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This page is for use of all Kick'n Bass® Pro-Staff. 

This page is for Testimony, coming events, trade show news, boats for sale by Pro-Staff, meeting room, trip planning etc.  Not Lake reports. Please let us know what's happening, how you did in a tournament, what you are going to do, what's new.... what shows are you attending, etc. Use this board to plan your next tournament on a strange lake, post a "Help Me" post and someone in that state from KNB Pro-Staff can call or e mail you.  Let's work together guys and gals. Also it would be nice if you all got us a telephone number of a bait and tackle store that does not carry KNB, we will call them and do all the work.
Pro-Staff inquires, request for product etc. go to Ken "Cosmic" Kross.
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Our company numbers are 1-800-605-BASS,  Fax 602-938-1766,  
Thank you Cosmic.

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Cosmic, Kick'n Bass®, Webmaster, 800-605-2277, Fax602-938-1766  ,  
01:17 PM
Well from the looks of it folks, we got us a new place to gather information. I hope that everyone on our Pro-Staff will use this board. We should be able to post upcoming events, past events, anything that you feel like.
This board can be used for planning a tournament to an unknown lake. Just e mail a Pro-Staffer from that state and ask what's happening. 
If you haven't been to our new Brag'n Board, go over a take a look. The Pro-Staff are on one page by themselves and other fishermen, kids etc on a different page. I cleaned up a lot of the pages and will rescan some of the old pictures when I have time. (I scan better now). Have fun. Take care. Cosmic
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The Irving Bass Club is having our 61st Semi-Annual Lake Fork "Open Tournament" Oct. 18th, 2008...being held out of The Minnow Bucket Marina off of Hwy. 154. Registeration is Fri Oct. 17th from 4-11pm and Sat Oct. 18th from 4-7am. at the Large Pavillion and Stage/Trlr. to the left of the Ramp. It's one of the Biggest/Best Tourneys on the Lake!!!
 Ken (Owner of Kick n' Bass) has donated some products for Door Prizes at the Tournament...He has the BEST Scents You can Buy...I'm on his Pro Staff, and have used them for Years!!! I'm also on the Bass Pro Shops Pro "Nitro State Fishing Team"...wouldn't even Think of Competing without having "Kick n' Bass" for All my baits! It's Awesome!!!

Women's Bassmaster Tour -- Clarks Hill
Sept. 18-20, 2008
02:51 PM

We fished our fourth WBT tournament on Clarks Hill Lake in Appling, GA last week. I filed a report on our first tournament but the second (Neely-Henry) and third (Old Hickory) stops were pretty uneventful. There were lots of short fish caught using KNB Garlic. I finished 33rd and 43rd respectively and then knew I had to set my sights on Clarks Hill in order to make the Championship. The water was 15 feet low, the hydrilla pretty thick in most places, the water temp in the 70s, sunny, and windy. I had one day of practice with a local guy but no official practice. I was confident with what I learned from him for the present conditions. The first day I only picked up one keeper on a shaky head covered with KNB crawfish pulling it across the grass. After waking up after midnight that night with a severe headache and upset stomach, I decided I had to fish the second day and try to hold my spot in the standings. I was able to bring in three keepers caught on a weightless worm with KNB crawfish in the grassy flats. The winds were more than the 20 mph predicted. That put me in the cut so I could fish on day three. It was a tough day with a slow bite for everybody. I only caught one keeper with the same weightless worm with KNB crawfish. I finished in 13th. Not great but I'll take it. I went into this tournament in 12th place overall and did well enough to make the cut for the Championship. I am now tied for 11th and will be headed to Arkansas next month!! My thanks to KNB for such a great product! It's awesome!

Go Kick some Bass Susan we are all cheering for you. Cos>

Bassmaster W/E Series & A.B.A 1st & 7th place
8/16-17/08 & 8/23-24/08
01:31 PM

In the past 2-weeks I have fished two divisional championships the first was the Bassmaster Weekend Series div.14 on lake Eufaula in Oklahoma on 8/16 & 17. The first day was kind of slow I ended up with 4 fish that went 9.28 lbs but the second day I made a come back with 5 fish that went 15.17 lbs. To finish in 7th place. I caught all my fish on a fast moving top water and a shakey head drenched in garlic KNB. The second event was the A.B.A Div. 65 at Grand Lake in Oklahoma on 8/23 & 24. Again the first day was slow for me I had 4 fish that weighed 6.96 lbs but also had another awesome 2nd day with a 13 lb. sack with a 4.66 kicker. which finished me in first place and big bass. caught these fish on a tube and a jig drenched in garlic KNB. All I can say is keep out the garlic KNB in late summer. I also want to thank you Ken for sponsoring div. 65 of the A.B.A in the 2008 season...

Way to go... first place and BIG BASS... Sounds like a great day.. Cosmic>

FLW   15 place
June 21 st 
09:02 AM

FLW BFL on lake Champlain, placed 15 out of 118. Fishing was tough because of a cold front that brought high winds and a lot of rain. Pre fishing was easy because the large mouths were on beds, I was using a tube scented with KICK N BASS garlic. On tournament day the plan changed because of the weather change.

Thanks Joe Jablonsky
15 out of 118 means you were right on them Joe... good job. Cosmic>

11:21 AM

Well its tournament time again and so far I fished the Potomac and qualified for PA Classic and again using KNB crawfish on my flipping jig. Also this year is going to be the year for swimbaits and if you really want a slamming strike just put on Kick'n Bass. I have used this combo for two years and a fish will not leave the bait go. A lot of the fish I catch come from behind and that smell just drives them wild. The swimbait is made to be fished slow and the fish get a good long look an smell at these baits so do yourself a favor and dose it with Kick'n Bass.

Capt. Keith Barker, Life Outdoors Unlimited Guide Service
01:26 PM

On Tuesday may 20th 2008 I was fishing on the Susquehanna River near Duncannon PA when I caught a 17# 10 oz. Muskie. My bait was a Big Mouth Spinnerbait and it was dressed with Kick'n Bass Crawfish Fish Attractant.

Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors, Unlimited
03:52 PM

I am a guide with Ken Penrod's Life Outdoors Unlimited, the largest guide service in the Mid Atlantic Region. The Potomac River where I fish is traumatized with tournaments & local fishing pressure & boat traffic form March thru October each year. Yet I have to produce fish for my clients day in and day out regardless of conditions. No scent product is a magic bullet but Kick'n Bass, does provide a very important edge. At the beginning of each trip I have my clients wash their hands and then rub in some Kick'n Bass Garlic scent to cover any odors. That way any baits they touch won't pick up offensive scents or flavors.

I use Kick'n Bass Crawfish on all my plastic baits and the shad scent on all my crankbaits and spinnerbaits.

On tough days, the scent and taste provided by Kick'n Bass give lethargic bass a good reason to bite my baits. This is especially important on cold front days and in the stink'n hot days of summer.

I especially like the fact the Kick'n Bass products are made using a fish oil base instead of a petroleum base. Better for the environment and better for the fish.

TNT Summer Series
09:15 PM

We were on the water all day but had struggled to boat a limit when we decided to try a Secret Weapon spinner bait. After soaking in KNB Garlic we made our first casts. My partner was broken off by a huge smallie about 10 feet from the boat. Then I got into two real nice fish 5 and 6 pounds. Then we moved about 50 yards working a flat and in about 1 foot of water came the fish we were looking for, the fish of a lifetime. She weighed 10.9 on our unofficial scale. Since it was Sunday and nearing dark we sent her back to finish her spawning work. The lake record is 10.6 so it would have been nice to have her on an official scale but I feel so strongly about protecting our precious resources that I didn't want to take a chance on her survival. Thank you Ken for such a great product. I know I can always took to KNB when I need the kicker fish! God Bless... And Tight Lines!

Women's Bassmaster Tour -- Lake Lewisville, TX
April 10 - 12, 2008
03:05 PM

The first stop for the 2008 WBT season took place on Lake Lewisville outside of Dallas, Texas. We had fished here in 2006 with low water, heat, and blue bird skies. This time the water was 2 ft. above normal and I wasn't sure what to expect but wanted to do much better than before. The conditions were tough. We had weather changes and winds that never stopped. I arrived on Saturday and began practice on Sunday. My practice partner and I struggled for three days trying to figure out a pattern but just couldn't come up with anything. We worked hard. I zeroed the first day of competition, was exhausted, and still had no answers for Lake Lewisville. My second day partner was very confident in her plan which helped me settle down a bit so I focused on what could happen and not the days before. I caught two fish for 5 lbs. 2 oz. which put me in 13th place making the cut. The third day we had winds said to be 30 mph all day, and the fishing was tough. I managed to catch one fish for 2 lbs. 8 oz. My total weight for the tournament was 7 lbs. 10 oz. for 7th place overall. My fish were caught on a T-rigged lizard, T-rigged craw, and spinnerbait. The KNB flavor of the day was garlic. Thanks!!

Miami Valley Bass Masters
27 September 2007 
09:49 AM

I’ve always been skeptical about scent products and you may feel the same. But when you’re having a tough day on the water, you’re apt to try about anything. I fish in South Central Ohio and if you’ve ever fished Ohio you know it’s tough. Last year I was pre-fishing for a tournament during a cool September day. I couldn’t get bit all morning. I shuffled through the tackle box a couple of times in desperation only to turn up some Kick’n Bass a buddy left me to try a couple years back. He attested to Kick’n Bass, but I never gave the stuff a second thought and threw it in the bottom of the tackle box. Well, after two years in storage, Kick’n Bass worked like magic for me on this tough September day. On the same boat docks I just saturated with my unscented jig and pig, I turned around re-engaged with and with the same jig, only this time loaded with Kick’n Bass, and immediately got bit. Then just two docks down, bam--I caught two more nice bass. Now remember this stuff was two years old, but still Kick’n Bass put fish in the boat. The scent was potent and the viscosity was thick. I could believe it, but Kick’n Bass worked. So of course I went online when I got home and order a bunch. To my pleasant surprise it was cheaper than most products in the store at only $5.99. Really not a bad deal at all, just don’t wait as long as I did before you try Kick’n Bass.

Thank you Brian. We need Kick'n Bass® local tackle store.. (Mom and Pop's). Bring in a bottle and let them smell it then call the 800-605-BASS number and place an order. Get it under the buyers nose.. Get me some stores please.. Cosmic>

09:07 AM

The day was pretty cool, cloud cover and some wind all day. Water temps in the upper 40s. Most of the lakes in the area are "flood control" -- they are pulled down anywhere from 25 to 35 feet to a "winter pool" and allowed to fill to "summer pool" usually in mid March to mid April. There had been a lot of rain and this lake was almost to summer pool already. However, it had been pulled down over the last few days a couple feet due to more expected rain. Also, the lake was muddy from all the rain, and the fish were scattered. I only weighed one fish, actually, of all in the club that weighed fish, all but one angler in the club weighed one fish. This was a "draw" tournament, and when my partner caught his fish using something completely different, I dug in my tackle and put on a bait very similar, doctored it with KNB and finally had one in the boat. I missed a couple others and finished last of those who caught fish.

We were supposed to fish another tournament on this same lake the previous Sunday, but that tourney was cancelled due to the area receiving 14" of snow.

Sounds like a good day to stay home and get some honey-do's done.. Glad the snow stopped. Now pull out the 10inch watermelon worms and soak them the night before.. Good luck.. Cos>

Toledo Bend Lake, Texas
March 16, 2008
02:43 PM

Hi All, (It's "Ya'll C>)

Well, spring has sprung here in Texas and the fishing is excellent. Only problem lately is the March winds have played havoc on most of us.

This past weekend I was pre-fishing for an upcoming tournament and even with 600 plus boats fishing an Oil Man's Tournament the fishing was great! Our winds were steady 15 to 20 mph with gusts up to thirty so most coves were stacked with boats. With just a little over four hours on the water I culled fish and ended up with a little over 16 lbs. for the day. Hope their still there for the tournament!

The choice of baits for the day was Senkos dead-sticked and rattle traps. The best colors were Black/Blue, Smoke Purple for the Senko's and rattle traps produced best with Chrome/Blue while sunny and shad colored as well as anything orange. Caught a few fish on a watermelon/Gold and Watermelon/Red Zoom wacky worm.

Hope this info helps someone. The number one thing to remember in order to be successful is to use your KICK'N BASS!!! I put several drops into all of my plastic baits so I don't have to pull out my bottle everytime. I also use a spray bottle with Kick'n Bass to refresh a bait if it's been on for awhile. Just a couple of time saver hints.

Good Fishing and God Bless!

Sandy Jeane/Team Kick'n Bass®

MBC Team Tournament
03:03 PM

Fishing was slow with cooler water temperatures and a strong wind. However a few nice bass came to the scales.

We always use KNB

Bill Warman

We need another Arizona "State Record" from you this year Bill, again on KNB! Cos>

01:34 AM

Hello Pro-Staffers....The off season is finally here for me. Had a great year this year and really looking forward to the new year. Kick-n-bass has been a valuable tool in my plan of attack and is by far the only attractant I will put on my lures. Hope everyone's holidays are great and that the fish keep biting for you. Have a great one!!!

Dave Brown Kick-n-Bass Prostaff, Gary Yamamoto Baits Prostaff, Tracker Boats State Team, Castaway Rods Pro-staff

Federation Nation Bass Club World Championship
Oct 11-13  2007   Red River  Louisiana 
09:25 PM

Hi Cos and everyone else. I have been fishing all year and I'm just able to write . Well my team from Pa qualified for the club championship in Louisiana. All summer it has been hard to stay on fish but what's new. KNB has been with me on every trip and has served me well even more on the hard bits. Also I qualified for the Pa Fed Championship and Bass masters Weekend eastern series . But as always KNB is all I use and believe in. If you haven't tried KNB you are only cheating yourself. Hope everyone had a great summer and rapping it up with one more WIN. Great product Cos. Take care and God Bless Cherif

Renegade Tournaments
August 2007 
12:28 PM

I have been using KNB since 1999 even before I joined the Pro Staff. I have been putting a drop on the palms of my hands when I get in the boat, so that anything that I touched on the way to the lake won't transfer to baits. Well, I have taken it one step further. Instead of pouring a few drops on my baits before casting, I put a few drops in the palms of my hands and rub it onto the baits. You need to be real careful of the hooks, of course. Then wipe off any excess on your towel before picking up your rod. Now I am not hanging out over the side of the boat applying KNB. No drips and you also redo the attractant on your hands. So when you are searching through the tackle box selecting a different crankbait, for instance, you are also putting a little KNB on every thing you touch.

This method has worked very well for me, getting bites after applying just as if I had poured it on, but without the drips. And, it can be applied a little more discreetly, if you don't want to give away your secret to the person you are fishing with just yet. Let him use the same baits you are throwing and wonder why you are catching so many more. Then you can share the KNB...believe me the next time you fish with him, he will most likely have some KNB in his bag.

