity in keeping scent on hard and soft plastics.  I have used a jig for over two hours and not had to re-apply.  It has a very strong scent to take the fisherman scent off of the lure. For those fisherman that like fish attractants or have not used very many, this is a must to try.  I have been in too many situations where the bass have been very finicky and tend to spit a bait out very quickly.  However, using a little Kick'n Bass can give them enough taste to hold onto the bait just long enough the hook'em. 
Thanks for the great tools, Ken!!!!!!  Mike Rose  Pro-Staff Member

#130. To all of the Kick'n Bass® company and staff,  I would like to give my greatest appreciation for helping improve my bass fishing and tournament results. I was fortunate to be introduced to Kick'n Bass®  early in 1999. Several of my friends were bragging on the product so much, I thought I would give it a try. With the add of Kick'n Bass®, I was able to claim the 1999 Texas Wrangler/B.A.S.S. Angler of the Year. I went on to finish 13th overall in the '99 Wrangler/B.A.S.S. National Championship. I also enjoyed fantastic results in the Anglers Choice Metroplex Division, Texas 100 Team tournaments and the Pro-team North Division. I was blessed in Oct. of '99 at the Pro-Team Championship at Lake Texoma this past season. My partner and I ,with the aid of Kick'n Bass®,  finished 2nd overall, winning a brand new  R83 Ranger Bassboat with a 150 EFI Mercury outboard. Without Kick'n Bass®, I can definitely say that I would not have been as fortunate. I look forward to this upcoming season and hope to be as successful as last year. I will be competing in several different circuits  1) B.A.S.S. Central Invitational  2) Proteam Team tournaments-North 3) Anglers Choice Team Tournaments- D/FW  4) Texas 100- Brazos Region  5) A/FW Fishing Team Bass Club Events I would like to give thanks to all of my sponsors:   Kick'n'Bass®, Mercury Outboards, Triton Boats, Fun'N'Sun Marine, www.ProfishingReport.com ,  Bumper Stumper Lures, And most of all , I want to thank the Lord Jesus Christ for all that  he has blessed me with. Without Jesus, none of this would be possible. May He  watch over all of us through this new and upcoming season. Thank you Jerry David.



#127. Ken, I've waited so long to submit this testimonial to afford myself one full year using Kick'n Bass. I have had great success with Kick'n Bass during all four seasons. I have been a sales rep for Kick'n Bass for one year and was a member of the Kick'n Bass® Pro Staff during the 1999 season. I am also sponsored by EuroMotorcars, the Mercedes Benz dealership where I work. I fished the Maryland Bass Federation Tournament Trail in 1999 and will do so in 2000 as well.   I have been using scents/attractants for many years, and am a firm believer in them. I think I must have tried over a dozen different brands with mixed results. I couldn't believe the difference when I started using Kick'n Bass®!! Now I now know what concentrated means! Kick'n Bass® smells stronger and lasts so much longer than any other scent I've seen. That means that I don't have to apply it as often as the weaker diluted scents. But the best thing about Kick'n Bass® is how the fish like it! I'm convinced that Kick'n Bass® gets me more  strikes, more violent strikes, and the fish will hold onto my bait longer. All of these qualities allow me to catch more fish than before I was using Kick'n Bass®. I actually won't use Kick'n Bass® when pre-fishing for a tournament if I don't want to hook any of the fish in an area because they just won't let go of the bait! Several times I've gotten fish to the side of the boat without ever setting the hook on a Texas rigged worm! Just to give you an idea how long  an application of Kick'n Bass® can last, I can apply it to a jig & pig and fish for the day. When I get home I'll put the rods on a stand in my garage. I can walk from the house into the garage several days later and still smell garlic or crawfish as soon as I get through the door! Now that's STRONG that lasts LONG! I've had a great year with Kick'n Bass® both fishing with it and promoting it at tournaments and at fishing and outdoor shows. I was able to meet some great people through  Kick'n Bass®. At the Bassarama in Richmond, Va. in January 1999 I met and worked with Ken (Cosmic) Kross at the Kick'n Bass® booth.  I'm looking forward to a great 2000 with Kick'n Bass®! Thanks for the ride, Steve Kushmeider

#126.  While fishing a club tournament on January 8th, 2000; I was washing down my boat at the launch area parking lot and another person in the club, the North Alabama Bass Club, came over to me and stated that Kick'n Bass was "Great".  He was fishing in another boat as a non-boater and was catching bass after bass while the guy in the front, who usually has the advantage, was only catching one every once in awhile.  He stated that he was on his sixth fish when the guy in the front of the boat told him, "Give me some of that!" I wasn't anywhere near them, but I had given them a couple of the samples you sent me.  I told them where they can get it locally and the next time I saw them, at a wildcat tournament, they both had bottles of Kick'n Bass Crawfish Formula.  It just plain works.   Pro-Staff Member  Bruce A. Leingang Proudly Sponsored by:  Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant,  Jerry's Tournament Tackle,   Bud'z Fishin' Way'z,  Eidolon Lures,  Tightline Angler Products, Gambler Terminal Tackle.

#125. I would like to take a moment to tell you how I heard about Kick n Bass and some of the fishing stories behind it I have fished all my life...the last 10 with Bass'n Gals.. WBFA... Redman and some local clubs. I also surf the net a lot. I am an avid reader of Bass Fishing Home Page and I kept seeing these post about KNB day after day, time and time again. I had read so much about it that I decided to go to the web page and ask about it. I e-mailed a letter out to them and in minutes I had a reply ! Have to say it was one of the best E-mails I have ever sent. Not long after the e-mail I received a call from Ken Revell and he shipped me out 2 bottles. WELL, I took it to the Red River in La to practice for the Classic. I had my KNB in the boat BUT to tell the truth, I had almost forgot about it. I fished all morning and had 2 short fish. I tried everything I knew to catch the fish, I was going through the tackle box and saw the KNB. I told my husband Ralph, "Hey here is the KNB think I am going to try it."  I open a pack of worms. put about 4 drops in the bag, rubbed the baggie between my hands to spread it over the bait, took one out and put it on.  On the 3rd cast I landed a 4 lb.bass, WOW! I made the next 4 casts and on the 4th cast I landed a 2 lb. bass.  I said to Ralph, "You think this KNB was what did it? " and he said, "Well I am not using it and I haven't had a bite."  He then put on one of the worms and by the end of the day we had put 6 nice keepers in the boat. Thanks Kick'n Bass!!! My sponsors are. Deaton Marine, Triton Boats,  Pinpoint Electronics,  Mercury Motors, ISG Lures, My Husband Ralph, My Family and last but not Least, KICK N BASS! Dianna Mason (AKA) Lady Di, Kick'n Bass Pro Staffer fishing WBFA.