American Bass Anglers District 65
7/ 28  & 29
10:14 PM

Hello everyone, I fished the district 65 championship on Grand lake in Oklahoma this past weekend. As temperatures rose the bite got tough I finished in 6th place. the only thing I could get fish to bite on was a jig with paca craw trailer with crawdad Kick n Bass or a 10 inch black neon worm with anise shad Kick'n Bass. thanks Cos for the KNB.

Percy Priest - Elm Hill - Thursday Night Open
02:09 PM

"The Dog Days of Summer" are no match for the angler fishing "Kick'n Bass®". We all know how tough the summer months can be and how frustrating it can be to go to the scales with a sack of smaller fish in hopes of a good finish. Well... while we didn't take the prize, we did get Big Fish money for both Largemouth and Smallmouth and we were only less than 1lb. out of the money. I know this was not possible without Kick Bass.

Rusty Strange PBF / BFN South Keep Kick'n Bass®!

Big fish sounds good... one pound out of the money just hurts.. Good job. Cos>

Women's Bassmaster Tour -- Kentucky Lake
June 14 - 16, 2007 
12:41 PM

I happily report that I finally won my first WBT event on Kentucky Lake! We practiced Sunday through Tuesday with each day becoming a little more difficult, but we had brought enough keepers to the boat that we felt like we could catch some fish during the tournament. Thursday, the first day of competition, started with a couple of short fish but the feeling that the keepers were on their way. Unfortunately, about midmorning the trolling motor died and we spent most of the day waiting on a rescue boat to bring a new trolling motor and did our best to fish without it. Difficult to do with a slight breeze and boat traffic. No fish for the weigh-in. Friday came with a peace about everything. We fished shallow banks with much success. I was able to weigh-in four fish for 9 lbs. 10 oz. which was enough to make the cut! I was finally going to fish for the money! Saturday came with very little sleep but the continued peace that I felt on Friday. We fished the ledges all day. I had my first limit and culled for the first time by 10:30. I weighed in 10 lbs. 12 oz. for a total of 20 lbs. 6 oz. to win the tournament!

Once again KNB came through for me as I caught all of my fish with plastics on a T-rig, C-rig, and ball jig. They were always covered with it. Thanks Cos!!

Now you can send me that $100 you owe me Sunshine.. way to go. LOL..Cos>

Woman's Bassmaster Tour--Kentucky Lake
June 14-16, 2007
10:07 PM

I couldn't get the "ledge bite" that is a popular post spawn technique at Kentucky Lake, so had to go to something that I know. That was fishing in grass with a Senko laced with Kick'n Bass. It did the trick and I made the second day cut and finished in 15th place overall. Yes...Kick'n Bass made a difference...they didn't want it without!

Way to go Madeline.. glad you made the cut.. Cos>

big eye bass club
09:22 PM

This past Sunday me and another Kick'n Bass pro Derek Auction fished together in our bass club tourney out of bayou pigeon. Well we didn't win (due to an alarm clock issue and leaving the house 2 1/2 hours late) we still managed to come in second. Me and Derek flipped a Baby Brushhog with KICK N BASS crawfish around the cane and in the shallow cover. Derek and I caught 5 keepers, him 3 and I caught 2 which lead us to second place losing by 7 oz. We both strongly believe KICK N BASS helped us come from behind after losing some fishing time to still get second and a few missed fish could have propelled us to the top. With out you Mr. Ken none of this is possible, thank you Brady

Heck of a come back story Brady.. Cos>

American Bass Anglers
5/27/07 & 6/03/07
11:22 AM

In the past two weeks I have fished two American Bass Angler events both of them district #65 and both on Grand lake in Oklahoma. I got 1st place in both events with about 14lbs. in each. I caught both five fish limits by hopping a jig soaked with garlic Kick-n-Bass on main lake points. I hope this pattern of getting first place keeps up !!! Bill Gaddis

Don't want to fish against you Bill... thanks for using KNB too... Cos.>

Arkansas Hawg Hunters (Arkansas Federation Nation)
May 20, 2007, 
09:59 PM

Fished the club tournament at Lake Millwood located in southwestern Arkansas. This lake is like a Louisiana or Florida bayou complete with lily pads and alligators! Bass must be minimum of 16" and only three allowed in possession. Thanks to Kick'n Bass I landed two beauties to take third place.

James River Bassmasters
01:17 PM

Hello Guys, Ken has the Best of the Best with the Kick n Bass Crawfish juice, I was pre-fishing a tournament on Kerr Lake in VA and I was using a 3/4oz custom made jig that I had used few months ago and had put the juice on it then and I had forgot that it was sauced up, I threw out in about 14ft of water and got hit ,so I tried shaking him off (no go) he would not let go, I pulled him up to the surface without setting the hook, I couldn't believe it!!!!Thanks Ken for making the best and forget the rest!!!!! Greg

American Bass Anglers
Sunday May 6th
09:53 PM

I fished an A.B.A tournament on Grand lake in Oklahoma on Sunday May 6th. I came in 2nd place with 4 fish weighing 11.5 lbs. it was a little tough and very windy I caught post spawn fish on a jig with crawdad kick n bass My next tournament is a B.F.L. on Eufaula in Oklahoma I haven't been able to pre-fish so I will need all your hopes and prayers for a good finish. (thanks in advance) Bill Gaddis

Women's Bassmaster Tour -- Lake Dardanelle
March 29-31, 2007 
09:42 PM

I had a great week at Lake Dardanelle. The week started off with three great practice days with me and my practice partner catching fish each day to include keepers with the others being no less than one inch from being keepers. So our confidence grew each day with our choice of lures with mine being covered with KNB. Day one of the actual tournament rolled around and didn't turn out to be quite as good as practice. I caught about ten measuring 14 ins., but we all know that just doesn't matter when they have to be 15 inches. No keepers for day one. So close, yet so far. Day two began slow in the shallows. We went to spot #2 after about an hour to yet another very shallow area. Within 30 mins. we started putting fish in the live wells. My first was 3 lbs. 1 oz. which I felt was a good start. About an hour later I caught the second one which weighed 4 lbs. 5 oz. (my biggest fish ever). Unfortunately, those would be the only keepers for the day, but I caught many others just too short which, again, just didn't matter. My total weight of 7 lbs. 6 oz. didn't get me a check, but did move me up in the overall standings. Once again, the senko-type worm covered in KNB came through for me. Thanks again, Ken, for your support.
Good job Sunshine.. biggest fish is something I hear a a lot from new users.. Congratulations. Cos>

ABA / BFL Oklahoma Divisions
03/25/2007 and 03/31/2007 
06:44 PM

I fished the ABA (District 65) on March 25th. It was a tough day with rising water and the winds were gusting at 25 mph on Grand Lake. I was able to seal second place with a slow rolling spinner bait DRENCHED with: GARLIC KICK N BASS. I don't leave home without it.

On March 31st, I fished the BFL on Fort Gibson Lake. Another windy day but a tube with GARLIC KICK N BASS produced 3 keepers. One weighing 5.60 to allow me to come in at 20th place with 11 lbs. Another check. Thanks KICK N BASS

Sounds like a great start... love to get those checks don't you?  Cos>

Woman's Bassmaster Tour--Lake Dardanelle
March 29-31, 2007
08:29 PM

Had a good tournament...made the cut with 20#. Third day was tough for me...needed sun for my pattern to continue. It wasn't that there weren't fish being was the 15" size limit that made it tougher. By using Kick'n Bass to enhance the presentation of my Senko, I was able to put a nice 3#8oz in the live-well for a finish in 22nd place and a check.

Keep the checks coming in Madeline.... glad you made the cut!!! Cosmic>

Arkansas State TBF Tournament
March 16-17, 2007
501-922-6445 , 
10:09 PM

This was the first state of Arkansas TBF tournament, and it was held in Hot Springs, Arkansas. Our team, Spa City Bass Club, didn't do as well as we would have liked on our home lake. We all did catch fish.. unfortunately they were the small bucks. Since I was the only woman fishing the event it was important (to me) to catch fish and I credit my catch to Kick'n Bass.. even got my draw partner interested in trying it!
Way to go Madeline... represent those women! Cos>

Women's Bassmaster Tour
February, 2007 
07:50 PM

I've just begun fishing tournaments a little over a year ago, and haven't been doing too well, actually. I'm still learning about what type artificial bait to use when, how to rig lines, etc. Since being sponsored by Kick'n Bass, I've been putting some of it on my hands each morning before beginning to fish. In the last tournament I fished, in Del Rio, Texas, I caught what was probably the biggest bass of my lifetime, a 4 lb. 15 oz. one. I know it wasn't considered huge for Del Rio, but it was huge in my book!! Thanks Kick'n Bass!

Biggest bass of a lifetime always comes when people start using KNB.. good for you. Cos>

Renegade Tournaments
09:39 PM

Fished first tourney of the season on Sunday, 3/11. Kick N Bass was in use and helped us succeed. We weighed a limit, finished 9th out of 105+ and cashed checks.

I am convinced we could not have done as well without KNB. We chose our first place to start, but was unable to get directly on it due to others who arrived before us (we were in the third flight) After one of the other boats moved off the point we moved in and put 3 fish in the live well very quickly. We moved to other locations after a while of no hits, and only caught short fish. So we finished the day on the same place we started, and finished out our limit and even culled one of our smaller fish. I caught all but the last fish -- my husband caught one over 4.5 pounds just before we had to get back to the weigh in.

KNB is the best on the market. I've known this for years and proudly promote it to all I fish with when in a draw format tourney, and have gotten several bait stores to carry KNB.

Marilyn Biszmaier

9 out of 105 plus... Wow... way to go girl !!! Cos>

Renegade Tournaments
09:39 PM

looking forward to start of season with first trail tourney on Nolin Lake in central Kentucky this coming Sunday. The tourney will have 100+ boats. The lake is a flood control lake and is still in winter pool. Winter drawdown is about 20 feet below summer pool. Water temps are still on the cool side but not cold, as our winter this year was fairly warm. Will let you know how we do.

Women's Bassmaster Tour 2007
Feb 8-10 2007 
03:17 PM

Hello this is Lora Let me know when you get this. Thank you

Here it is Lora.. Cos>

Women's Bassmaster Tour -- Lake Amistad -- Del Rio, TX
February 8-10, 2007 
10:31 PM

Hello everyone! It's finally here -- the start of the 2007 Women's Bassmaster Tour. We started the new season on Lake Amistad in Del Rio, Texas. It was a great week with fairly mild weather as long as the wind wasn't gusting. The first day started out pretty slow with a thick fog setting in and not being able to blast off until over an hour after the scheduled time. The temperature stayed in the 50's with gusty winds and never made it to the 75 mark as forecasted. So the water temp stayed right around 50 and choppy all day with no relief. After a tough morning with no bites I finally T-rigged a watermelon finesse worm and covered it with crawfish KNB. Ten minutes later I had my first bite and was reeling a decent keeper to the boat. Unfortunately, it shot out of the water just as we were about to net it, waved good-bye, and threw my lure back to me. That was my only bite for the day which left me with nothing for the first day weigh-in. The second day started out much better with no fog delay. The temps started out a little cool but the sun eventually made it out and warmed things for the afternoon. The water temp stayed around 54 and was much calmer with just a ripple. I was determined to fish with confidence and take something to the weigh-in. I decided to fish a drop shot with a watermelon finesse worm covered in crawfish KNB. My boater was just learning to use KNB, and we had a great time covering our plastics with it. About midmorning I finally hooked into what is my biggest fish ever. I pulled in a 4.4 lber. It was my only fish for the day. We were sitting in about 40 ft. of water, throwing to 20 ft., and working it slowly back to the boat. I didn't place but did get points on the board. Lake Amistad is a great fishery with deep clear water, hydrilla, and trees shallow and deep. Ken, thanks again for giving me the opportunity to represent KNB. It's a great product!!

Keep on Kick'n Bass and you will get those checks at weight in... Cos>

KNB Pro Staff Member
10:45 PM

I just wanted to let everyone know, especially here in the south that spring time means CRAWFISH!!! We've been getting alot of rain fall these last couple of months, and alot of water means a good crawfish season. Which in return means that the bass will be feeding on them heavily. It is very important to remember when fishing this spring to apply KNB CRAWFISH scent constantly when fishing. The bass will need that extra encouragement in order to bite because of all the natural prey, every bit helps. And the KNB CRAWFISH matches this scent like no other product on the market. It helps me out fish my buddies all the time, and doesn't that feel good. So don't forget to pick up a couple of bottles before you head out this spring, or order them now on this site. Good luck fishing.

P.S. Check out more KNB comments on my website, .


Field Testing
08:44 PM

Lake St Clair, Bordered by Michigan and Ontario Canada 250 square miles of pure fishing adventures. Shaped almost like a cereal bowl with not much structure but some rock piles, weeds and a lot of sand. Lake St Clair holds Musky, Northern Pike, Yellow Perch, Smallmouth Bass, Largemouth Bass, Sturgeon, Catfish and triton missile size carp and freshwater drum. Spring time right after ice-out if there is any brings the Walleye from Lake Erie and Lake St Clair into the Detroit River System, making for some awesome vertical jigging action. Also Springtime brings in the Northern Pike hungry and filled with attitude. Summer arrives and Bingo its Bass Season and the big brown pigs and the green hawgs are ready for battle. None of the fishing above is more fun than when we are using KicknBass in (Garlic) (Anise-Shad) (CrawFish) and the KicknWalleye really picks up the action on those slow bite days. So as I tell the fellas around here and down at the marina if ya aren't using KicknBass then your missing some big fish! Thanks for a wonderful Product and I am glad to be called your Canada's ProStaffer!!! Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam Independent Field Tester

11:13 AM

Once again, nothing but good things to say. Went out pre fishing for a tournament Throwing pumpkin jigs topped with crawdad KNB and the fish like always, just won't let go of the bait. With a jig most of the time you feel the hit and then you feel them spit it right back out, so you better be on your game and hit them right away. But when using KNB these fish hit the jig, and start to swim off with it, and this is just not normal, but this just proves how good KNB really is. I have tried to let fish hit the jig and see how long they will swim with it and on some occasions, they swallow it, they think that jig is a real crawdad, and to me they is just a awesome product. Cos, keep up the good work on a awesome product and I am proud to say that I am on your ProStaff....

GA Peaches/Lake Hartwell
November  11-12, 2006 
10:21 PM

I would like to say hello to everyone as I post my first report as a member of the KNB pro staff and thank Ken for inviting me on board. I hope all is well with all of you. Now let's talk fishing. I fished Lake Hartwell on the GA/SC border with my bass club, the GA Peaches, last weekend. We had a chilly but beautiful morning Saturday with the temperature being in the 50's. The sun was already up and on the banks by the time we reached our first spot. I had a slow morning with very few bites on topwater. As the day progressed and things warmed up I switched to plastic and began to get some action. The water temp was 64 degrees with a light wind blowing. I caught my first keeper off of a brush pile a few feet off the bank with a Junebug dead ringer covered with KNB Anise Shad. Clouds from an expected front moved in around lunchtime and we knew there was rain on the way. We later moved to a flat off of a main lake point where I caught two more keepers. These were caught on a lightweight jighead with a Candybug trick worm which also had KNB on it. The wind was blowing straight into the point. That was the best I could do for day one. The rain did come that evening and it rained well into the night.

The rain moved out and the sun was on the horizon once again by blast off on Sunday. The temperature was cooler in the high 30's with a slight breeze. We were able to get to our first spot a little quicker this time, but the topwater bite still produced nothing. Knowing that the flat on Saturday produced some keepers, we tried a new one but got no bite. As we trolled around it we discovered a 20 ft. drop-off into a ditch and gave it a shot. This is where I snagged my first keeper fishing with the same lightweight jighead with a Candybug trick worm with KNB Anise Shad on it. We later moved back to the flat from the day before. On my second cast I had a major hit but was unable to set the hook on time. So I threw back to the same spot, got the bite, set the hook, and knew I had a good fish. I reeled it in right up to the boat, saw that it indeed was a good fish, and just as I got ready to land it, the fish gave one good tug, broke the line, and was gone. Thus, the one that got away. I'm guessing he wanted that big trick worm pretty bad so he could lay around all day sucking the KNB off of it. Whatever the case, I was heartbroken. I had no other bites the rest of the day until about ten minutes before check in. The wind blew hard all day, the water temp was 62 degrees, and the air temp finally reached the 50's by midafternoon. I caught one more keeper off a stump a few feet from the bank close to the ramp. Again, I had used KNB Anise Shad on a Junebug dead ringer. Even though I lost the big one and the others were not much to brag about, I still was able to weigh-in both days with a combined weight of 5.77 lbs.

Again, I'm excited to be sharing my first report and am looking forward to posting many more. It's a real pleasure for me to represent a product like Kick'n Bass!
Thank you "Sunshine"... sorry that big one got away... but we all know that happens... Cos>

Bassmaster Series Regional - Potomac River
Oct. 19-21-06 
07:04 PM

I've just got done with the Bassmaster Series Regional and placed 2nd on Non-Boaters side and qualified for the National championship at Guntersville in January. I fished with three different owners and beat everyone by weight because of Kick'n Bass. The bite was light and undetectable but K'nB in crawfish made them hold on a little longer which helped. The scent stays on longer then any other I have every tried. It would pay anyone who hasn't tried Kick'n bass to fish with it just once and I'm sure you will see a BIG DIFFERENCE in your catch rate. I also Won angler of the year in my bass club. P.S. I use plenty of K'nB. I'll talk to you all later. God Bless Cherif
Thank you for the report... you are one hot stick buddy.... Cos>

BFL Super and Regional
02:11 AM

Hey guys and gals. Wanted to drop a line and let you know I fished the Super tournament at Kerr with a fourth place finish and a Regional tournament with a 39th place finish. This is plane and simple, if you really want to improve your success use KICK'N BASS. It has helped me tremendously. It is almost like cheating. It works and I would love to get some emails from you guys letting me know how well it works for you or how much better it has helped your catch ratio. I have tried them all and thanks to Ken I am using the best there is. I recently fished with a friend who swore by L----- Lotion and told me how it was better. I tried it and had to reapply it all day. KNB, just put a little in the bag and I promise you will use more of the worms, trailers, etc. than you will of the scent because bass love it. Anyway, I had another great year and finished 4th overall in the BFL Piedmont Region. Once again I owe a lot of thanks to Ken and KNB!!
Way to go Cherif... thanks for the reports... Cos>

Bassmaster Weekend Series
09:04 PM

Hi everyone, I haven't written lately. I have been doing well in all the Tournaments that I have been in, 8 th place at the Potomac, 21 st at Cayuga Lake, 10 th at Champlain. In my Bass club I won three out of four that I fished, and won or placed high in local tournaments too. I have been blessed this year, but one constant has been with me all the time and that is Kick'n Bass in all scents. They truly work. My last tournament was in the Susquehanna River which I caught 13.65 lbs of Smallmouth, but after being in that river my boat was nothing but a scum bucket. I used the Bass Boat Clean & Shine made by Kick'n Bass on the scum line that was dried on my Triton. It did a great job on that scum and made it shine like it was new. I will be writing soon, Be good and may God Bless Cherif

August 19, 2006 
10:07 PM

Once more, using KNB put me out in front of my competitor/partner. Fishing a club tourney, our club is "draw" format. It seemed like every time I refreshed my KNB on my bait, I caught a fish, starting with my very first cast.

I always offer the use of KNB to others in my boat, and most of the time, they take me up on it. This partner, however, never tried it, even though it was working for me that night. Some people never learn. But I came in with more weight than he did.

I believe KNB is the best fish attractant around. I have been using it exclusively since 1999.

Continued Success
11:07 PM

It's been a while since my last report, but I've fished several tournaments since then. I recently competed in an invitation only tournament here in south Louisiana called the Pro Bass Challenge ( My fish catching pattern consisted on concentrating on shallow fish in about a foot of water using a SIZMIC POPPING' TOAD combined with Kick'n Bass garlic scent. It was a hard tournament with low water and high water temps., but I managed to put a nice stringer of delta bass together that weighed 13-14 lbs.(5 fish). [The fish that I was catching weren't really feeding], but they couldn't resist the action of the Sizmic toad combined with the taste of the KNB Garlic scent. Well it's finally up and running. My personal website,   is now live. You will be able to browse the site and read info. about my sponsors, myself, along with some info. about KNB with a link set up to this site. A special thanks to Ken Kross for making a great product and his continued support.

Thanks, Derek Aucoin

Sponsored by: Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant, Uncle Josh bait Co./ Sizmic Lures,, Yo Betty's R.V. Supplies, Raines Technologies, Falcon Rods, The battery Warehouse Inc, and Richardson Homes. Special thanks to all of my great sponsors, they make this possible.

BFL Piedmont, Kerr Lake
June 24th 
04:52 PM

Just wanted to let everyone know to GO GET YOU SOME! People this stuff is no joke . I fished the BFL Piedmont on June 24th and caught about 30 fish. Everyone was struggling for bites but I was having a field day. Kicknbass did help me win Big Bass Honors and move me into 10th place in the points. Ken I will need to get some more of your great lure. Keep Up the good work. Thanks. Wayne

BFL Piedmont
12:34 PM

The report is a little late but it is a good one. We fished the bfl on 6/24/06 on Kerr Lake. Things were pretty good with a 48th place finish. Using the Kick'n  Bass crawfish I managed to catch 50 fish but only three kept for 9lbs. 4oz. In that 9-4 I had big fish weighing 5-4. That itself earned me a check for $915.00 as well as moved me op to number 10 overall. Once again Thanks Kick'n Bass!!!!

BFL Piedmont, Lake Jordan
May 13,2006
11:09 PM

Cosmic, Just wanted to let everyone know about the last tournament. Ended up finishing 41st on a very tough tournament. As tough as the bite was Kick'n Bass keep me where I needed to be. The lake fishes very small and I fished behind of allot of boats and people. Even under these conditions I still got what I needed using Kick'n Bass anise/shad. You can check out the standings and see how tough it was. I bet allot of those guys wished they had some on board. Thanks again for a great product and look forward to talking with you. Wayne

bfl piedmont
may 13 2006
11:42 AM

o.k. Ken KNB did it again. Had a tournament on Jordan Lake in N.C. on Saturday. Again found fish both guarding fry and spawning. Fairly stained to muddy water. Had caught my first and sorry to say only keeper at 8 a.m. on a craw soaked tube. Partner had thrown at same fish 4 times without a look. Put that tube in there and caught a 3.02 largemouth. Lake has 16" slot. From then on had to share craw scent with partner. He caught 2 after starting to use it on a rig spot. I may have only caught one fish Saturday, but got those all important points. Moved from 82nd to 39th. Thanks Ken and keep up the good work. By the way gave my partner the remainder of the bottle and have yet another convert.

Berwick TBF TX.
09:23 PM

Well this was the first Tournament of the new year and I managed to Win plus pick up Lunker at 5.65 lbs. The water was 50% and muddy with 20 t0 30 mph winds. I used 5 inch grubs and lots of Kick'n® Bass in anise shad scent. I knew that to feel a bite I would need the fish to hang on to the plastic a few extra seconds. Well the bass I caught did hang on for those few seconds that I needed and only because of Kick'n Bass, I truly believe in this scent. GREAT STUFF, Cos  Cherif  What can I say Cherif, you have got it going on man.  First and Big Fish... way to go. Keep us informed on how the tour goes. Cosmic>

BFL Piedmont
April 8,2006
06:36 AM

Had BFL tournament on Lake Gaston,Va/N.C. Was boat #198 so bedding fish was out. Had found some fish on docks Thursday but as usual in spring a front moved in. Fished same pattern most of the morning and finally put on a trailer that had been soaking in Kick'n Bass overnight. Caught first of 2 keepers under a dock. Found a bed that I hadn't seen before and pitched my jig and trailer into it. The 2 1/2 lber. nailed it and took off towards the center of the creek. 2nd keeper. Only ended with 4.03 lbs. but without Kick'n Bass results would have been worse. Hey Stan write me, sounds like you deserve some free Kick'n® Bass. Cos>

10:42 PM


I fish Bass Champs Central Texas
Hawg Gobbler Guide Service
11:11 AM

Central Texas fishing is getting good. I have been boating 25 to 35 fish a day on lake Fayette county and Lake Bastrop. Fayette fish are averaging around 5 lb to 6 lb. Looking for a guide give me a call. 979-575-4863

Thanks. Bo Berry
 ps: Thanks Cosmic for the Best Fish Attractant in the world. Wish I was fishing with you Bo!  Cosmic

10:21 PM


Louisiana B.A.S.S. Federation Spring Tournament
March 11 & 12  2006 
11:00 PM

Wow!!! If this isn't proof I don't know what is. I just got finished competing in the Louisiana B.A.S.S. Federation spring tournament and finished the 2 day event in 17th place out of about 140 competitors. On day 1, I drew out a fisherman who was currently in 8th place in the point standings. So I let him fish the front of my boat until he caught his first keeper fish and then we would rotate front to back. Well, needless to say I caught my first 3 keeper fish right behind him using KNB Crawfish. He was using BANG GARLIC and wasn't getting any bites. When he finally caught his first fish I went to the front and immediately caught my forth fish. A little later on I finished out my limit with a nice 3 pounder. For the rest of the day I continued to out fish him. It was a tough day for fishing but I still managed to catch a limit weighing about 11 lbs. using KNB Craw even under tough fishing pressure. Thanks to Kick'n Bass I now have a chance to make the Louisiana State Team. Our next Fed. Tournament is in Sept. on the Red River and you can bet that I will stocked up with KNB. Kick'n Bass Pro Staff, Derek Aucoin Sponsored by: Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant, MarineGrade Marketing, Yo Betty's R.V. Supplies, The Battery Warehouse Inc. of Denham Springs, Raines Technologies, Falcon Rods, Richardson Homes, and Uncle Josh Bait Co. Good job Derek.. remember you can lead a horse to water.. but then it's up to them. Glad you put a Kick'n ® Bass whipping on him... LOL   Cosmic>

KNB Pro Staff
10:13 PM

I have another Kick'n Bass report I would like to share with everyone. On Sunday Jan. 22 I was prefishing for our B.A.S.S. Federation Club tournament, and KNB pulled through for me again to no surprise. I was flipping shallow wooded cover in the canals off the main lake and was catching some nice prespawn bass. The fish were getting ready to move up on the beds. Even though it is still kind of early for them to do this in south LA. the water temp. was around 60 degrees and they were getting ready to spawn. I was applying the Kick'n Bass crawfish scent to my bait and they were really eating it. My best 5 fish went about 14#. I can't wait until this weekend to get back on the water and see what else KNB can help me catch. F.Y.I. My new email address is . I am also in the process of putting a website together so everyone will be able to visit me and obtain information about my great sponsors. It will have alot info. about KNB and myself so I encourage everyone to check it out. It is . It isn't open right now, but I will let you know when it is. Also, I would like to thank Ken Kross for having such a great website where we can all stay in touch with each other and share info about KNB. Kick'n Bass Pro Staff DEREK AUCOIN Baton Rouge, LA A special thanks to all of my sponsors, they make it possible for me to fish at such a competitive level: Kick'n Bass Fish Attractant, MarineGrade Marketing, Yo Betty's R.V. Supplies, Falcon Rods, Raines Technologies, The Battery Warehouse Inc. of Denham Springs, and Richardson Homes.

03:10 PM

Hello everyone..... Been a little busy down here in southwest La. compliments of Hurricane Rita. Hope all of the pro-staff is doing well. Hope everyone is going to have a great New Year. Kick-n-Bass is still the best fish attractant out on the market today and I am glad to tell everyone about it. To all the new pro-staffers I welcome you and look forward to chatting with you and the old pro-staffers you already know me....if there is anything I can do for yall let me know. Have a great day and keep fishing.