#124. As a guide and pro bass fisherman scents are real important to me. I had found a scent that I thought was perfect and searched all over the state of Texas for it: and thought it was pretty good. The only problem was that I kept using more than I could keep in stock. Every time out of the water I had to recoat my baits and an 8 oz. can was almost gone by the end of a days fishing. I was given a bottle of Kick'n Bass crawfish by a friend that said ,"You'll never use anything else after trying this".  I thought it was just another gimmick to get someone's money boy was I wrong. The first time I tried this I wasn't having much luck. I was using 10" Berkley Power worms Texas rigged and had caught only one fish after 2 hours. I thought about the new scent I had in my boat; I figured it couldn't hurt I wasn't catching anything else. So I sprayed some on my worm. My bait wasn't in the water more than a couple of minutes before my line just took off. I haven't ever had a fish hit a worm like that before. My first fish in the boat was a nice 5 pounder. The friend that was in the boat with me started using Kick'n Bass and within 45 minutes we had caught 5 fish over 5 pounds each and had caught about 15 fish all together. To make a long story short Kick'n Bass works it stays on the baits and it catches fish! There is no equal.    Mark Athans, Pro Fisherman/Guide , Director Texas 100 West Region, Rt..1 Bx.528 Brownwood, Texas 76801. 915-784-6921, e-mail:  eathans@gte.net , web site:

#123. Hello my name is Garry McAdams from Fort Worth Texas. I was fishing a tournament on Lake Belton with the Pro Team Tournament Trail in the summer of 1999 and the fishing was tough and the bites far in between, I sprayed Kick'n Bass on a Lizard and threw my Carolina Rig out, after dragging for about a minute I felt a fish pulling back and set the Hook after finally getting the Four Pound Smallmouth in the boat me and my partner continued using Kick'n Bass®.  It was about five cast later I had a fish hit my lure with such force it pulled the rod out my hand, so hang on when using Kick'n Bass!  By the way we won First place Big Bass and fifteen place stringer for a total $2,350.00 . What a day.  Thank you for a wonderful Product. Garry McAdams

#122.  I was first introduced to Kick'n Bass when I received a bottle of crawfish formula in a prize package I won on the Potomac River. I was familiar with the name, but had never used the product before. I tossed the bottle into my Ranger's storage area without another thought.  While competing in a tournament the following week, I realized my former "spray attractant" was missing the nozzle at the top of the can. I was planning on flippin' some blowdowns during the morning of the tournament, then moving to an off-shore series of deep humps. Remembering the bottle of Kick'n Bass in my boat, I fumbled around for it, gave it a quick shake, and opened it up. I was immediately greeted by a stronger than normal crawdad scent. I proceeded to apply a more than generous amount to my jig. As I set the bottle down on the deck of the boat and turned my attention back to the jig, I was surprised by the "slick" in the water generated by the Kick'n Bass. It was not just slightly transparent, but a thick discharge on the water's surface.  The amazing thing was that the slick remained constant as I continued to work the cover with the jig. Each time I would return the jig to my hand in preparation for my next target, I continued to feel the slime on it. I weighed in a limit of fish at the conclusion of the tournament that placed me in second place. I altered my pre-conceived plan to fish the deeper water because the jig bite was so strong. It didn't take long that day to realize the important role Kick'n Bass played in my tournament winnings. I eagerly read the label upon returning home to see what this new attractant was all about. In researching Kick'n Bass and it's ingredients, I also learned a great deal about other attractants. Most contain water and are diluted in order to spray them out of a can. That is why you have to keep spraying them. As I have learned with Kick'n Bass, you will likely loose the bait before you have to re-apply more. It keeps your bait saturated, even when you switch to another bait for awhile and then return.  I was pleased to discover that I could apply Kick'n Bass to my crankbaits, too, without fear of damaging the finish. Also, I put it on spinnerbaits religiously and it does not affect the skirt or gum it up in any way.  I have sort of run my own test pattern on Kick'n Bass.  I practice prior to tournaments, my partner and I have both thrown the same bait, one with Kick'n Bass applied and one with no attractant. The bass prefer the Kick'n Bass at least 5 to 1. We then reversed who used it and who didn't, and the results were ALWAYS the same. One of the most amazing things is that the average size of the bass increased. This enabled me to not only put a satisfying amount of tournament winnings in my pocket but also helped me to qualify for 2 championship tournaments in both Tennessee and New York. While I use only the finest Shimano rods and reels, it is, ultimately, the bait on the end of the line that entices the bass to bite. And for that, there is no stronger assurance that Kick'n Bass accomplishes this. It definitely increases the quantity and quality of bass I bring to the scales.  I purchased a small nylon web pouch from the Home Depot that clips to my belt. This is just right for holding a bottle of Kick'n Bass and always having it at my fingertips. I'm also appreciative of the fact that it will not damage the finish on my Ranger of the carpet.  It's versatility on jigs, plastics, hard baits, and even jigging spoons has convinced me that it is a "no-brainer" when I'm fishing. Rods, tackle, Kick'n Bass,  weigh-in bag, paycheck...it's that simple. Here is a list of my other sponsors:  Shimano,  TruTrac Spinnerbait, Ketchum Baits,   X-citer Baits, The Fishin' Shop, Foard's Western Auto, The Sander's Company.    Dave Kilby,  KNB Pro-Staff.

#121.  I was out the past weekend for a little bit of fun fishing as there are no tournaments for a little while.  Its good to recoup after a full slate of  events last year.   I decided to go to a small lake near my house and to take an old neighbor with me, as he loves to fish.  We started near the boat ramp, fishing Carolina rigs, using some SnakeBite soft plastics and were getting our fair share of strikes but couldn't get the fish to hold on long enough for us to get the hook in them.  Strike after strike we missed.  Finally, the old fellow said, hey ain't you got some scent we can put on these things to make 'em hold on longer.  I looked back at him and said heck yea and threw him a bottle of Garlic Scented Kick'n Bass.  I decided just as a test, I would keep using my baits without the assistance of scent.  Well, he quickly boated three bass in a row.  I have yet to put one in the boat. I had seen enough and squirted some Kick'n Bass on a Rippler Jig.   On the first cast I caught a 4 1/2 lb fish.   We continued using it through the day and ended up with several fish in the 4-6 lb range.  I'm through experimenting, I don't cast unless I have KNB on my lure. Thanks Cosmic for making the best there is in scents.  Jeff Roberts,  My Sponsors are:   Wrangler Rugged Wear, Kick'n Bass, Rippler Lures, The Rod Bob, Piranha Rods, SnakeBite Custom Hand Poured Soft Plastics.