Dave Brown:  Gary Yamamoto Pro-Staff, Kick-n-Bass Pro-Staff, 
Tracker Boats State Team, CastAway Rods Pro-Staff
Take Dave up on his offer and send him an e-mail to get to know him. Cosmic>

07:25 PM

I would like to share with everyone some of my favorite ways in which to use Kick'n Bass. Besides just putting it directly on your lure, try taking your favorite KNB scent and squirt it directly into your favorite bags of soft plastics. Doing this allows the scent to soak into your baits, and it will increase the life of your soft plastics because they won't "dry out", the scent keeps them nice and moist for an extended period of time. Try doing this with your worms, grubs, spinner bait trailers etc. I like to use KNB craw scent on all of my "creature baits", and I use the garlic on all of my tubes and even on my soft plastic top water baits like frogs and floating worms. If you don't already do this, try it and watch your fish catching rate increase. I also like to take my spinner baits and but them into individual bags and apply the Kick'n Bass shad to them. I have had tremendous success doing this. There is no wrong way to use Kick'n Bass, and I am so grateful to be involved with a product that works and is so versatile. GOOD LUCK FISHING

Kick'n Bass Pro Staff Derek Aucoin Baton Rouge, Louisiana
Remember to apply KNB to a DRY lure so it stick better than one dipped in water. Cosmic>

08:18 PM

I have been using Kick'n Bass products for several years now and I am hooked. There is no doubt in my mind that this is the best attractant on the market. The fish really love it. For example, my brother and I went fishing yesterday {12/30/05} for bass and were throwing soft plastic baits. I was using Kick'n Bass and he wasn't. While I was catching fish he was just getting short strikes. He then started using Kick'n Bass and started catching fish with me. It was unbelievable how hard they were hitting our baits, it was like the fish were mad at it. We continued to catch bass throughout the day thanks to Kick'n Bass. We had the opportunity to talk to several other fisherman who were also throwing soft plastics and they were having the same problem that my brother was having earlier. They would say " It's like their just picking it up but their not eating it." But thanks to Kick'n Bass we caught 31 bass when everyone else was struggling. That just goes to show you the fish catching power that Kick'n Bass offers in their fine line of attractants. When all else fails Kick'n Bass always comes through for me. No matter what species of fish you're pursuing, they have a product that will work for you. My personal favorite is the crawfish scent. Living in south Louisiana our bass predominantly feed on crawfish and Kick'n Bass Crawfish matches the hatch perfectly. It is so powerful you can smell it through the bottle. Really. Try it, it's true. It also stays on your bait for a long time. I applied it to my soft plastic bait and started fishing and 30 min. later you could still smell it on the bait. This product outlast it's competitors because it doesn't use water in its production. If you haven't tried Kick'n Bass before give it a shot. You won't be disappointed. I strongly believe in Kick'n Bass' products because they work for me and I know they will for you. It will help you catch more fish as it did for me yesterday. Thank you Kick'n Bass for making a product that lasts and really works. KICK'N BASS PRO STAFF DEREK AUCOIN BATON ROUGE, LA. 12/30/05

   Between these two post my wife and fishing partner Shelley passed away. Life will never be the same again. Bye babe. C<12-28-04

07:52 PM

I would like to wish Cos, the Pro-Staff and all that makes Kick'n Bass work a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year and please be safe. Cherif
Same to you and your family. Cos>

07:32 PM

Hi to everyone and I hope you all had a great year fishing. My year here in Pa. is almost over for bass tournaments, but I had a good year. One thing I well tell you is that this year was hard to find fish and stay on them. As you seen at the B.A.S.S. classic. I did a lot of dropshotting this year and it paid off. I used baits made by Lake Police and Robo Worm. They seem to have a lot better action then other baits made for Texas rigging. but the one constant was Kick'n Bass. I believe that made a difference because of how slow I had to work the bait. The fish had, and took their time to look and smell the bait over, and when they took the bait, they inhaled it. Well I will close and let you know how the walleye's are doing this winter. Cos, thanks again for a great product Cherif

September 10-11, 2005 
01:10 PM

Above is the article about the championship I fished, and my points finish for 2005.

THANK YOU Kick-N-Bass !!!

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staff Indiana

Moonlighter Open
01:07 PM

Well, went and fished the moonlighter tournament up at lake amador on the 20th of this month. This was a 7 P.M. - 7 A.M. tournament with a weigh in at 12 A.M. and 7 A.M. Started off the night throwing 5 1/2 inch 082 worms and lizards topped with KNB Craw. First fish caught was a 4, so things are looking good. Then proceeded to catch a few threes and another four, all good fish and no small ones ( I am not complaining about that )These fish would not let go of the bait, they liked the taste of Craw. the bad part was a lot of the fish where swallowing the worm thanks to KNB. We had the first weigh in and we weighed in 17 1/2 pounds good so far for second place. We then headed back out and the bite seemed to turn off for us. We tried using other scents with nothing biting.

We then decided to go back to what has been working 5 1/2 inch 082 with KNB Craw, and started catching fish again but smaller ones, but at least we where getting the bites. We weighed in a small limit of 8 1/2 pounds for the second weigh in for a total of 26 pounds good enough for 3rd place and it had to do with the scent. The fish where on a heavy crawdad bite and just turned on by the Craw scent.

The bad part in all of this was the guys that I met that where fishing the week prior that where not getting any bites, and gave them a few samples of KNB and they where the ones that took first place, so I think they like KNB know. I told them to remember who gave that scent to them and who makes it, and they told me that they will never forget it.

This just proves to those people that do not believe in scent that it really does help on your catching of nice fish. Thanks Cos for everything and I hope to beat those guys know that I turned on to KNB.....

02:18 PM

Well, things are looking good here in California for the night fishing. Went up to Lake Amador to pre fish for a upcoming moonlighter tournament, all I can say is what a night. Started off throwing 5 1/2 inch 082 worms topped with kick'n crawdad, and what a combination. We started off catching fish ranging from 1 LB. to 4LB. Moved to another area throwing the same bait and same KNB and caught a 8.3 pounder, what a brute. Then I moved over towards the damn dead sticking a senko topped with KNB crawdad and right off the bat, catching fish. I was catching fish 2-4 LBS non stop and when they hit, freight train from hell.

I talked with a few other boaters on the water that night and said that they had a really hard time catching fish because of all of the bait fish in the water. I know for a fact if they where using KNB craw, that would of been the difference for them. I gave them a few test tubes too try out on there next trip but have not heard back from them yet, but I bet they will be buying KNB soon.....

NBM-TVA Bass Series
July & August 
01:48 PM

Kinda been on a "luck roll" -I'd rather be lucky than good any day. In JULY I won the NBM-TVA Series qualifier on Lake Shafer. The link to the article is above. It was quite a day, KNB comes through again!!

Then later in July I fished the NBM-TVA Series qualifier on Manitou. I ended up in 2nd place in that one. The fishing was kinda tough, as I skipped pontoon boats with worms that were laced with KNB Crawfish.

Then last week I won the final NBM-TVA series qualifier on Shafer - believe it or not. The fishing was pretty tough, as this was another low weight event. Thanks to Kick-N-Bass Garlic I was able to weigh in the only limit of the day.

What's more though, is I won the 2005 AOY title. I owe it all to Kick-N-Bass. Extra bites in each tournament, give you a few more points usually, and sometimes gives you the opportunity to win. If you get only two extra keeper bites in each tournament because of using KNB. That adds up to 12-14 extra keepers through the year. That adds up.


The NBM-TVA Bass championship is next month. There's a lot of good competition in that series, I hope lady luck will stick to my baits as well as Kick-N-Bass does.

NBM-TVA Tournament Series
June 2005 
08:48 AM

Just wanted to give my June report.

On June 4th I finished in 4th place at the TNBA-TVA Manitou qualifier. Had a limit that weighed in at 9.01 pounds, used worms with KNB-Garlic in both submerging and emergent grass to boat 22 keepers that day. One would think I'd have had a kicker or two. But it was not to be. KNB really performs, they didn't jump onto the worms with crawfish, but simply changing scents tripped some kind of trigger through their chemoreception and did the trick (thanks for the tip Cosmo).

I finished 2nd in the NBM-TVA qualifier on Freeman. Not much to write about, it was very tough. I had three pups that weighed 5.08 or something like that. KNB gets a BIG THANK YOU. I caught quite a few bass, just not many keepers. I would've won the event but the 1st place guy had one that he was able to get to "squeak and touch the line". Oh well, gett'em next time.

Talk to you next month.

J. Drazer KNB Pro-Staff (INDIANA)

Willis "SNAGMAN"
21 May 2005
Independent Field Tester
11:22 AM

21 MAY 2005, The morning brings the start of the May Long Weekend here in Ontario Canada. My partner Sherry-Lynne and I were signed in with the JackFish Lure Company Northern Pike Tournament. We headed into Crystal Bay a well known pike hangout. We started throwing bucktails and spoons coated with Kick'n Bass (Garlic). The water was calm and just so for the storms that started passing through we fished on despite the heavy rains ever watchful for the lightening that would send us flying for the marina. We had by now landed 5 Northern Pike all under 5lbs and we still was hopeful for the big one. Late in the afternoon Sherry-Lynne is throwing a buzzbait when the surface erupted like a volcano and she has a big pike on the end of her line. Ten minutes later we netted the fish and it was 34 inches long and weighed eleven and one half pounds. We allowed the fish to rest and held it boat side until it was strong enough to swim away on its own. Right then a bolt of lightening shot across the sky in the distance and we buttoned everything down and headed to the marina. Sherry-Lynne won the tournament with her big pike and if you were to ask her, she will tell you the lure selection and the Kick'n Bass (Garlic) called that big one in! Respectfully, Willis "SNAGMAN" Beam, Independent Field Tester

Why to go Sherry-Lynne... guess snagman is doing the dishes this week.  Go Girl!

Indiana BASS Federation & TVA Bass Series
May 2005
04:03 PM

Just want to stop in and give an update for the month of May. I fished the Indiana BASS Federation District Tournament ended up in 10th place and qualified for the Indiana BASS Federation State Finals later this year. Don't know if I'll go or not, I have another tournament that same weekend. We'll see... KNB performed magnificently while site fishing with my partners. You can actually see the difference in how the fish react to the baits.

Then I fished the TVA Bass Series Tournament on Morse Lake and ended up in 4th place. Sitting in 2nd currently in the point standings in NBM-TVA Bass Series for now. I feel optimistic, but there's a lot of good anglers right on my heels. This was a tough event, not many bites, not much of a weigh-in. HOW TOUGH? Well, it's not often you get 4th with 2 bass especially on a lake where anglers weigh lots of limits.

That's all for now.

Jerry D. KNB Pro-Staff Indiana

Keep on Kick'n Bass® Jerry... bring home those 1st place checks. Way to go. Cos>

Pre Fish on Don Pedro
12:22 PM

Went to Don Pedro on Saturday to pre fish for an upcoming 100% pro team event. Started out the morning throwing topwater, and nothing going on. At about 7:30 starting throwing a keeper worm in 082 color topped with Craw KNB, and still nothing. I always catch fish up there on a 082. So I decided to try out the garlic scent instead, and it seems that the fish where feeling Italian this day. I started getting bit right away. I usually don't use to much garlic scent, but I think that I am going to have to start. I only got bit when I had garlic on, it was really weird. But I stuck with that pattern the rest of the day and put some nice fish in the boat and shook off a lot of fish, but it was pretty hard to get those fish to let go of the bait, they like Garlic. So I will be starting next weekend with garlic on all of my baits, and hope this will help the catch situation.

Just remember, if you are not getting bit, it might not be the lure, it could be the scent, try them all until you find what they want for that day.....

Cos here:  We always say if they are not hitting one of our scents, change to a different smelling one. Stinky and I PROVED this over countless days in Mexico.. .. One guy using Craw or Garlic and the other using Anise..... in  one hour the score would be 20 to nothing.... switch to the right scent and those bass would just go nuts.... now the funny part>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> the VERY NEXT DAY things could change 180 degrees and we would find they liked the scent they ignored yesterday... but that's Bass for you. We always fish two different scents now until we find the one the FISH want... I don't care if they want Garlic or Crawfish or Anise... as long as they WANT it... then we have a good day fishing.  Cosmic>

Stockton Bass
11:33 AM

Went to go and fish a fun tournament on the California delta, and boy was it fun. I started out throwing a tube topped with KNB Craw and first stop catch a 6LB. and a 4LB. within 10 minutes. Then decided to start throwing a Falcon spinnerbait topped with garlic, and that is when it happened. The fish are in a pre spawn mode and feeding very heavy. By 9:30 we had a 22LB. limit in the boat and where throwing back 2 1/2 pounders. We caught over 40 fish on blades and the fish that we where catching had the bait down there throat. There where very few lip catches. The bad part was that we could not upgrade our 22LB limit and we took 16 place. It took 48 pounds to win, and that is a one day total, welcome to the delta. I just want to thank Cos for what he does for his ProStaff and also the product that he makes. I would not be catching as many fish as I am without it... My thoughts and prayers are always with you Cos..... Thanks Justin, 6 months of no wife and life is changed... not great, but I do still like to see the sun rise and the sunset. I have my 2 dogs and good friends like you for support. Shelley will be fine and healing until I come up their to bait her hooks for her.....  She is just waiting.... so am I.  Thanks. Cos>

Sponsors: KNB, Yo-Zuri, GYCB, Maxima, Falcon Lures, Mustad Hooks, St. Croix Rods, Minn Kota, Bolle Sunglasses.

10:12 AM

Hey guys....

Hope everyone is having alot of luck this year and winning big. I recently took 3rd at the Laccassine Open tournament. I caught all the fish on a black and blue buzz bait and of coarse the skirt had been soaked in KNB Garlic. I have found that KNB almost totally eliminates the need for a trailer hook because the fish hit the baits and they don't let go. I have gotten very few short strikes on a bait with KNB on it, usually they come up and hit it as if it were live bait. Coz I hope everything is getting a little better for you. I know it will never be the same but our thoughts and prayers have been going out for you and will continue to go out. You keep taking third in each tournament and at the end of the year I want half of those fat pay checks and half of the first place trophy.  Good job Dave... remember one cast and it could be BIG fish time... so that is why we keep casting.  Cosmic>

Dave Brown Kick-N-Bass Pro-Staff

Everstart Central Division
March 16-19 
11:56 PM

Ken, Just wanted to drop you a note along with a big THANK YOU! Kick-N-Bass gets another Top 10. After not having a good day on day 1 of the Everstart in Columbus, I decided to change tactics and locations. Day 1 I locked down a pool fishing for bedding fish. When I arrived I was 1 of 20 boats in a very small area. I managed to pull 2 fish out of there before having to lock back up. On day 2 I took a gamble with the help of my co-angler we locked up a pool. There I concentrated on isolated vegetation throwing a Terminator Spinnerbait on 17lb fluorocarbon silverthread juiced with Kick-N-Bass garlic. I managed to get 6 bites and 5 fish out of the area before having to lock back to weigh in. My 5 fish limit weighed in at 19lb 15oz, the heaviest 1 day weight of all four days. I also had big bass of the day.

I would like to thank you for all of your support.

Greg Ingram - Kick-N-Bass ProStaff Sounds like someone is Kick'n Bass®.... way to go Greg! Cos>

Sponsors: Skeeter Boats, Yamaha Outboards, Kick-N-Bass, Diawa Reels, Stealth Charging Systems, Morton Marine, Silverthread, Bomber, Terminator, Motorguide

!00% Pro Team
12:03 PM

Mike and I fished the 100% Pro Team tourney on New Melones on Sunday. We went pre fishing on Friday and where catching alot of 2-3 pounders drop shotting leeches topped with KNB anise shad in 20 feet of water. We where know ready for tourney day. So with hi hopes, we started dropshotting in 20 feet of water and also using KNB anise shad and had a small limit in the boat by 8:00. Then as fast as it started the bite was over. So my partner changed to a jig topped with crawdad scent and that is when it happened. Mike flipped in and felt the bump, he lifted up, and there it was again, ( set the hook ) and that he did and landed our 6LB. Kicker fish. To make a long story short, we ended up taking 8th place and 2nd big fish, and I want to thank COS for his product that helped us with those bites that got us a top ten finish. Good luck to everyone in your next tournament and I hope that you will be using KNB.....Glady you guys switched over to the BIG fish bait (a jig)... not many bites on jigs.. but when you get one it is usually a good fish.  Keep on with the top ten finish's.  Cos>

09:32 PM

Hi boys, well spring is here in northeast Pa. finally and I have already slammed a 7 lb and a 5 lb largemouth by flipping Sweet Beavers and lots of KNB crawfish on them. The bass bit and would not release the beavers, and with that nor'easter that just came up the coast I got five 2lb bass out of one set of reeds in 38 degree water. As for the winter walleye fishing, I didn't have to use live bait all winter long, because Kick'n Walleye was the ticket, just put it on the super flukes. Tricks them every time. I hope all you guys have a great tournament year. Talk later Cherif

09:58 AM

Well, Hello again, from here in northeast Pa. I just got done with a great year of walleye fishing and now I'm back into bass, but the river is so high that I'm confined to fishing ponds because the lake still have ice on them and my tournaments have been cancelled. I used Kick'n Walleye all year and didn't have to use bait once, and that's saying something' because the bit here is often hard to get. I Just started on the bass here and have already caught a 5 lb and a 7+ lb largemouth, flipping Sweet Beavers and of course KNB Crawfish on them and they surely didn't want to give up those baits, the bass just swam off with them just like they would with live bait. I hope all of you have a great year of tournament fishing or just a great year. And thanks again Cos for the great scents. Talk later Cherif

Pre fish
12:05 PM

Coz, I know your wife was your best fishing partner, but just remember, she will always be on the boat with you and she will help you catch those big ones.......

Went out to New Mwlones on Saturday to pre fish for a upcoming tournament, and what a day. First I was throwing a half oz. Falcon pig and jig topped with Kick'n Bass craw and in the first five minutes of fishing, a 8+ pounder. Usually when fish hit a jig, it is one hit and they spit it out, but not the case with Kick'n craw on there. the fish hit it two times and then ran with the bait, this stuff is just awesome. I then started throwing baby brush hogs in watermelon red flake topped with ummmmmmmmmmmmmmm, you got it, Kick'n craw, and Bam Bam Bam fish on. Boated four more fish around the three pound range and decided to call it a day and save the fish for the tournament. So for all of you guys out there that do not believe in scents, you better give Coz's Kick'n Bass a try, because I guarantee that you will be satisfied with the outcome. So try it out. Good luck to all in your upcoming adventures and hope that you will be safe......

100% Pro Team
02:05 PM

My partner and I fished a tournament on Lake McClure on January 16th. the fishing was pretty tough, but we where able to get a solid limit together. We where throwing jigs topped with Kick'n Bass craw and also throwing some keeper 082's with Craw. The fish are feeding heavy now on crawdads, and now is the time to switch over from anise/shad to the craw flavor, and I must say the fish love it. We did not miss any fish while using it. They seem to think that it is a real crawdad, because they just wont let go of the bait, even when you try to shake it out of there mouth. I don't know what I would do without Kick'n Bass. I think it would be like fishing in my bathtub, because that is about how many fish that I would catch without it. I hope that everyone on the pro staff is having a good year so far, and Ken, I hope that things are going better for you and my heart goes out to you and your family for your tragic loss.

Justin Steelman
Thanks Justin.  My wife was my best fishing partner.  Life is not the same without her. I know things will get better but I wish I had her back. Thank you. Cos>

10:44 AM

Hello Pro-Staffers.....Just thought I'd e-mail real quick and wish everyone a Merry X-Mas and a Happy New Year!!! I hope everyone gets what they want for x-mas. In stead of leaving cookies out for Santa I am going to leave some Kick-n-Bass so he can try that up at the North pole.... It is definitely the best attractant anywhere else I have tried it.....Have a great day everyone!!!!

Dave Brown Kick-n-Bass, Gary Yamamoto Pro-Staff TRACKER BOATS STATE TEAM

National Boat Mart - TVA Bass Series
2004 & 2005 Start-up 
07:17 AM

Just wanted to post an updated report. I ended the 2004 season with a runner-up finish for AOY. Then in the 2004 NBA-TVA Championship I ended up in 2nd place (lost by less than .50 of a pound) Kick-N-Bass played a major role in BOTH of these finishes. In the championship, the bites were few and far between, but I kept casting, and applying KNB Crawfish attractant and just missed the win. (I did not lose any fish all bites came into the boat 100%)

I started the 2005 season started off with a win in the NBM-TVA Lake Shafer Open in October. KNB anise shad was applied to my crankbaits, and KNB Crawfish was applied to my jigs.

In the Lake Freeman Open though, I swung for the fences and zeroed. this puts me in 9th place overall going into the Winter break. I plan to "rebound" from this however.

I'd also like to wish everyone a Safe and Happy Holiday season.

Best Regards,

Jerry D.

11/6 - 11/7
11:43 AM

Well this weekend was the tour championships on Folsom lake on Saturday and the California delta on Sunday. My partner and I pre fished on Friday at Folsom lake and we made the mistake of using Kick'n bass in the anise/shad on pre fish day. We did not want to hook the fish at Folsom, just wanted to find the fish, let them bite, and shake them off. But we used the anise/shad, and the fish would not let go of the bait. We where drop shotting in about 15 feet of water, we would drop down and the fish would grab the bait swim around with it for about 30 seconds. I am telling you what, with Kick'n bass on your baits, when the fish hit, they think it is the real thing. Well we fished at Folsom on Friday, and right off the bat, the fish where holding onto the baits and we put them in the boat. After the day was over we had 10.11 for 5 fish and where sitting in 7 place out of 70 boats. Day two we where on the California delta, and where going to be throwing spinner baits and crank baits. We where using crawfish flavor on our crankbaits and anise/shad on our spinner baits. I have never had such vicious bites on blades like I did on Sunday. I have to say it was because of the Kick'n bass. They where hitting our blades and inhaling the whole thing. They would swipe at it, get a taste of the Kick'n bass, and come back for more. We ended up in 8th place over all for the two day tournament. I want to thank you Coz for the product that you make, and we feel that Kick'n bass makes the difference. We are proud to be part of your Prostaff out here on the west coast and look forward to winning the whole thing next year with Kick'n bass on our baits.

B.A.S.S. Pa. Federation Tx.
08:27 PM

Well Lake Wallenpaupack in Pa. proved to be tuff. It took 10 lbs of smallmouth to win. Water was dead calm and it was 52 degrees. The best bite I had going was fishing floating docks with clear flake tubes in 18 to 20 ft of water. I soaked my tubes in KNB anise shad, and it helped keep the fish from spiting it out. The bite was nothing more then weight and maybe a little line movement, thats all. Well I caught 5.65 lbs and placed 8th, so I received good points towards our Classic in the fall which will be held at Raystown Lake. 

Also I just received KNB walleye scent from Cos and that stuff is attracting eyes to my plastics better then real bait. I'm also using tubes, fin S fish and super flukes, that represent minnows and I'm soaking them in Kickn' Walleye. Thanks again Cos for the good stuff, and everyone have a great year. Reef

02:47 PM

My dad and I have used the crawdad scents for awhile now and I just fished Folsom Lake in California. Fish wouldn't inhale the bait until you used the product. I have to say it works on crankbaits just as well as plastics. This product stays with your bait a lot longer than other products. The boat wax put a shine on my partners boat like he just touched it up with a buffer. Thanks Ken for your product and Customer Service.

02:07 PM

First off I would like to thank Ken for the opportunity to be part of Kick'n Bass. His products are top notch just like he is. When he says that his scents will work, you better believe him. I fished this past weekend on Folsom lake for bass and the fish just where not biting the bait hard. They where just grabbing the tail end of the worms and when I would set, I would have nothing but half of my worm left. So I put on some Kick'n Bass crawdad, and the first cast, WHAM... there was no nibble there, it felt like a freight train had just gone bye and grabbed my bait. This time I got the fish and not just the end of my worm. I fished with the crawdad Kick'n bass the rest of the day and never got another one of those nibbles. I have to say, that this is the best product on the market, and the best customer service around. If you want one of your questions answered, all that you have to do is e-mail ken and I'm sure that he will help you out as much as possible. This guy is top notch.

Now on to the Boat wax.... I have not used Kick'n Bass boat clean and shine until this weekend. I have to say that I have used alot of other competitors products and nothing has given me that shine that the clean and shine gives you. That carnauba wax that is in this product will keep your boat nice and shiny. I have not seen the shine and smooth surface in other products that I saw on my boat. I am very impressed with Kick'n Bass products and I will never use another product again. If you are not using Kick'n Bass, you will just be fishing and not catching.

Justin Steelman

Cayuga Lake
09:12 PM

I hope everyone has had a good year and stayed healthy. Well the Cayuga TX was tough. We had rain and wind with 5 1/2 to 6 ft waves (hurricane Ivan) so needless to say I was taken out of my game plan, drifting flats in deep water. Someone did find them stacked up and got 19 3/4 lbs to win that Triton boat. The fish I did get though were biting so light that without some KNB on the plastic I wouldn't have felt any of them. Now that the tourneys are over and the water is in the 50s the walleye are starting to get it on. I got 6 nice eyes on Sunday and Monday I had 5 and all legal size. The boys around here are also getting ready by stocking up on minnows. I only use plastics and use KNB on them all winter. I have only one more tourney for bass in the Pa. B.A.S.S. federation, on the 24th of this month and that will be all for me till spring. I will let you guys know how the walleyes are hitting this winter, so take care and have a safe and happy holiday season. Thanks again Ken the great products you have and hope to talk to you soon. Reef

Texas Striper Association
September 25, 2004
Lady On The Lake
02:30 PM

 I have had a great year fishing striped bass with the Texas Striper Association and these tournaments are sanctioned by the National Striped Bass Association. I am currently in first place in the Texas state and working on first place in the Texas state for the NSBA. (different point systems) After the Lake Whitney tournament on Oct. 16, my team should be in first in the NSBA too. Take a look at my accomplishments for 2004 on my web site. Kicknbass has been a big influence on these big old fish to hit my baits. I like the saltwater scents on my big sassy shads and also I put it on my wildeyes. Nothing like the good old smell of KNB to make those big stripers hit a bait. I fished bass tournaments for years with the KNB and thought I would give KNB a try on the stripers and subspecies. It works guys give it a try. Scent flat works no doubt about it. Lady On The Lake TV Show airs every day at 6 pm in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex area. Comcast production.

Wal-Mart BFL Super Tournament
Sept. 25th and 26th
01:12 PM

Hey guys hope everyone is having a great time fishing. I just finished my season with the Wal- Mart BFL in Arkansas on Lake Hamilton and I made it to the Regional on Toledo Bend. Thanks to KNB I caught alot of fish that helped me get there. If your not using it your missing out on a whole lot of fish catching. Ken has been great to me, and I owe alot to him and KNB. I also have a cobra bass boat for sale if anyone is interested. I own a 201 single console with a 200 mercury. I just put a x-125 graph at the bow. You can contact me at 501-771-0959/501-658-9229. Thanks and God Bless

05:33 PM

Congrats David, well the healing will take a little longer, I fell again and popped some of the screws loose, Had to have it operated on again. Dang will I ever get back to fishing. Just an update is all

04:26 PM

KICK-N-BASS pays off again!!! Well I didn't place in the end of the year classic, However I did win Big Bass of the tournament which paid me quite a bit of money. Now I have to tell ya'll something that you will very seldom hear a Tournament fisherman admit to but my mind just wasn't on the tournament. See even though I was fishing the biggest tournament of the year, Being from Louisiana I was worried about evacuating as soon as the tournament was over for Hurricane IVAN!!! Its amazing the stuff that goes through your mind when you could possibly lose everything you have worked for. Well even with all this going on I managed to set the hook on a 4.63 lb Bass that ended up being the biggest bass weighed in during the tournament. I caught the big bass on The New Gary Yamamoto Kreature in Black with blue flakes and of coarse presoaked in Kick-n-Bass Garlic scent. I really hope that all our Pro-Staffers are spared from IVAN, My thoughts and prayers go to each and every one of you guys. GOOD LUCK REEF.........I HOPE YOU BEAT IVAN TO THE FISHING HOLES TOO!!!!!!

Dave Brown Kick-n-Bass Pro-Staff

Hall's championship TX
08:34 PM

Hi boys, Well I'm heading for Cayuga Lake in New York. It will take around 20 lbs to win, the fishing is great. I'm hoping that Ivan doesn't come before we fish on Saturday. As I understand the fish are still in a summer pattern and around 15 to 18 feet deep. I will get back to you guys later. PS KNB is definitely going with me, because these fish are hit hard all summer. Bye Reef

11:17 AM

Hey Guys.....Just thought I would write real quick. I am going pre fish today for the end of the year classic tomorrow.....kick-n-bass will definitely be in my boat. Hopefully I can bring us home a big win....Yall have a great day!!!!!

pre-fishing for tourney
09:28 PM

Thank you David and Mark, I hope it well be a good long run with you people. As for KNB, what can I say. Today my buddy and I were pre-fishing for an upcoming tourney. We were fishing the west branch of the Susquehanna river and as you know it is in a full moon phase, and it seems hard to get fish to bite let alone get them to hold on to the bait. I started out with super flukes and KNB anise shad on them. By the 6 hours we fished, I had 12 1/2 to 13 lbs and my buddy had one fish on a 4 in. tube, he also tried a jerkbait, but no strikes either. He didn't ask for any scent, so I offered him some. He use KNB crawfish on his tube and instantly started getting bit. What can I say, but it has to be Kick'nBass. the bass were in the riffs and deeper fast water. thats all for now. Reef

11:35 AM

Glad To have you Reef!!!! I am glad to hear you have found out what the other pro-staffers have determined and that is that Kick-n-Bass is definitely the best and the strongest out on the market today. MARK.. MARK ..MARK.. I am really glad to hear you are starting to put weight back on that leg....I don't know if I ever told you but when I am not fishing I am a medic so I get to help people in situations like yours.....I can't wait to pull up the pro-staff reports and to hear your next fish story and hope it isn't long before you hear FISH ON!!!! Kick-n-Bass definitely has put more fish in my live well even on some of the toughest days you can imagine with Kick-n-Bass they ought to call it CATCHING not Fishing!!!!

Catch one for me!!!! Have A Great Day!!!!


8/20/2004 /
08:21 AM

Welcome aboard Reef, Glad to see another firm believer. And yes its the best you can use. David Glad to hear you are making a little money and Congrats on making the Finals. The leg is mending and the Fr said I can start putting weight on it again. I haven't been fishing and ya know I am climbing the walls right now. Need to hear FISH ON, but it will come in time. Cos Makes the best out there and its the only thing I use on my baits. Hope to get out soon and keep using KNB. Thanks Cos.

Hall's Marine Tournament Trail
04:49 PM

Hello, First just call me Reef. I would like to thank Ken for allowing me to represent Kick'n Bass as a Pro Staffer here in Pa. The scents I have used for bass fishing are the best I have used in my 15 years as a tournament angler. On Sunday I fished the Hall's tournament at Sayer Lake in central Pa. A cold front came in the night before and we had nothing but clear skies and cool temps, and you know what that is like. Well using Crawfish on salty spiders and garlic on crankbaits is what it took to place 6th in this 1000.00 Dollar tourney. The bite was slow and the fish hung on like an old dish rag, no thump or pull, just weight. It was very difficult to detect a bite. The juice is what saved me from missing the strike, because the bass held on that extra couple of seconds longer for me to detect and set the hook. I had one of the few limits that came in that day. I will be writing again soon about some of the big fish I caught on these hot scents this summer. Bye Reef

04:13 PM

Hello everyone: Kick-n-bass paid off again...Yesterday I fished a tournament on a local river here in Louisiana and I came out with first place and qualified to fish the end of the year classic....Thanks Ken for such a great product. This was not only my win it was yours and everyone on our pro-staff....Mark...I hope that leg is healed and you are back fishing.. You have truly been in my thoughts and prayers...I hope all our pro-staffers are doing well and wish you all the best.....have a great day!!!!!