#120 Kick’n Bass Staff, About a year ago while trying to find some bottles of Kick’n Bass for an upcoming tournament, I finally had to call Cosmic to locate some. After talking to him for a while he asked me if I was interested in being on the Pro Staff. After pinching myself several times to insure I was awake I said, "YES".  This by far was one of smartest things I have done. After using the product for over two year’s prior, it was very apparent that the numbers of fish and size has increased. In fact, during tournaments, I would set out another kind of scent which the non-boater would use while I would secretly cover mine with Kick’n Bass. Quite often the non-boater would remark "you don’t use much scent do you and look at the fish you are catching"! Like everything else I got busted and glad I did. Now everyone is finding out how great Kick’n Bass is. For the last year the only scent in my boat or with me when I’m in someone else’s has been KICK’N BASS.
    I use it because it works better than anything else I have tried. I have faith that it will give me the edge when things are tough and I need the one or two extra bites that makes the difference of my being in the money or not. I can honestly tell you that this product will increase your chances of catching fish.
    I use two zip lock bags (one inside the other) and when I need to apply some to my lures I can apply as much as needed without the wind blowing it everywhere except on the lure. Now Kick’n Bass has a new top that drips, making applying much more accurate under adverse conditions.
    Last year my youngest son caught what could have been a new state record except the fish had spawned out and was weighed 9½ hours after being caught. The scent was Kick’n Bass garlic on a lizard. My biggest fish to date was caught last year was 14.70 pounds. My sons fish could have eaten mine. We caught both using Kick’n Bass Garlic scent. Try telling my son to use another brand of scent. To everyone out there, may your lunker dreams be filled in 2000. Ken, Greg, Ken and the rest of the staff, THANK YOU for this opportunity.

Larry A. White, Arizona Kick’n Bass Pro Staff


#119.  Kick'n Bass was a supporter for the 1999 WBFA Classic World Championship, and gave each of us a sample bottle of Kick'n Bass scent.  I chose the garlic.   I put it in my boat along with the other gift samples, but began using the scents I already had in my tackle.  I was not getting very many bites, and while looking around through my supplies, found the Kick'n Bass scent, and used it on my bait.  In a very short time, I boated a 2-1/2 pound largemouth.  On the last day, I caught a fish just under 3-1/2 and another about 2 pounds. Fishing was very slow, and I was very glad to have those fish, and know that Kick'n Bass made the difference in my catch.   I decided then and there to use Kick'n Bass from now on. I also noticed that the scent seems to stay on the bait longer than most others I have used, short of solid scent.
Ray Scott was guest emcee at the World Championship, and bet a dollar that he could guess the weight of your largest fish at the weigh in....  I won a dollar from him each day, and had him autograph it! Over the last few years,I have been competing in WBFA (Women's Bass Fishing Association Tour), Red Man and local club and opens.  In 2000, I will continue to compete in WBFA, and will fish the Kentucky division of Guys and Dolls with my husband, Dave, and also will continue to fish in Commonwealth Bass Club of Louisville.
Current sponsors include: Pro Staff Reynolds Performance Marine in Shepherdsville, KY,   (Bullet Boats), Freshwater Team/Mercury Motors, Pinpoint Positioning Systems, Taylor Battery of Louisville and Deka Batteries, Kick'n Bass Scents, Pelican Lures, TableRock Bait & Tackle (Chompers), Owner Hooks, Cabin Creek Baits. 
Thank you,  Marilyn Biszmaier

#118. Guys and Gals the slogan on the label is the only way to explain why I use KICK 'N BASS.  "The Most Powerful Fish Attractant in the World."
To me this isn't just a slogan it is a PROMISE!!!!!  If you haven't tried a squirt of KICK'N BASS on any bait hard or soft I urge you to do so.  Also remember the other saying printed on the bottle. 
"You've smelled the rest.....now smell the BEST!"  So add a bottle of KICK'N BASS to your arsenal and improve your success on the water.  Jason Pittman   
B.A.S.S. Touring Pro and guide in Southeast Louisiana (504) 630-3656 , pitt@cmq.com

#117. My name is Daryl Whisenant and I am typically a soft bait fisherman, mainly finesse worms with the occasional spinner bait and crank bait thrown in. The following is a true story and is also one reason I believe in Kick'n Bass.  I was fishing a club tournament on Lake Norman and having a real tough day. The guy in the back of my boat was wearing me out. Scott Turner had given me a sample tube of Kick'n Bass to try and I had it in the boat so I tried it.  We were both fishing a Fluke and after a few cast I caught my first keeper fish. It was 10:00 am and the guy in the back already had his limit. By 1:00 PM, I had my limit and the guy in the back said it was as if I was cheating. He had caught a few more fish but they were all small. When we weighed in, I finished second and the guy in the back finished third. I think if I had been using Kick'n Bass all day I would have won. Now when I start a tournament the first thing out is my bottle of Kick'n Bass.  I have since told the guy in the back of the boat my secret, as well as all my friends. My sponsors to date are (12-31-99) are Kick'n Bass, Gear.com, Fishphotos.com and Belding Hausman Inc.  Daryl Whisenant


#116.  Dec 29th 1999.  I have been using Kick'n  Bass since I was introduced to it by Bruce   Breisch at the Mesquite Tackle Show last year. I apply it to my soft plastic bait while still in the bag and as I use each bait I reapply a small dab.  I use to "miss" fish, especially if the bite was extremely subtle, now thanks to Kick'n Bass, I have the advantage of that extra second or two, because the Bass hold on to it, instead of just spitting it out, and I miss fewer bites now.  I just won't take the chance by Not using Kick'n Bass. It's in my boat, and my tackle bag, always.  Randi Parkinson, Lady Kick'n Bass Pro-Staffer.

#115.   I'm now beginning my second year as a seasoned user of Kick n' Bass® fish attractant. I'm proud to reiterate the success that it has help to produce for me. It has substantially increased more strikes and catch ratio. These two items are something that other fish attractants have not been able to do. I only recommend this phenomenal fish attractant to anyone who wants to CATCH MORE FISH. It not only attracts and encourages the fish to bite, it also makes them hang on longer, which helps, especially if you happen to be caught day dreaming about the big one... Sincerely  Dennis R. Crawford


1999 A Good Vintage! !

#114.  Nov 30, 1999.  Lake Fork Guide Service.  I thought I would tell you a true story about a client of mine and his son Willie.   Willie asked me about the Kick'n Bass® hat I was wearing at breakfast.  I told him it was the best fish attractant on the market.  His dad said he never used any of the many attractants on the market because they never worked.  One thing led to another when Willie suggested that we have a test to see if it worked or not.  It was right after a cold front and the fishing was tough.  I fixed Willie up with a Texas rigged Craw that had been soaking in KNB. I advised that he would have to fish it slow because of the tough bite. Willie had a 5 pounder hooked before I got Dad's line rigged. Willie put nine fish in the boat to his Dads two.  Now all this may seem like no big deal but for the fact that Willie is only 7 years old.  The picture enclosed are only a couple of the fish he caught that day.. his largest was 7 pounds.  Buy the way Ken I need another hat because as you can see, Willie is now wearing mine!  Dennis Sheley Lake Fork Guide Service, 4568 FM 69, Como TX, 75421,,, 903-629-3826  To see a picture of Dennis and Willie click here lkfork@netex.quik.com http://www.lakeforkguide.com/index.htm  


#113. As a professional fishing guide I have been experimenting with several different fish attractant products for years.  While I believed in fish attractants, I had not found a product that I was overwhelmingly impressed with.  Ken Revell gave me some Kick'n Bass® in the spring of 1999.   The next day prefishing for a tournament I caught several bass using Kick'n Bass® garlic.  The following Saturday I applied Kick'n Bass® Garlic while fishing a tournament and caught seventeen bass fishing out of the back of the boat flipping into brush my partner had just fished. I was so impressed with the product I wrote an exclusive article about my success with Kick'n Bass® in the Texas Sportsguide Magazine.  Now Kick'n Bass® is used with all my baits on guide trips and tournament fishing.  David Scott Cox, Owner Palmetto Guide Service. Huntsville Texas.