12:45 AM

Hello everyone....KNB Prostaffer David here....I thought I would write and tell everyone how great the demo went on 7/24/04 at Academy Sports and Outdoors in Lafayette LA.. Let me start by saying I had the unique opportunity to meet hundreds of people who had not tried Kick-n-Bass Attractant before. I was able to introduce these people to a great product and a secret weapon for us. I was at the store for about 5 hours but in 3 hours Academy had sold out of all the KNB they had in the store. For anyone in Lafayette that reads this I give you a big thumbs up. Next in a couple of months I will be holding a demo at Lake Charles LA. Academy and can only hope for the same response. Mark thanks for wishing me luck because buddy it worked!!!! And Ken...Thanks for all your support...You truly are a great guy with one heck of a product and I am very proud to represent such a valuable product!!!! Thanks again David

KNB Pro Staffer - ABA
11:46 AM

First I would like to say - WAY TO GO DAVID - I hope it all works out for you and your Demo, and thank you for the compliment. As of today I am ranked 266 in the ABA and have qualified for the Nationals. As you know KNB will be at my side and using it everyday. The leg is getting better and I hope to be ready to fish again in about a month.

Thanks Ken for your support and keep it coming

05:05 PM

Hello Everyone....KNB Prostaffer David here....well recently some very hard work and determination paid off...on July 24, 2004 in Lafayette LA. I will be at Academy Sports and Outdoors holding a Kick-n-bass and Senko worms demo for Ken and Gary Yammamoto. I will be there from aprox. 12:00 noon until at least 4:00. I want to thank Ken for furnishing the samples and some great drawing items to give away....So anyone around that area is welcome to attend, I promise you we are going to have a great time!!!!

Thanks Again Ken For your great Support and Also congratulations to MARK for that impressive resume' building up......

Remember "Your Kick-N-Bass is like an American Express Card...Don't leave Home Without It!!!!!


June 25th
02:28 PM

Just returned from KY Lake watching the gals from the ACC (Affiliated Clubs of WBFA) fish for their National Championship. If you would like to see some of the fish these gals brought in go to . As a sponsor of this tour and the WBFA, KNB is getting a lot of exposure and the gals are using KNB. By the way guys - LOOK out for these gals as they can catch BASS. From this tournament 2 ladies qualified for the WBFA National Championship, that's the next stop for KNB. COS, all the gals say thank you for such a fine product, the boat cleaner is a great success with them.

June4 - 6, 2004 
10:41 AM

Well I am sorry this is late but I broke my leg at KY lake and have been laid up a little. I went to the WBFA in Gadsden and met allot of the ladies fishing. They are a really good and fun bunch. Let me tell you guys, these ladies are tough.

I traveled to KY lake for a tournament on June 6th with the ABA, slow bite since they weren't pulling water, but I managed to catch a few and finished in 10th place and then broke my leg. I used KNB Garlic on a brush hog in 15-20 feet of water. Hope to be back in the boat soon and yelling "FISH ON" with KNB thanks Cos

Kick'n Bass Pro Staff
01:24 PM

May 18, 2004

The water temperature is 72 degrees in the main basin. The channel is 70 degrees. CANYON Lake level is 95 percent. We caught ten bass, approximately 40 lb. of bass including a 12.27 lb. bass SEE The bait of choice is the Tie- Not No-Tie Lure See fish photo's, and Wired worms basted in Kick'n Bass Garlic scent.

This lake is a pump back lake. That means the water level could rise or fall rapidly. Conditions on this lake could very on an hourly basis. You must be able to read the current conditions of this lake at all times.

Bill Warman

WBFA - Lake Neely Henry
May 28th, 2004 
06:22 PM

In case anyone needs to see me I will be at the WBFA Tournament the last week of May in Gadsden, AL to meet the ladies and have KNB available for them. I will post any results that I get while I am there. I will also be at the ACC tournament for the ladies on KY lake in June.

May 11 
01:06 PM


Thanks for the kind words, I'm hoping for AOY again. It's a long road. Your resume looks very solid keep up the great work.

If there's anything I can do for you let me know. We can ALL work together.

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staff (Indiana)

02:38 PM

Congrats Jerry, keep it up and you will be angler of the Year this year and always use KNB

National Boat Mart - TVA Tournament Series
April 2004 
12:31 AM

Just thought I'd send in my report for April.

I fished the NBM-TVA Tournament on Shafer, finished 2nd and had big bass. (big was a relative term). I only had 8 pounds and some change, lost by about .3 of a pound I believe. Was in 4th place in the points going in, came out leading the points in 1st. We'll see how things progress.

Also won the T-N-T Tournament too, where your co-angler and you combine your catch as a team. We had 12 pounds and some change to win that tournament. (it's actually a tournament within a tournament)

I was applying KNB Anise shad to my crankbaits, but not in regular intervals. My co-angler used all three I think, Garlic, Anise Shad, and Crawfish on his baits, I think he's hooked on KNB now. (he placed 3rd) They went to a dealer that I set up to start carrying it in Monticello, Indiana and bought quite a few bottles this Spring when they heard me talking about how good Kick-N-Bass worked.


In my tackle box, every year there are things that I "must have" annually Kick-N-Bass is one of those products. The proof isn't in the fishing, it's in the catching.

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staff (Indiana)

Two Day Tournament - Lake Hamilton, AR. 
12:45 PM

I just finished a two day qualifier on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, AR. The first day was thunderstorms and rain all day, the fish were scattered caught 3 fish using KNB Shad on Jerk baits, and was in 28th place. On Sunday it was a blue bird sky, I moved from 28th to 9th using KNB Crawfish and baby Brush Hogs in 8-10 feet at the end of docks to finish in 9th place. My partner wanted to know what I was using and I told him KNB Crawfish and gave him some of mine and he caught 4 keepers. This finish moved me up in the points standing for the National Championship. Thanks Cos, great stuff this KNB

ABA - Barkley Lake. KY
10:20 AM

It was a great tournament on Barkley Lake in KY. I was happy to finally cash a paycheck finishing 2nd (one bite from winning)I had 3 fish for almost 9lbs and the winner had 5 for nearly 11lbs. I was using KNB Crawfish on a baby brush hog. The rains had the River at about 10 above normal pool level. The partner I drew had a place that was not as muddy as the rest of the lake/river impoundment. Second through 4th place were using KNB and Big bass winner was using KNB (GARLIC). This is his second tournament in a row using KNB and taking Big bass honors. (beat me by 3 hundredths of a pound for big bass). The next tournament will be back on Barkley Lake in KY but on the North end. I will be posting some pics later. I am going to try and get to the WBFL at Lake Dardanelle in AR. this week to see how the women are doing

19 april 2004
03:04 PM

landed a few bass with a megabait charlie loaded with shad kick N bass

ABA, American Bass Anglers
02:04 PM

The tournament was on the Cumberland River, out of ashland City Ramp. there were 19 anglers that competed on the river. it was a very tough bite but there were a few bass caught, I personally did not weight a fish but I did use KNB crawfish and caught fish all day and lost a 5lb plus at the boat. The second big fish was 3.89 and was caught using KNB crawfish on a crank bait. My partner was not using KNB and he never caught a fish until I gave him some Crawfish flavor and the he started catching fish. Just goes to show you that KNB works when the bite is tough. The winner only had 8 lbs and he was using KNB Garlic flavor. Just remember "FISH ON" with KNB

April 7, 2004 
05:15 PM

Hello everyone.....Pro-Staffer David here....well around my area it is that time of year again....many crawfish farmers are draining their ponds and muddying up the bayou's and rivers around here.....this makes fishing pretty tough...The river has been producing some real nice sacalait but the bass have lock jaw...right now the only chance you have in catching good quality bass in southwest LA. is to point the bow of your boat towards Laccassine Reserve and fish Streeter's or the reserve its self....i have done real well out there with black and blue lizzards and white 1/4 oz spinner baits and both i use a little kick-n-bass attractant and thats it.......If you bring alone your KNB i have total confidence you will be catching too... Remember to keep fishing.......Your biggest fish ever is just a bite away

03:16 PM

Well everyone here is a trick that I use with KNB. You know how sometimes you forget to close the bottle and it may spill all over , well I have come up with this idea and it keeps it off your boat and cloths. I take an old roll on deoderant bottle, take the ball out, wash it our really good and fill it with your favorite scent and replace the ball. Now all you have to do is roll it onto your bait, no more spills or drips onto your carpet or gell coat and it puts just enough on the bait. Try it and let me know what you think about it. Remenber, "FISH ON " with KNB

ABA American Bass Anglers
09:15 AM

The tournament was a hard one for everybody. The site was Kentucky lake and they had dropped the lake almost 5 feet in the last three days and they were still drawing water. The tournament was shortened by heavy rain and severe thunderstorms and high gusty winds over 30 mph. I myself didnt put a fish in the boat but my partner caught several that just didnt make the grade of 15". The next stop is on the Cumberland River / Cheatham Dam.

March 16, 2004
11:13 AM

Well..Well...Well... As many of us Tournament Anglers know, Fishing is a game of ounces....Yesterday this was the case for me....I fished a Tournament and missed second place big Bass by 1 ounce and only missed big Bass by a little less than 7 ounces. Fishing was very tough because a cold front stalled on top of us the evening before, raining, temp had dropped 10-15 degrees over night and High preasure was sitting right on top of us.....with all this stacked against me i knew i had better be prepared for the i pre soaked some black and blue ring worms in kick-n-bass Garlic scent and i know my catch would have been alot less had i not used it. I also want to thank Ken for letting me be a part of and represent such a great product....I am proud to be on the Pro-Staff and Looking forward to the future.....

coming soon
09:27 AM

First I would like to say Thank you to Ken for taking me on the Pro Staff , I have used Kick'nBass in the past and I enjoyed some really good catches, I have been fishing tournametns for over 20 years now and I haven't found anything that comes as close as Kick'n Bass to help with my catches. I will be traveling all over Tenn, Ky, MO and Alabama promoting this product as I believe in it. Can you believe that no one in the areas that I just mentioned even carry Kick'n Bass. Well I am hoping to change all that. I wold not have contacted Ken and twisted his arm top be on the Prostaff if I dindt believe in the product. Again Ken, Thank You and I will get the word out

10:26 PM

I have a few tricks that I use KNB. One is to put a few drops in a new bag of plastic baits (I carolina and texas rig quite a lot). Then when I pull out the bait, it is already scented. Another trick I use, is when I get in the boat to go fishing, I put a drop in the palm of my hand and rub them together. This masks other scents that may be offensive to the fish such as gasoline (filled the boat on way to ramp), soap after washing my hands, etc. Plus it masks the human scent. If I stop to eat a snack, I apply another drop to my hands before resuming fishing. Keep these ideas in mind next time you hit the lakes.

10:21 PM

I fish a lot of draw tournaments, both Kentucky BASS Federation as well as a local club. I always take advantage of the captured audience to promote products. I always make use of my KNB to my partners. It's concentrated -- just a couple drops does the trick. AND since it is not aerosol it does not "spray" stuff all over my boat, like other products. There have been times when I have a return partner or talk to a previous partner and find he/she now carries KNB in their tackle bag! KNB is the best on the market, with a true fish oil base, not water.

March 15, 2004 
05:08 PM

Hello Anglers...Kick-n-Bass Pro Staffer David Here....In SouthWest LA. we are very Happy every year at this time..March 15th pretty much kicks off our fishing season with Laccassine Reserve, Miami, Streeters and This year finally The reopening of the Laccassine Pool which was shut down 4 years ago due to a severe drout that hit our area...anyone wishing to fish out there this year here are a few changes......there is a five fish must be over 15 inches.....and instead of opening March 15 like the rest of the reserve it will open on April 26 to allow one last spawn....REMEMBER TO BRING YOUR KICK-n-BASS...I garantee you won't be sorry

National Boat Mart -TVA Bass Championship
September 2003 
02:13 PM

Going into the championship I wasn't on a lot of fish, but managed to stay in contention ending up in 4th with 9 bass in two days that weighed 17 lbs and some change. Kick-N-Bass helped keep me in contention as I was only 1 "Big Bite" from winning. The NBM-TVA Series had their first qualifier for 2004 a couple weeks ago I ended up in 4th in that one as well and had big bass. I applied KNB Anise Shad to shad colored crankbaits. (good combination) There's a couple more events coming up yet this year I'll post back and try to give the results.

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staff INDIANA Great job Jerry... really good job. Cosmic>

TVA Bass Series
2003 Season
10:21 AM

Good News !!

I ended up winning as the points champion and won "Angler-of-the Year" for the 3rd consecutive year in the National Boat Mart- TVA Bass Series. Thanks largely due to: Kick-N-Bass There were quite a few tough tournaments this season with low weights. I attribute using Kick-N-Bass to the success because using a "Quality Scent" will get you more bites on a tough day. Yes, you may have to weed through some short fish off and on but with those bites comes keepers as well and they'll add up at the end of the season. I'm not saying you'll win every event. That realistically just doesn't happen. However, the proof is literally in the points in the standings and pounds you put on the scale during the season. Another advantage, (I shouldn't tell this) but.... You can go behind people and catch fish, with regularity. Put some Kick-N-Bass is a ziplock type bag, then dip your worms, jigs, etc.... in it and simply reseal it. Baits get a quality coat of "the good stuff" and there's very little mess, if any.

The championship is coming up next month, I'll report back when it's been concluded.

TVA Bass Series
06-07-03 & 06-28-03
04:22 PM

Just thought I'd check in for the month of June. I ended up in 10th place on the TVA Bass Series qualifier on Lake Freeman. All my fish came on soft plastics with KNB Crawfish on them.

Then at the end of June I fished another TVA Bass Series qualifier on Morse Reservoir and ended up 3rd. The majority of my fish in this event came cranking. I applied KNB Crawfish to the crankbaits. Anyone who has never tried putting Kick-N-Bass on Crankbaits is missing out. It sticks!! Think about it. If Kick-N-Bass sticks to a waxed boat hull, it would surely have no problem sticking to plastic. Try it... It works great!!

I'm still leading the points for 2003 for Angler-of-the-Year, but we'll see how that plays out. It's not my first rodeo, and I don't want to get excited at all. There's a lot of business to take care of, and things can happen even with three events left out of the nine. However it would be nice to win it three years in a row.