#112. You have a very fine product.  I have used other attractants but none with the effectiveness of Kick'n Bass®.  I had great results using your product in Saltwater on speckled trout, redfish and flounder.  While taking a guided fishing trip on Lake Calcasieu, LA in Aug 1999 fishing had really slowed down.  After convincing the guide to use Kick'n Bass® we boated over 150 speckled trout in abut three hours.  We kept our limits and released the rest.  Charlie Roger, Kick'n Bass® Pro-Staff, Huntsville Texas.

#111. Kick'n Bass® does exactly what it says, it Kick's some Bass!   I wouldn't be without my Kick'n Bass® in the boat.  When my clients and I get bites when no one else is , that has to say something about your product.  The fish hang on longer which results in more hook-ups for my clients.  More hook-ups means happy customers.  Happy customers mean more business. It's a win win situation.   I don't know how anyone can fish without it.  Scent Works! Kick'n Bass® is the strongest, most potent scent I have ever used.  And truthfully I owe Kick'n Bass® the credit.  Thanks Cosmic, Stinky and Ken Revell for creating and promoting such a wonderful product.  Good luck and God Bless.  PS: I hope they don't outlaw this stuff.  Rick La Point.  Rick's Chauffeured guide Service, 3322 S Kimbrough, Springfield MO, 65807,  1-800-892-2210 www.strikebass.com

#110.  As a guide on "Lake Fork" this year fishing in the spring was great.  My clients were catching one over 9 lbs. about every third day.  I found fish early on the wood and was catching them on a tube bait.  All year the bite was very light it was the same from a 2 lbs. bass as a 10 lbs. bass.   That was where Kick'n Bass® came in, you would not feel these fish bite but with Kick'n Bass® these fish would hold on to the bait forever.  I had guys that would get a bite and the fish would swim from one stump to another before they would know that they had a fish on.   With out the Kick'n Bass® we would have lost a lot of fish.  When the bite is that light you need all the help you can get.  The fish would not let go.  Thanks guys. Rick Loomis, Lake Fork Guide and Lodging,   903-383-3050   For a picture of Rick with a big Lake Fork bass Click here or

#109.  The reason I use Kick'n Bass® is I think it takes the human smell away.  Sometimes Kick'n Bass® just has to be there to catch finicky fish.   If using garlic Kick'n Bass® and the bass quit biting switch to the crawfish.   This works for me, then after a few fish switch back.  This has always worked well for me.  Everyone has something they have faith in, this is it for me!  I use it on spinnerbaits, crankbaits, C-rigs and most of all jigs.  If you have any doubts just fish next to someone using this product and you use what you want.  Soon you too will be at the store looking for the Kick'n Bass®.  C. Wayne Nolan, used KNB to catch a 19# Peacock Bass.

#108.  11-14-99, I have been using Kick'n Bass® for years. Ron Speed of Ron Speed's Adventures and guide Services started me on this product and it really made a difference. Last year during a local tournament at Cedar Creek Lake my fishing partner and I ended up with a first place finish with 2 bass that weighted a little over 7 lbs.   The best 5 fish stringer was a little over 6 lbs.  The 2 bass were the only bass we caught all day.  Who would have thought that you could win anything at all with 2 fish?  We really believe that if we hadn't been using Kick'n Bass® that we would not have caught these fish.  I believe that Kick'n Bass® will help you catch more fish and on those really tough days will help you catch better fish as well.  Albin Pustejovsky owner of Mallakoff Bait and Tackle store.

#107.  11-3-99, Texas 100 Championship, Lake Brownwood, Texas.  I fished the Texas 100 this pass weekend on Nov 30-31.  I was fishing a point with a white spinnerbait that I had applied garlic Kick'n Bass® to.  I boated a black bass over 3 #'s on the third cast.  On the next NINE casts I boated SEVEN hybrid bass over 35 #'s.  They would not leave my spinnerbait alone.  So I changed to a 8 " black/ blue worm to get below the hybrids to the blacks. On the second cast I boated another hybrid over 7 pounds.  I could not get to the black bass without hooking the hybrid on top.  All I can say is "Those hybrid love Garlic Kick'n Bass® "   Charles Credicott is sponsored by Fun-n-Sun Sport Center, Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Motors, Kick'n Bass® and the Rod Bob, Piranha Rods.... To see a picture of Charlie Click here or read more from Charlie

#106. I've always been the type of fishermen who has to see something and use it before I believe in it.  Two years ago I had the opportunity to use Kick'n Bass®.  At first I though that this was just like all the other attractants that had come on to the market.  That didn't last long.  I have won over $7,000 in the past year using Kick'n Bass®.  It has helped me catch fish that would otherwise not have bitten.  This product has helped my tournament results substantially.  This is why I am happy to represent Kick'n Bass®.  I recommend Kick'n Bass® scents for all fisherman.  If you're not using Kick'n Bass® you are just casting to the wind.   Thank you for making me part of your Pro Staff.  Charles Credicott To see a picture of Charlie Click here

#105. 12-21-99, Brantley Salter. The question is do I like Kick'n Bass®?  The answer is I don't like it, I LOVE it!  I began using Kick'n Bass® a little over a year ago and boy did my catches Improve.  I'll tell the story that made me see the light.  It was a cool October morning on beautiful Toledo Bend.   I had a good fall pattern working but something happened and the bass quit biting for me, but not for my friend who was fishing with me.  I didn't know what to do. We were both throwing the exact same C-Rig.  The difference I discovered was that I was using another product and he was using Kick'n Bass®.  I threw the "Other Brand" down in the bottom of the boat and put some Kick'n Bass® garlic on my lizard.   This is no lie, it was instant first cast. Bamm! a 3# pound bass! Next cast-Bamm! Another good fish.  I pulled in five or six more good ones and then I decided to run an experiment. I sprayed on the "Other Brand" and started another fishless drought.  Then I put Kick'n Bass® back on and began catching fish again.  I was totally convinced at that point that Kick'n Bass® was for real.  Back at the boat ramp I threw away all the Other Products and have use nothing but Kick'n Bass® since.   I decided to begin spreading the word to members of my bass club.  After about an hour of bragging on Kick'n Bass® to the best bass fisherman I know, he was eager to try it.  I am happy to report that he is now converted and is a dedicated Kick'n Bass® user.  There have been numerous others that I have hooked with Kick'n Bass®.   I mean this stuff is addictive, the fish love it and just can't resist it.  It is so much fun to go fishing, knowing that you have a huge advantage over those who haven't discovered Kick'n Bass®.  Some people may think that this is a bunch of bull. I urge these people to try Kick'n Bass® for themselves.  I use it on everything I throw, crankbaits, spinnerbaits, topwaters and it works on all of them.   I am a big time LSU tiger football fan and Kick'n Bass® reminds me of LSU.   What do I mean? LSU is a sleeping giant in college football that will rise to the top in the near future.  Kick'n Bass is also a sleeping giant. Once we get the word out about this product it will revolutionize the scent industry. It is just that good.   Yours truly, Brantley Salter.