Jerry Drazer (KNB Pro-Staff Indiana)

Baskins Wrangler Angler
Salter Guide Service
(318) 382-1312
05:04 PM

Hello Anglers! The new fishing season has officially started, and here in western Louisiana it has been cold! However, that has not slowed the bass bite down a bit! Yesterday Joe Joslin, my fishing partner, and myself fished the Baskins Wrangler Angler tournament on big Sam Rayburn Lake. I am happy to say that we finished with a strong second with 16.21 lbs. However, I must admit that my partner anchored our weight with a 8.03 "kicker" fish. We caught our fish on red rattle traps in 8 feet of water on grass points and drains. Rayburn is almost ready to explode! There have been several reports from tourney anglers that fish have moved up in the shallow water in the brush. I actually saw a bed in about 2 feet of water. the water temp. on Rayburn was 49 degrees, but has fallen over the past week with cloudy, cold days. If you are heading to Sam Rayburn in the next 4 weeks, have 3/4 oz red rattle trap! This is going to be a stellar year for big Sam! I however do most of my fishing on Toledo Bend. We finished 12th in the Wrangler tourney last month with 13lbs. Toledo is typically behind Rayburn with spawning fish. Many of the bass I am catching on Toledo are in 9-15 feet of water. The bite is fairly slow, but it is picking up. If you would like to book a trip with me on Toledo Bend give me a call at (318) 382-1312.

Brantley Salter

11:52 PM

Just thought I'd check in for the month of July. I'm leading the points again, BUT maybe not for long it all depends on the final event on August 10th. I picked up a win last weekend in Rochester on Lake Manitou on July 27th. Read all about it click on or go to the address below:

I put anise shad in my ratts to help the fish hold onto the bait AND help slide it across weed matts. Then when the bass blew through the matt, Kick-N-Bass did the rest with an explosion of flavor. WOW!! I'm also qualified for the championship in September.

Better run,
Bass Wishes,
Jerry Drazer, KNB Pro-Staff (Indiana)

June 28th
08:34 AM

We were on the lake early because the day before the fish started biting around 7:00 A.M. There were two other boats fishing around us using the same baits that we were. I sprayed KNB on my perch and at 7:05 the fish bit. She tried to get back to the tree that she had come out of but I held on to the line and wouldn't let her take any out because she wouldn't let me reel her in any. We took the boat away from the tree and then I started bringing her in. I told the other people around that I had used KNB and gave them all a bottle to try. Someone asked me if I had really put it on my perch and when they saw me put it on my next one everyone was trying one scent or another. I made believers out of all of them that day. My fish weighed 12.53lbs.

TVA Bass Series
12:11 AM

Just thought I'd give a quick update on this past weekends event at Morse Reservoir. I ended up in 7th place with a limit of bass weighing just under 9 pounds in the National Boat Mart TVA Bass Series qualifier. I threw soft plastics most of the day and applied Kick-N-Bass Anise Shad liberally. I caught fish ALL day long except for the last hour or so. I culled, but couldn't get enough weight, or a big kicker to pull off the win. I'm currently in 3rd place in the point standings just 7 points out of 1st. A quick trick I used was to take a ziplock sandwich bag put some Kick-N-Bass in the bottom of it then just open it up and drop my bait in it, and rub it with your fingers in the bag. This gives the bait a very thorough dose of attractant, saves product, and is quick.

KNB is the most awesome product on the market!! The proof is in the fishing.

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staffer Indiana

07:57 AM

Butch and I fished O.H. Ivie from June 19th threw 22nd. Since it is so hot in the middle of the day, we fish from sun up till noon and then 6:00 until dark. We caught lots of fish between 5 and 6 lbs. Bobbie caught five fish over nine pounds the biggest being 10.40lbs. Several 8lbers. Butch caught more fish but he caught a 9.10 and an 11.17lber and we couldn’t keep count of all the fish under 8 lbs. I don’t have to tell you that we spray KNB on all of our live bait, but Butch did spray the Shad on his and he did catch the biggest fish. I used the Garlic. Some of these fish came out of 17’ of water and some 30’. Saturday morning the lake was very crowded so we couldn’t fish where we wanted to. Thank goodness we were lucky enough to fish during the week.

Media Bass
March 30, 2002 
06:38 PM

March 30, 2002 Lake Bob Sandlin

First of all I would like to say thanks to the man upstairs for without him everything I am about to tell you would not be possible. I was fishing this month's tournament with the Media Bass Individual tournament circuit on Lake Bob Sandlin in Mt. Pleasant Texas. About two weeks prior to the tournament I had pre-fished and located some fish in one big creek on spinner baits and rattle traps. It was overcast and raining lightly on and off all day. The air temperature was in the 50's and the water temperature was in the middle to upper 50's. Well, come tournament day, good ol' Texas weather prevailed again with some of the worst rain and wind I have ever fished blowing in the morning. It was so rough that it caused us a double delay for take off. We finally got released about 7:15 a.m. with 154 contestants setting off in the rain and wind. I started in the pocket where I caught fish during pre-fishing. But I couldn't start in my first choice spot because there was already a boat there. So I moved to the back of the pocket where I was throwing a spinner bait 3/8 oz. white and chartreuse double Colorado with gold blades. I was casting around laydowns and about six casts into it I hooked up with the first keeper of the day weighing about 2 3/4 lbs. I worked my way down the bank to my original starting spot and lucky for me it was open. I noticed that the angler that was there when I came through had been using a spinner bait also so I opted to try something different. I tied on a jig and pig 3/8 oz. black/blue/purple with a #11-a pork frog. I put some craw fish Kick'n Bass on it and started fishing the flooded blood weed in about two feet of water. I made about four pitches to the holes in the flooded stuff when I got my next bite a 8.06 oz. big female. You talk about a rodeo. It was on, trying to get the net and keep pressure on her and run the trolling motor. Finally I got her in the boat and then I sat back for a few moments to regain my composure. I fished that spot for about an hour then I moved to a little pocket in the same creek. I flipped the grass down the bank for about ten minutes when I caught another fish weighing about 3 lbs. There were quite a few boats beating the bank so I decided to make a move to the big creek behind weigh in. I started out all the way in the back fishing the same pattern as before with my jig soaked in Kick'n Bass. I worked my way around for about an hour when I came to a beaver dam and you know what they say about beaver dam's. You guessed it I pulled a 2 1/4 lb. Kentucky out of there. That's right, a Kentucky. I now had #4 in the boat with about an hour left to fish and alot of water to cover. So I continued to flip the shallow grass and small reeds with 30 minutes left until weigh in I flipped around a point and a 3 pounder jumped all over my jig. I waited for the pressure and set the hook. Now I had a limit! It took me until 20 minutes before weigh in and playing in the rain all day, soaked to the bone to do it and I had all I could take. I got in line at weigh in with my sack not knowing what to expect. I put my fish on the scales and to my surprise I was the new leader with 19.54 lbs and I now held 1st place big bass with my 8.06 lb fish. I was asked to go see the man in the little building for a lie detector test which I passed with flying colors. I got back to weigh in just in time to hear those words that let all the wind out of my sails. New leader 19.59 lbs. That's right I was beat out by .05 hundredths of a pound. It wasn't my turn this time but I was happy with my 2nd place heavy stringer and 2nd place big bass. I felt pretty good about the outcome of it all and was happy to take my check in the amount of $1150.00. In closing I would like to thank the Big Man upstairs and all the gang at Kick'n Bass and Ken Revell. Remember, always use Kick'n Bass and keep it in the strike zone!

Kick'n Bass Pro Staffer Jeff Cheatham

TVA Bass Series
12:40 AM

Just wanted to stop by and let you know how things are going. I ended up in 8th at the National Boat Mart TVA Bass Series qualifier on Lake Manitou last weekend. Sitting in 3rd place in the point standings in the series.

All because of the great product KICK-N-BASS!!

Jerry Drazer KNB Pro-Staff

Tournament in The National Bass Circuit (Catawba)
01:57 PM

I had my first tournament this weekend on Lake Norman in NC and it was tough. It took only 12 lbs. to win and I had 4.5 which was good enough for 9th out of 21. Seven boats did not have anything. The water temp was 51 and the air temp was 43 and rainy. I caught the fish using a Watermelon Zoom Taper tail worm in 20' of water laced with K'NB Garlic. My next tournament is a club Tx on March 16th and then my next money Tx is on March 24 on Lake Wylie in SC. Hope to have better luck in a few weeks and I will keep you posted. If there is any thing you need me to do please do not hesitate to ask. I am fishing a new trail this year which is The National Bass Circuit. I am fishing the Catawba Division and you can see the results of each Tx and year to date results at Tight Lines, Daryl The Whiz Sponsors: Kick'n Bass Ram-Mounts Accent Lures Eidolon Lures 

Meet the Pro at Academy Edmond, Oklahoma
Feb 24, 2002
10:59 AM

Jason and I represented Kick N Bass this past weekend at the Meet the Pro Day at Academy in Edmond Okla. We had a excellent turn out with a lot of youngsters visiting with us. We signed autographs and talked about attractants and the advantage in bass fishing you have when you use Kick N Bass. We are so proud to be affiliated with Kick N Bass and a "special" Thank You to Mr Ken Revell and to "The Man" Ken Cosmic Kross for everything they both do to help support the fishing industry. Good Fishing to all..... Jim Adams

Brantley Salter
Fishers of Men  East Texas Division
Salter Guide Service
(318) 382-1312 
10:59 AM

I fished the East Texas Fishers of Men Tournament on February 9, 2002 on Lake Sam Rayburn. My partner Joe Joslin and I finished 7th in the tournament with 12.25 lbs. We caught our fish on Rat-L-Traps, Rouges, Wacky Worms, and a Carolina Rig. We located some fish in the back of a creek. The fish were holding in a sharp bend in about 15 feet of water and moving up to a shallow flat to feed on shad. It was a typical early spring pattern with the spawning flats and the "interstate highway" creek being there. We just couldn't get that kicker fish that we needed to win the tourney. Most of the fish were in 6-10 feet of water. As the day went on the fish suspended in the middle of the creek and became difficult to catch. We are pleased with our results. Neither one of us has fished Rayburn very much. I want to thank both Ken's for everything that they do. Kick N Bass is a terrific product that will help you catch more fish. I apply it to every bait I throw, even the hard baits like traps and crankbaits. Anyone reading these pages that is not using Kick N Bass, give me a call. I can give you numerous stories of the times KNB has out performed the "other products". I am so happy to be part of this team!

Keep casting, Brantley Salter

Everstart Series Central Division - Sam Rayburn
Feb 6-9, 2002 
08:03 PM

I fished the opener of the Everstart Central Division on Sam Rayburn, Feb. 6-9, 2002. I had the BigBass on Day 1 of the event, an 8lb 7oz lunker. The fish was caught carolina rigging a Gene Larew Hoo-Daddy juiced with Garlic Kick'N Bass. I didn't make the top 20 cut after the first 2 days, but did end up in 38th place and received a check. The bite was slow and tough, and I can thank Kick'N Bass for the bites I did get.

I would like to thank Ken Revell for all of his support.

05:30 PM

January 28, 2002

Bass fishing is excellent. Use a EASYSEE , and a RatL Trap crank bait in 0 -15 ' of water. Also the Big trout baits are producing on the main river points. The water Temperature is 51.8 Degrees. Fish the North Shore Line. An official 16+ bass was caught by Jim Johnson. and a 17.13 pond bass was caught by myself and witnessed by Steve Bozek and the night Security guard at Canyon Lake. SEE Photo at

Bill Warman

Eastern Sports & Outdoors Show
Feb. 2-10, 2002
05:41 PM

I'll be at the Eastern Sports and Outdoors Show held from Feb. 2-10 in Harrisburg, PA. I'll be working both weekends at the Hall's Marine exhibit. Stop by to talk Kick'n Bass or Triton Boats or just fishing in general. I always like to meet fellow Pro-Staffers. Looking forward to meeting you, Steve Kushmeider Kick'n Bass The Fingerrest EuroMotorcars Accent Fishing Products Hall's Marine

TVA Bass Series -- 2001 Championship
August 11-12, 2001 
11:54 PM

I ended up finsishing 3rd and had the big bass in the final round of the 2001 TVA Bas Championship. I should've done a lot better. (shoulda, coulda, woulda ect...) It's not that the opportunity didn't knock. I lost a 2 pounder in the 1st round that would've bumped my limit up on a cull. As a result I was in 6th after the first day with a limit that weighed 7#'s and some change. I also lost 2 really decent fish on the final day that would've gave me my limit. As a result I only weighed in 4 bass (not a 5 bass limit). Opportunity knocked and I didn't capitalize on the situation. KICK-N-BASS got the bites for me, but they just came unbuttoned. Guess that's why it's called fishing and not catching...My 4 bass weighed just under 8#'s. It's a proven fact "you just don't lose fish, and win tournaments usually". It was a great time, and a decent year all in all. We start the 2002 season the end of next month. I'll send you photo's ect... soon.

Bass Wishes, Jerry

Az B.A.S.S. Federation President
Hm. (520)-363-5912
07:41 PM

Hey Ken & Greg just a note to say thanks for your support and the great product. Have been fishing Apache lake the past few weeks and have caught some nice fish. Finish 7th in one tournament with a 21.50 bag.Returned the following week in July an caught a 4.5,5.0,and a 7.8.Fishing is still good on the main lake so let`s go fishin. Send pictures soon! Thx again guys for everything.


Andy and Mark 
10:30 PM

We are heading to Lake Sinclair in middle of October for the Angler's Choice Northern Division Qualifier. We would appreciate any help any one can give us!!!


Andy & Mark

TVA Bass Series
08-04-01- LAKE SHAFER 
01:34 PM

I fished the last TVA Series qualifier of the 2001 season and ended up 3rd with a limit that weighed 9.30. It took 9.98 to WIN, and 9.31 for 2nd. The TVA Series 2001 TVA Bass Championship is coming up Aug 11-12, 2001. It should be interesting to say the least. There will be a trailered weigh-in similar to the BASS Mega-Bucks tournament. I'm excited, and it should be really neat. I'll let you know the outcome.

Jerry Kick-N-Bass PRO-STAFF

WBFA Neely Henry Invitation
Oct. 8-13
513-651-2313 or hm 812-637-1703 
07:46 PM

Will be fishing Neely Henry in October and have never been on the lake. Any information anyone has to share would greatly be appreciated.

Jean Russell

05:13 PM

Fishing at Canyon Lake is fair at this time. Look for a big bass by the second week of August to appear. The water condition has dramatically improved. The crank bait bite is on but sporadic. The finesse bite is good. We used a Pumpkin seed gitzit with a 1/8 oz gitzit glider dipped in Kick'n Bass Garlic sent. This combination produced the most bass (12). The beginning of the river where the main lake and the river meats is the best location to catch these bass.