#104. 10-16-99, I took a second deer during the Indiana Bow Season. I got a real nice 11 pointer that field dressed 182 pounds. That made my deer hunting finished until the firearms season started so my wife and I took a quick trip to Florida to visit her parents. Of course I used this as a chance to try the Kick'n  Bass®ass Products Samples I received. I had caught alot of bass but I also caught the biggest bass of my life. My father in law and I were fishing a grassy hump in about 15 foot of water. I was throwing a 7" plastic worm in a Junebug color...my favorite. I had applied some of the Garlic scent and I had a number of hookups. (My father in law was teasing me about using a pizza as bait)  Within 20 minutes, I felt the tap, tap and I reeled in the slack and set the hook. I knew immediately I had a nice fish. The rod bent completely to the reel handle and the fish just never moved. There was no stumps or rocks to worry about, so I backed the drag off somewhat to let the rod and the drag fight the bass. After probably 5 minutes or so, the bass started  getting tired..and I was too.  When the bass came out of the water, I got my first look at it and the old nerves got a good workout. I knew the hook was set good and she started laying on her side and I knew then that I was about to win the battle. My father in law was waiting with the net and when the fish finally came along the side of the boat, I netted her and we had her in the boat.  10.3# You told me when we last talked that you wanted me to try the product and believe in it...Ken I DO BELIEVE IN THE PRODUCT!!!  Bud Fields, For a picture of Bud click here.

#103. 10-12-99,  I spent the entire day on Lake Lewisville Sunday. I had a pretty good day.  (Even though it was slow)I did a little experiment with your sent!! I waited until I had my first strike on a 7 1/2" red shad worm(8:15am). Once the strike was received, I did not set the hook. After the fish took the bait, I just left the worm alone to see if she would hold on or drop . Too my surprise the fish dragged the worm 10 or 15' before I set the hook. The fish weighed in just under 5 lbs. !!!!   Got to get back to work. hope you have a good week. Don't forget keep me in mind on the year 2000 sponsor list!!!  John C. Tate

I was introduced to Kick'n Bass®, while pre-fishing for a tournament on Lake Grapevine. We were catching a few smaller fish suspended below the boathouses but the bite was slow. My fishing partner had a bottle of Garlic Kick'n Bass®, we decided to use it on our baits. The quality and quantity of fish we were catching increased immediately. In about three and a half-hours we had caught our five fish limit. We found the areas of the lake we needed to fish to be competitive in the tournament. Our big fish weighed just over five pounds; with another weighing around four pounds. From that point on I have used Kick'n Bass® and enjoyed great   success. Butch Mattews, Matthews Guide Service 913 ONEAL STREET GAINESVILLE TEXAS 76240 (940) 612-3267

#101.  Been using Kick'n Bass® on my guide trips for about three years and have seen the results first hand when a client sets the hook and the fish is landed only to find that the hook never broke the skin and it was just holding on to the bait because of the taste and smell of your product. You have to try it to see the results for yourself, thanks Ray Roberts Guide Bruce Breisch

#100.  12-22-99, Hello, My name is Tom O'Bryant. I am a touring B.A.S.S. Professional, currently from Hollywood, Maryland. I say currently because I recently retired after 25 years of Military service and will be moving again in six months to follow my wife who is also in the Military. After sixteen years of local and regional tournaments I have made the step up to the big leagues. I have had the opportunity to fish for bass in most of the fifty states because of my Navy career and have seen many products that sound or look good, but many just sell fishermen. I'm here today to tell you about a product that, in fact, helps me catch more bass.  The product I'm talking about is an attractant called Kick'n Bass®. What is unique about this attractant is that it is oil based. Many of the scents on the market wash off after dipping in the water and must be reapplied repeatedly. I generally spray Kick'n Bass® in the plastic bag holding the soft plastics I'm using or spray on the jig or other hard bait, and I don't have to reapply for hours.  I use the Garlic flavor most of the time unless I know the bass are feeding on Crawfish, then I switch to the Crawfish flavor. Any time I use any type of soft plastic presentation, I spray Kick'n Bass® on the bait. I know it not only improves the number and size of fish I catch but it improves my confidence. The difference in fishing a one day event on a local lake and fishing a three or four day event on a sometimes distant or unknown lake is huge. Confidence is the main advantage, that I know I can make a bass bite even when the lake has turned over or a major cold front has come through. On a recent B.A.S.S. tournament on Lake Martin in Alabama, I went from catching fish on a spinnerbait in 3 feet of water in practice to having to downsize to a 4 inch worm and catching them in 25 feet of water because of a major front and the lake turning over while we were there. Fortunately I knew those fish had not moved, but I had to fish extremely slow on the bottom  and could not get a bite without using Kick'n Bass. I know Kick'n Bass® helps me catch more bass and I know it will help you also. Try it on your next fishing trip. Tom O'Bryant

#99. 12-25-99  I have been in search of a great attractant to be used in conjunction with  one of my sponsors soft plastic baits. Having been told of Kick'n Bass fish  attractant by the owner of this company I decided to give it a try. Most  people would believe that you would want a perfect day to try to field test a product. I think I found just that day! ( I don't think all could agree on my choice of conditions ) The following conditions were used for my field test. We had a 15 degree drop in air temperature from the previous day, an 8 degree water temperature drop, gale force winds to contend with as well as water temperatures right around the 50 degree mark. This is not what you would call  favorable fishing conditions. In my opinion these conditions were just what  the doctor ordered for a real test of your fish attractant.  I was fishing with the owner of this soft plastic bait company as well as one additional fisherman. Instead of down sizing my bait ( as should normally be done ) I stuck with my usual size Gitzit. After getting my first couple of  bites I proceeded to play a little with the fish. The other person fishing for bass fished for 3 hours without a bite. In those 3 hours I caught a dozen bass under extremely tough conditions. In all actuality fishing the way I was I should not of even been bit. These none aggressive bass were actually not only biting but they were carrying bait of distances of 3 - 5 feet. This made me a firm believer in Kick'n Bass. Congratulations Ken Kross you have in this Professional anglers opinion the best attractant on the market. I am proud to be a Kick'n Bass Pro Staff member. I would never associate my name with a product that I didn't truly believe in. Thanks to all at Kick'n Bass  for this opportunity. You have made fishing easier for me thanks to Kick'n Bass. 
Thank you, Leo Watson Pro Staff  Sponsored by Bud'z Fishin' Way'z,  Kick'n Bass®
  www.bassonhook.com www.gitzit.com, Rod Bob, Lip Grip'r, Eidolin Lures, Tight Line angler Products, Piranha Rods, TALS ( Tube-A-Lure )

#98. 12-25-99 Ken,  Again it is my pleasure and an honor to be a part of the Kick'n  Bass®ass Pro Staff.  I have been on the Kick'n  Bass® Team for several years now, and the  quality of this product just keeps getting better and better. As a seasoned  professional bass angler Kick'n  Bass® continually gives me the edge I need to  get that one or two extra bites that makes the difference of my being in the   money or not. Scientific Bass Products has, by means of scientific   experimentation, created several different formulas that can be applied to any type of fishing situation you might choose, whether it be freshwater or  saltwater.   Do not hesitate to experiment with the different formulas of  Kick'n  Bass® products and apply the formula that works best for you. I can  honestly tell you that this product will increase your chances of catching  fish.  It is a wonderful thing for me to see how well Kick'n  Bass® has done  over the last several years.   I say this because I can remember several  years ago when Kick'n  Bass® first came out, my partner Chance Mitchell and I  would travel some 50 miles or so just to have a bottle to use at our next  tournament when we were unfortunate enough to run out.  I can promise you  that we do not have this problem today, as Kick'n  Bass® is very readily  available in all parts of the country in most tackle stores.  I am not  surprised of  how popular Kick'n Bass® has become in such a short time. But  that's what happens when you have a great product.  I would like to make a   suggestion to the many fisherman that use this product that might help you  in the future.  Get yourself a plastic bag of some kind that has a good seal  at the top.  Open the bag insert your lure of preference into the bag and then spray the desired amount of Kick'n  Bass® on the lure.  Then properly seal the bag and reuse it every time you apply Kick'n  Bass® to your lure.  This will help conserve the amount of product you use as well as keep from  getting excess product on your clothes, boat, hands, etc.  Especially in the  areas of the country where the wind blows like it does here in Texas.  You can also leave the bag in your boat and  reuse it time and time again.  Do not be afraid to apply a generous portion of  Kick'n Bass® to your lure, as you can never use too much Kick'n Bass®.   I would like to wish all of you  much success in the year 2000 and may all your fishing dreams come true.  Good Fishing,  Mark S. Shores

#97. 12-25-99 It all started one day out on the lake that Kick'n Bass® and me became life long buddies. I was fishing a few areas that had been producing some really good fish in the past few days but nothing was biting at all. Then I remembered the Kick'n Bass® that Ken Revell had sent me to try and Boy did it make a difference after I added it to my soft plastics. It was the difference between catching and not catching that day for sure! But it didn't end there I had a guide trip a few days after that and Me and my client were fishing along a nice stretch of grass and I was catching fish and he wasn't then he ask me what was I doing different since we were using the same line and baits? It then it hit me! He was using a bag of the same baits but no Kick'n Bass® and I was using the bag I fixed up with it a few days before so I told him the only difference was the Kick`n Bass fish attractant that I was using and he wasn't. Here's the really interesting part of the whole trip. Here I was telling him how good this stuff was and that the fish won't let go when they grab it. Then I made a cast to a stick up along the bank when he said I gotta have some of that stuff and  I set my rod down on the bow and got him the Kick'n Bass®. When I returned to my rod I reeled up the slack from where it was by the stick up and the line was tight so I set the hook and there was a nice 3lb bass on the other end. The fish ate the bait and swallowed it and never left the log and when I got him to the boat all there was was line going into his stomach he ate it and swallowed IT (poor guy). Turned out to be the best testimonial for the day!!  The Stuff really works and has helped produce strings of fish for us when no one else was catching anything! Without a doubt The Team at Kick'n Bass has got what it takes to make the fishing world a better place.... Thanks Johnny Harrison
Kick'n Bass® Pro Staff Team, Coleto Creek Tackle, Texas

#96. 12-25-99 Before I used Kick'n Bass products I did not catch as many fish as I  would have liked to. The Garlic Attractant has given me more hits and more fish in the boat.  I can't forget the Crawfish Attractant, when you  put one squirt on...Just hang on! It makes the fish come to you.   I use it because it works!  Yours Truly,  Michael E. Howell, Athens,Texas

#95. I used your Kick'n Bass® crawfish and garlic scents this year in my tournaments. I have not been a strong believer in this type of product in the past but I had such great success this year with your product that I won't leave home without it. I won a major Canadian tournament in Ontario in July, 3 more in New Brunswick as well as the "Championship" and "Team of the year" with my son. The only difference in our approach this year was your product. I read so much on the Bass Fishing Home Page about Kick'n Bass® that I tracked down a Canadian store that would ship me some by mail. Thanks for a great product. Wish you continued success. Tight lines,  Rick Greene

#94.  I would like to thank you and Ken Revell for allowing me to be a member of your pro staff. I am far from being a pro but I would like to take this opportunity to say why I like Kick'n Bass®. First of all I am a Christian and would not be writing this if I did not honestly like your product. Like many others I have tried different attractants and was not really pleased with them. Kick'n Bass® is a product I am very much pleased with and I now use it all the time regardless of bait choices. I live in Eastern KY. and many of lakes are classified with the Dept. of Fish and Wildlife as infertile and the bass population suffers as a result. This has been blamed on coal mining practices over the years, but whatever the reason we don,t enjoy the big bass "factory" type lakes in our region like some others do. We have bass in our lakes but most in our immediate area are managed for other species, and the bass are really pressured but since using Kick'n Bass® my bass fishing has improved dramatically. I use garlic and crawfish but I use garlic more often. Our local club had a tournament on one of our tougher lakes and I had just acquired some Kick'n Bass® and before I could write something like this I had to know if it really made a difference other wise I would not write this as it is important for me to be honest.

#93. First of all I would like to thank the Kick'n Bass® team for taking me aboard.  I have used other scents before and never had the reaction as I  did with Kick'n Bass® scents.  I was introduced to Kick'n Bass® by Gerry Pigeon  while fishing in East Texas at lake Sam Rayburn.  I was fishing with my  wacky worms, with a scent I purchased from Wal-mart, not catching a thing while Gerry is catching fish left and right.  I finally asked him  how in the heck he was catching fish and I wasn't.  He finally told me  that in order to KICK BASS you have to use Kick'n Bass® scent so I tried  it.  After applying Kick'n Bass®  to my wacky worms I started KICK'N BASS.  Kick'n Bass® is like America Express, never leave home with out it.  I'll be  sending you pictures soon of the bass I've Kicked.  Thanks Again,  Ricky Williamson

#92. Kick'n Bass® is the real deal!!  Oh Son!!  If your not using bait attractants your shorting yourself, and if your using anything other than Kick'n Bass you need to go get yourself a bottle and try it.  I've experienced a 200%   increase in catch ratio since starting to use the garlic and crawfish   formulas, the fish simply won't let go!  The crawfish smells so much like the mud bug itself, the fish love it.  I've converted countless numbers of   anglers to the Kick'n Bass® during a day on the water.  When your fishing the same water with the same baits and actions the lures with the formula on them  will out perform others 4 to 1.  I truly believe that Kick'n Bass has helped  in my tournament success since starting to use it exclusively.  In fact, I had big bass in six major tournament events in 1999 netting me over  $10,000.00.  Bottom line, it was the best big bass year in my 10 years of  tournament fishing and one of the best fishing years ever!  For more  information contact me at: bassmasters77@hotmail.com
Good fishing!  Remember - Take a Kid Fishing!  Mike Spud Webb Professional Tournament Angler, B.A.S.S. Director South Texas, and proud to be a Kick'n Bass® Pro Staff member!