TVA Bass Series -- Lake Manitou
12:42 AM

I fished the TVA Series events on Manitou this past weekend and place 2nd. After looking at the point standings it appears as if my 2nd place finish will win the 2001 TVA Bass Series Points Championship. I didn't want to jump to any fast, rash, conclusions. So I held off on this report until I was sure, because there is still one event left before the championship. If anyone doesn't think Kick-N-Bass is "the world's best fish attractant" they obviously have not tried it. I owe this Angler-of-the-Year/ points championship to this "World Class" product. NOW MORE ABOUT MY DAY The sheer numbers of fish with Kick-N-Bass are just unbelieveable. I only had 3 keepers for 2nd place, BUT I caught 54 Non-keepers 12"to 13-3/4". (Must be 14") 4 Rock bass and even a gar. If my son was old enough to fish I'd have taken the next day off work to just take him up there. Not everyone caught fish like that, it was FUN!! BUT, I was using Kick-N-Bass. I'll update you after the next TVA Series event August 4th, then again after the championship August 11-12, 2001.


WBFL / Carolina Division / High Rock
02:36 PM

Finished 6th in this event with a limit weighing 11lbs 8ozs. Tough day of fishing and hot. Water temp around 84 degrees and slightly stained, normal for High Rock. Caught 3 keepers on t/rigged worms and 2 on a Norman Deep Little "N". Had two 3 lbers on at one time but only got one in the boat. Only had opportunity to fish 2 of the 4 events in this division but stand 72 in points. Doubt I'll finish in the top 30 unless I win Wylie in September but I'll be trying. Was on the waitng list for the Murray tx and didn't get in and had a family illness that brought me home on the Friday before the tournament.

Thanks to all my sponsors: Kick' N Bass, Rippler Lures, Sizmic Lures, Easy Retriever, The Finger Rest,, Ultimate Landscaping, Congdom Competition.

2nd Quarter Report 
07:27 PM

Conservation Activities: 20 April 01 Volunteered with 270 people to support the Earth Day Cleanup of Eglin reservation

Sales and Marketing Performance: Introduced Coy & Kim Collier of Stewart's Sporting Goods to Kick'n Bass Fish Scents, dropped off a few samples.

Fishing Performance: 14 April 01 Fished a 16 MXS Bass Club Tournament on Lake Frank Jackson in Opp, Alabama, didn't finish in the top three.

27 Apr 01 Fished a P.O.C.O. Unified Bass Club Trail Tournament on Ross Barnett Lake in Jackson, Mississippi amongst a 60 boat field. Finished in 7th place

12 May 01 Fished a 16 MXS Bass Club Tournament on Choctawhatchee River, finished in 1st Place and caught the Big Bass (a 6.24 Lb. Lunker)

26/27 May 01 Fished a 2-day S.A.B.B.A. Megabucks Tournament on Mississippi River, in Vicksburg, Mississippi amongst an 80-boat field. Didn't finish in top fifteen

16 June 01 Fished a 16 MXS Bass Club Tournament on Lake Frank Jackson in Opp, Alabama, didn't finish in the top three.

23 June 01 Fished a P.O.C.O. Unified Bass Club Trail Tournament on Lake Hamilton in Hot Springs, Arkansas amongst a 40 boat field. Finished in 14th place

A Special Thanks to the entire Kick'n Bass Team Scientific Bass Products PO Box 32077 Mesa, Arizona 85275

TVA Bass Series
06-30-01  Morse Reservoir 
10:43 PM

Just got in a little while ago. I've been on the road since 1:15AM this morning. I fished the TVA Bass Series event on Morse Reservoir I ended up in 7th place overall today. I used Kick-N-Bass anise shad + I mixed one sample tube of KNB Crawfish and one of KNB Garlic when I pre-soaked some worms this week. The other were pre-soaked in Anise Shad. The lake a had a "Ton of Pressure" on it as a result many of the bass I caught were "too young" to bring in. But, I was catching fish all day long, must've caught 38 or so. The points race for the TVA Series 2001 Angler-of-the-Year is now a "2 DOG RACE", with 2 events left on the schedule until the championship on August 11-12, 2001. In all likelyhood we won't know who the points champion will be until the smoke has cleared in the last event. It's going to be tight, single digits. If I can win it, I hope the other angler wins it #1 He's the defending series point champion. #2 He's a really good friend. The next event will be on July 15th, I'll keep you posted.

J. Drazer -KNB Pro-Staff-

2000-2001 Season 
04:38 PM

I would like to take a minute to let Cosmic, Stinky and Ken know what's been going on this past Tournament season. Thanks to all of them, I have finished 17, 11, 9 and 6. I am currently in 2nd place in the point standings for the year with one tourney to go in the WON circuit. I know that had it not been for Kick'n Bass, I would not be where I am today. There's not a lure out there that I do not apply some flavor of KB. Usually by the end of the day, the other person in the boat is using it as well. When I give them a couple of bottles at the end of the day, they're hooked! Incidentally, I am also lucky enough to be sitting 19th in points for the season with ABA. THANK YOU KICK'N BASS!!!

Cosmic, check the pictures in the braggin' section, 9.3 and 7.1 at Lake Unpleasant last Saturday. Are you ready???

Larry White, Arizona Pro Staff

WON Bass Delta Invitational Pro-Am
June 9-10 2001 
01:56 PM

I fished the WON Bass Delta Invitational pro-am this past weekend and managed to place 9th in the pro division and also placed 2nd in the WON Bass team tournament held on the California delta the week prior.

I caught my fish in both tournaments using buzzbaits in the morning, senkos and Bobby D limit jigs with Crawfish Kicknbass the rest of the day. My biggest fish caught in the pro-am was a 5.30 pound largemouth on the buzzbait.

Jeff Bradshaw Kicknbass pro-staff

Andy & Mark
WV King of the Lakes Team Challenge
April 28th & 29th  
09:55 PM

We fished a two-day tournament on lakes that are close to our homes. We thought since we didn't have far to travel we wouldn't be out much. The first day we fished Sutton Lake (in Sutton WV) and the conditions were actually pretty good. Nice water conditions and good temperatures. We mainly caught fish by flipping tubes in trash piles. But by using KNB Garlic we had a great day!!!! We boated lots of fish (and called several) and ended up with a 6 fish limit. After all was done on day one we were in 2nd place with 8lbs 3ozs. On the next day we fished Burnsville Lake (in Burnsville WV) and the conditions again were favorable. Even though starting the day we were in 2nd place we were still over 4lbs behind the leader. We knew we still had a shot to win, but you never know when it comes to fishing!!! We used KNB Garlic (again) and were able to boat several fish on the 2nd day!!! We fished slugo's on down trees & had lots of luck. We weighed in 6 fish with a weight of 6lbs 15ozs. We were pleased with our overall weight of 15lbs 2ozs. But we were extremely happy because we ended up winning the tournament!!! Not only did we win we were the ONLY team to weigh a limit of fish on both days. We contribute our success to KNB and we are happy to tell everyone we know about it too!!! Thanks to everyone at KNB for all you do for us!!!

TVA Bass Series
11:00 PM

My last transmission must not have went through. This past weekend I placed 2nd and had big bass in another TVA Series event. My fish came on worms, soaked in Kick-N-Bass. (pre-soaked the night before) I figured it would be tough and it was, the tournament set new record "lows" due to a low pressure system that had been in the area for some time. KICK-N-BASS got the bites I needed. When it's tough, ALWAYS APPLY MORE AND MORE KICK-N-BASS !! I'm currently leading the points race for Angler-of-the-Year. I hope I can hold on, the guys in this series are T-O-U-G-H anglers, most have had a pro career in B.A.S.S. OR are currently working on one. Just wanted to drop a line and let you know how things are progressing. The Next TVA Series event is Father's Day Weekend...

Bass Wishes,
Jerry Drazer (INDIANA)

06:40 AM

Fishing was tough on Barkley. Practice on Saturday the winds were blowing making it difficult to stay on a position. We did manage to catch a few small fish on Saturday. On tournament day, there were storm fronts on all sides, and we caught fish all day, but only in casts made after applying more KNB. While KNB does last a long time, if it was not reapplied fairly often, the fish quit biting. These fish were strong river fish, and hit like a ton of bricks, making us think they were much bigger, even until we got them to the boat. We did scratch out one "keeper". We were sitting on a flat just off a creek channel that had a ridge running parrallel to the channel. The tournament went out of Kuttawa on North Barkley, and the guys that went to Tennessee brought in limits. It took 17# to win the tourney.

Jim Moose Carden Benefit Tournament
June 16th. 2001 8pm to 6am.  
12:09 AM

Hello Anglers, I would like to inform all of a great Benefit tournament, the Jim Moose Carden Benefit tournament. It is put on each year by the Kokomo Bass Anglers at Wawasse located in Syracuse, Indiana. The funds raised go to help support a week long fishing class for the youth which is followed up by a tournament for them at the end of the week. Several anglers devote their time in the classes through out the week and also bring their bass boats out so the youth can have a day on the water and have their own tournament. Some of these future outdoorsmen would not have the chance to enjoy such a great time if not for all that get involved. I would like to invite any who could fish this tournament to do so it is always a great event and very worth while. I also would like to thank KICKNBASS for their donations as door prizes and for their support of myself and Bud Fields last year and this year. Contact me for any information you may need. Thank you and remember take a child fishing, hunting etc. your be glad you did!!! Ray Miller Kokomo Bass Angler, KNB Pro Staff. Jerry's Tournament Tackle Pro Staff.

any and all
12:28 PM

Test of the board. These guys running my web site are driving me crazy. They didn't have far to drive me either! >

Gary W. Herron
May 5th and 6th
Gary W. Herron
(509) 328-7023
04:58 PM

Well it has been a long, wet and cold Spring here in Spokane, Washington. Our water levels were very low in anticipation of run off which never came due to low snow packs in the mountains. Finally a local lake filled enough to allow a tournament to take place. They filled Long Lake in less than 2 days. That's almost 11 vertical feet in all. Well the bass were ready to move up with the rising water. Yet in some cases they seemed to be a little finicky about taking a bait. Well some Kick n' Bass Crawfish solved that little problem in a hurry. No my partner and I did not win the tournament, in fact in our minds we did poorly, by not putting the numbers and or the size of fish in the boat as we expected. On the upside we thoroughly enjoyed our first tourney of the year and are looking forward to the next outing. So take someone fishing even if its just yourself. Gary Herron Pro Staff Kickn' Bass 05-22-01

May 13
Tex-Mex Bassin'
Same as above 
11:22 AM

Falcon Lake-5-13-2001

Summertime fishing is alive and well here at Falcon Lake, located deep in the Rio Grande Valley close to Zapata, Texas. As you’ve probably heard the lake is 48 ft. low, but believe me there’s plenty of water for these South Texas Monster Black Bass to hide in.

I’ve only recently developed a decent topwater bite on Falcon. One has to be out by daylight, and fish fast because it doesn’t last long after the sun comes up. Secondary points in the main creeks with some rocks visible and a few hardwood trees is an excellent place to try. I concentrate on 2-5 ft water depths. Lure of choice is a medium sized chrome-black back PoP-R. Throw the bait right on the bank, work it back slowly, and when you come to a hardwood tree, stop the bait, count to four slowly then continue on if you don’t get blasted! I haven’t caught any wall hangers using this method, but it sure helps get the day started right.

When the topwater bite slows, I’ve been going to main lake points and throwing Carolina Rigs. I’m using a 3 ft. leader with Lake Fork Trophy Bait & Tackle Watermelon-Chartreuse Ring Fry’s. If you haven’t tried these Ring Fry’s you owe it to yourself to give em a try. They’re packed full of scent, they’re bulky, and will stay on your hook all day if you want them to.

I also always keep a Texas rig handy, usually a Ľ oz. Bullet weight 4/0 hook, and tip it with a Red Shad Zipper Worm from Big Bag Bait Co. These Zipper worms seem to work real well here at Falcon. And by all means keep a variety of crank baits handy in red or fire-tiger.

Take-A-Kid Fishing Tex-Mex Bassin’ 

Rick's Chauffeured Guide Service
04:56 AM

Fishing has been fantastic on Table Rock. The Lord has blessed me with more business than I can handle and great clients that keep coming back for more. Thanks to Ken Revell and Ken Kross for all the KickNBass that makes my job easier.

TVA Bass Series
12:05 AM

Here's the web-page for the TVA Bass Series. For updates, standings, etc..

TVA Bass Series
Fax  OR 
11:48 PM

On May 12, 2001 I had to endure another "tough" TVA Series event. This one was on Lake Freeman. If the guys that fish this series arn't tough enough, add post spawn, mile high skies, with a cold front passage. There's not a lot of "glory" to write about in this event. JUST TOUGH FISHING. I have to give Kick-N-Bass the credit it's due. I ended up in 3rd, and had big bass with a 2.33 smallmouth. My total weight was 3 bass = 5.25. Second place was 5.27 and it only took 6.05 to win. Nothing like shooting yourself in the foot, I had the fish on to win 3 times. But, lost them much to my disappointment. I believe Kick-N-Bass provided me with the opportunity to win, but the fish just "came unbuttoned". I'm currently leading the 2001 Angler-of-the-Year race with two-2nd's, one-3rd, one-VICTORY. With 5 events left in the series. BUT THERE'S A LOT OF TIME LEFT.

TVA Bass Series (Indiana)
April 21, 2001
jdrazer@aosepc    OR 
11:32 PM

Just writing a quick note/update.

On April 21, 2001 I won the TVA Bass Series event on Lake Shafer by a pretty decent margin. I had 10.16 pounds and 2nd was 4.63 (or so). Anyway, Kick-N-Bass made the difference, the fishing was tough, and so was the wind. Kick-N-Bass enabled me to not just win the event, but I culled 6 fish. (had 11 keepers total that day) I used a lot of Kick-N-Bass on ALL my baits, and would let the jigs sit in the strike zone as long as I could. Kick-N-Bass also helped me catch one of my "kicker fish" pardon the pun. The fish had bit earlier, and I just swung on air on the hook set. But, I came back later, applied even more Kick-N-Bass and let my jig sit right where the fish bit earlier. This time when I swung, I connected. WHAT A GREAT PRODUCT!!

WBFL / Carolina Division
April 28th, 2001
06:43 PM

Wal-mart Bass Fishing League, Carolina Division on Lake Wateree.

34 Place 3 fish 7-12

Tough tournament for me because of "NO" pre-fishing. Catching post spawn fish on jerkbait and Sizmic Worms with Kick'N Bass Garlic Scent.

Anglers Advantage
March 18th, April 21st, May 12th, May 20th
06:38 PM

Following is the results from the Anglers Advantage Tournament Trail, Piedmont Division.

March 18,2001 2nd Place 17.99 lbs High Rock Lake April 21, 2001 15th Place. 4.43 lbs Tuckertown Lake May 12th 10th PLace 7.73 lbs Badin Lake May 20th 10th Place 14.73 lbs High Rock Lake

After 6 events currently in 8th place in points.

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