#91. As a guide on Joe Pool Lake, Texas, I spend 5-6 days a week on the water. I experience every possible situation mother nature delivers. I've been experimenting with Kick'n Bass® during the day and at night. I've noticed a 400% increase in the catch ratio at night on Joe Pool and a 200% increase during the day using the garlic scent. Yes folks, that's 4 times as many fish at night and twice as many fish during the daylight hours. Once the fish bites a bait with Kick'n Bass®, they won't let go. Before Kick'n Bass®, especially at night, you would feel a tick and by the time you set the hook, the fish had let go. In addition, I recently returned from a tournament in Michigan and found that the Smallmouth Bass love the crawfish scent when applied to a jig-n-pig combo. I look forward to trying the crawfish scent on my home lake as jig season is here. Good fishin' God Bless - Mike Edwards Guide service Texas,   972-223-3368      

#90.  I recently wrote a testimonial about how the garlic scent had helped me catch some huge Smallmouth Bass in Michigan.  I've been using the crawfish scent more lately on my jig combos at Joe Pool lake and the results have been great.   I'm not under the water to see if the fish are actually attracted to the scent of the bait nor could I tell even if I were under the water, but I can sure testify to the fact that once they pick up the bait they won't let go.  I do a lot of pre-fishing for clients and I'll shake the fish off instead of setting the hook while I'm locating fish for the next morning.  Using Kick'n Bass® I've got to cut the hook off my jig so they will not swallow the thing.  Fishing can be tough enough as it is so I want every possible advantage on my side that I can get whether I'm in a tournament, guide trip or just out fishing, you never know what the next cast might produce.  With Kick'n Bass® on my side I feel confident I'll at least get a chance to set the hook.  Good bassin and God Bless.  Mike Edwards, .

#89. Dear Ken,   Thank you for considering me for the SBP Pro Staff. I will be proud to wear the logo of Kick'n Bass, a product that really works. I try to teach the importance of using scent on your lures or live bait, by doing a test while guiding my clients.  I put Kick'n Bass® garlic or Crawdad on my clients lures and nothing on mine. After my clients have caught 3 to 1 bass to mine sometimes more my clients are convinced. If some think they just are a little better at this fishing thing and aren't convinced the scent is making them catch more bass, I put it on my lures and after 3 or 4 bass in a row they are convinced. Usually the first thing that comes out of their mouth is "You don't get to use anymore Kick'n Bass® today." Those clients are sold. Thank you for creating a great product to help make my job easier.  Sincerely,  Rick La Point, Rick's Chauffeured Guide Service
www.strikebass.com   strikebass@aol.com   1-800-869-2210

#88.  June 7, 1999.  Ever since I was introduced and started  using Kick'n Bass® Fish Attractants I've increased my catch ratio and I get more bites than my partners.  Kick'n Bass® Crawfish scent is the closest thing to smelling alike a crawfish without using a live crawfish for bait.  When I apply Kick'n Bass® to my lures it stays on longer than anything else I ever used, so I spend more time fishing rather than putting scents on every other cast.  When I first used Kick'n Bass® it was in a tournament, it was then I realized that Kick'n Bass® was the best fish attractant I ever used.  This particular T was a very tough one , one that you could not afford to miss any fish.   By using Kick'n Bass® it allowed us to get more bites.  There is no doubt that Kick'n Bass® played a big role in us placing high in the tournament.  That was just one trip, since then I find that fish just  hold on to the lure better and attack it more aggressively.  I use Kick'n Bass® Crawfish and Garlic Fish Attractant on all my lures and not to just jigs and worms, it works really well on spinnerbaits and crankbaits too. Al White Jr. B.A.S.S.® Pouring Pro. Gonzales, LA.  alwhite@eatel.net

#87.  As an avid Bass fisherman I am excited about the bait enhancement Kick'n Bass®.  I like it so much I am writing to share the information with all my friends and the folks I don't know.  Rick White of Reel Outfitters first introduced me to Kick'n Bass®.  Rick had taken me out to show me some good spots.  He was catching 3 fish to my one.  He was having all kinds of fun.  I finally had to ask "OK Rick, tell me what that stuff is you're spraying on your worm."  Thankful he was willing to share and I started catching as many fish as he was.  While working at the AAA Fiberglass booth at  the Big Town Tackle Show I met ken Revell.  In fact, Rick White introduced us.  Ken and I visited and he told me he didn't have any more spots on his Pro-Staff Team.  The next day Ken saw me working the AAA booth wearing a Kick'n Bass® hat and promoting Kick'n Bass® to anyone that stopped by.  Well I guess that was enough to convince  him that I was really sincere about my beliefs in Kick'n Bass®.  He said he would do what he could to get me on the Pro-Staff Team.  Needless to say he came through and here I am promoting Kick'n Bass® any way I can.  Kick'n Bass® is really the the scent that just keeps working like that pink rabbit.  The smell does not fade away.  The smells are authentic too.   Garlic smells like garlic and Crawfish smells like crawfish. I'm not sure how they smell to bass but I do know it must smell good enough that they want to take a bite. My fishing partner Charlie Yowell and I were fishing at Palestine.  Charlie has never believed in using any kind of scent but when he saw me catching fish and had not caught one, he started spraying Kick'n Bass® too.   Another time we were fishing at Grandbury for bedding fish.  We were in Charlie's boat. He was in the front flipping a lizard at the beds and not having any luck.   I told him to let me give it a try, so we changed places. I doused my lizard with Garlic and within a few minutes I caught a 2 1/2 # male.  A short time later I caught a female that weighted 5.77 #.  Using Kick'n Bass® I have caught several 5 pound fish, two over 6 pounds and one fish weighting 7.56#.  I would like to thank Rick White for introducing me to Kick'n Bass® and to Ken Revell for allowing me to be on the Pro-Staff Team.
My sponsors are Kick'n Bass®, Lil Hustler Tackle, Oakwood Homes of Ennis, Allen Samuel's Autoplex of Ennis, Piranha Rods and Excalibur Silver Thread.  I fish Pro Team T and Ellis County Bass Tournaments. 
Thanks for your support. Homer Doherty.

#86.  On June 12th, 1999 I was Pre-fishing at Bridgeport Lake of the HoneyHole couples,"Two of Us" T. I had some samples of Kick'n Bass® with me  and I gave a tube of Crawfish and Garlic scents to my partner, Tim Stevenson's Aunt, who was fishing the T.  I also gave some samples to another couple David and Charlene.  The next day we came up to where Tim's Aunt and Uncle were fishing. We were on one side of a small island and they on the other side. Cathy yelled that she was trying out the Crawfish scent and  within a minute set the hook on a fish that went in the live well.  I did not see Charlene until the weigh in , when she got her Check!  Cathy also got a check.  Although I finished out of the money, I am already in the Championship and was very glad that Kick'n Bass® and I were able to help out some fellow anglers in their quest to go to the Championship.   I think I also helped make believers not only out of Cathy and Charlene but their husbands too.  I am pretty sure that Kick'n Bass® will be in their boats from now on.  Randi Parkinson. Grapevine TX.

#85.  On May 22, 1999 I was fishing a T on Lake Ray Roberts TX.  After a long morning of catching fish in the slot (14"-24") I knew I was running out of time.  Without much in the livewells I knew I needed to make a change.  I was working a creek that should have been holding fish at the time, but I couldn't get the big fish bite that I needed, so I decided to do something different.  On the way in the creek I didn't get a bite, but when I came out I sprayed Kick'n Bass® Garlic on the same bait I had been using all day.  I had never used the product before and I had no confidence in it, but I do now!  It only took one flip into heavy cover and a 6# bass hammered it.  Of course I couldn't keep the short fish so I put her back sprayed on some more Kick'n Bass® and flipped into the same tree.  When I saw my line move I set the hook on a 10 # 2 oz Hog that not only took Big Bass honors, but put my stringer 7#,s over second place. It sure feels nice to walk away with a check and not an empty pocket.  Thank you Kick'n Bass® their is no doubt this is the best fish attractant on the market. It's definitely the only one for me.  Luke Scholl, Pilot Point, TX.

#84.  Hi my name is Scott Turner.  I've been tournament fishing since I was 18.  I have probably used about every scent manufactured.  I've been a BANG user for several years and would swear by it.   Well I was fishing a RedMan T on High Rock Lake in N.C. and was really getting waxed out of the back of my own boat, 3 fish to 1. After switching to the same brand and size worm he was still out fishing me.  Finally I noticed his secret.   Kick'n Bass® Garlic Scent.  Finally after a bit of coaxing and threats, he gave up a few squirts and bingo, the bites evened out.  I couldn't believe there was that much difference but there certainly was.  What a great product! Needless to say the BANG got pitched out and the Kick'n Bass® is here to stay.  Now I use it on everything, spinnerbaits, jigs, worms and crankbaits.   It works on them all.  Now as a member of the N.C. Kick'n Bass® Pro Staff I will be taking Kick'n Bass® with me on the B.A.S.S.® on the Eastern Invitational Trail as well as the 2000 Red Man and more.  To all the folks at Scientific Bass Products, Inc. thanks for making a great product and thanks for your support! Scott Turner, Concord N.C. Sponsored by Kick N' Bass®, Rippler Lures, The Rod Bob Ultimate Landscaping, Fishphotos.com, Belding Hausman Inc., Pro Fishin Report.com, Piranha Rods, Jerry's Tournament Tackle. 
To see a picture of Scott click here.

#83. I've always been the type of person who has to see something in black and white before I believe it. So I took upon myself to conduct a little experiment with Kick'n Bass® fish attractant.  The night before I was scheduled to take a customer out, I took the bait we would be using and put them in two separate bags. In one bag I  put about a quarter bottle of Kick'n Bass® and  nothing in the other bag.  The next morning we started fishing, I was using the bait with Kick'n Bass® on it, my customer was using the bait with no Kick'n Bass®.   I'm here to tell you the results were unbelievable.  I would catch five fish to his one.  By the end of  the day we had boated over thirty fish ranging from two pounds up to six pounds.  I can tell you one thing from that day on I will never leave the house without  a couple of bottles of Kick'n Bass® in the boat. This stuff really works. God bless you and good luck fishing.  Raymond Smith, Professional Angler Burleson, Texas, and my current sponsors - Kick'n Bass, Rod Bob,  Lip Grip'r, Fun-N-Sun & Pro Fishing Report.   To see a picture of Ray click here.

#82. As reported in The Arizona Republic on Sunday, April 25, 1999, (Page 8EV) I use Kickin' Bass garlic scent. Although this was to remain a secret, While talking to Dwayne Smith Outdoor editor I slipped and of course he has a job to do so he wrote about this product that I used. Now that the cat is out of the bag.  I use and have used this product for a long time now. I happened accross it at one of our retail stores. Perhaps Wal-Mart and thought I'd try it. Now I use it all the time. "If the bait I am using has an amino acid impregnated into it, I'll still dip my plastics in to Kickin' Bass." Thank You for such a fine product.
2 Time Arizona State Champion Bill Warman
http://www.vsps.com Bill is a life member of B.A.S.S. , Bill is a Member of B.A.S.S. , Lunker Club, A member of I.G.F.A.
A two time Arizona State BASS fishing Champion.,
At the 1992 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 8th Place.
At the 1995 Big Bass World Championships, he finished in 13th Place.
Bill Warman has 13 Bass registered under World Record Regulations in the World Record Book.  For Pictures Click here

#81. The "Holding" Pattern of Bass and Fish Attractant.
As a Professional Guide and Tournament Angler in Texas it is not hard to see why I enjoy fishing in the Lone Star State.  With our current state record boasting a healthy 18.18 pounds from Lake Fork, a majority of Texas lakes have records over 12 pounds.   I guess the statement, "Everything is bigger and better in Texas," holds true for some things.  I have been fishing Texas lakes for over ten years now and have caught a multitude of fish on various baits and techniques.  I also guide on several North Texas impoundment's around the Dallas / Fort Worth area.  I am consistently under the gun to put clients on fish or to weigh in fish in the many professional and amateur circuits I fish.  Being a believer of scent products on lures to mask foreign scents and entice fish to hold baits longer, I discovered your product(s).  I have also found that Kick'n Bass® makes for an excellent training tool for instructional fishing. 
Many time while teaching students or clients I have had fish retain the bait for up to 30 seconds and allow the customer or student to actually feel the fish moving and hitting the lure.  I am also very pleased with the manner in which soft plastics actually absorb the Kick'n Bass® and retain the scent while in the packaging.  Each time I get a package of soft plastics they get a good bath of Kick'n Bass®.  While throwing a soft plastic jerk bait that has been sprayed with Kick'n Bass® you have to be careful not to let the fish have the bait to long as they actually try and eat it.  The same goes with Carolina rigged soft plastics.  Now every package of soft plastic bait in my boat has Kick'n Bass® applied to it.  Often times when doing tank demonstrations, seminars and even on the lake fishing, I am able to show customers the holding power Kick'n Bass® has on fish as I lightly pull them to the boat or side of the tank without ever setting the hook.   Kick'n Bass® has become an essential part of my tackle box and is applied to almost every lure I fish with now.  I am more confident in my baits and my abilities as a fisherman knowing that Kick'n Bass® will give me the extra edge over the fish for that split second, or seconds extra, in setting the hook.  Kick'n Bass® is by far the best scent attractant I have ever used and definitely helps me to be a better fisherman.
Sincerely, Kirk R. Armstrong, Vice President of  Pro Fishin Report. Com web site
Professional Guide & Tournament Angler.

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